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twinklestar11 说关于 随意
I been told im a fake 防弹少年团 fan....... How? They helped me thru
Shit back when i found them. Im not thinking bad stuff about
Myself as much as i used to. They mean a lot to me. And i
Bought merch so i can be a better fan. And to support them 发布 ·3天前
zanhar1 评论…
Someone once told me that I wasn't a true Regina 粉丝 because I predicted that Regina had some good in her. Jokes on them... Basically people say that kinda shit for stupid reason and and are exactly why I wrote my true 粉丝 文章 days back. ·3天前
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Morning my Starchannie!!!
hehehehehehe ,but don`t wreck me back,you know 你 can kill me hard ><omg I got scared XD
I don`t know if 你 wreck me back XD I warn 你 你 get it back hahahahha
I know our Beautiful and hot Kai has bday awee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so exited for their Comeback too awee!!!!
I know poor soobin,he must realx and Sleep alot and eat enough,hope he will get well soon!!!
poor busy casp >< thank 你 !!! Take care of 你 both 发布 ·4天前
GDragon612 评论…
we where all together such a good combo >< ·4天前
GDragon612 我支持 my videos
good morningf my swet starchannie!!!
你 got wrecked slayed !!
nope hun 你 will 迷失 hehehehehehe
I warn 你 again XD,just kidding XD

thank you!! Have a beautiful Wednesday!!!

casp`s bday was yesterday;I didn`t know ><,can 你 wish him happy belated birtday and giving him a 老友记 hug? 发布 ·5天前
GDragon612 评论…
I really miss him here ><it`s so quit without him!!!!!!!!!! ·5天前
GDragon612 评论…
sweet <<<<<<<<<< ·5天前