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  • Female, 14 years old
  • I want to travel to anywhere where 防弹少年团 is, to meet my bias, V <3
  • Favorite TV Show: AFV (america's funniest 首页 videos)
    Favorite Movie: Moana, Secret life of pets, Minions, Despicable Me 1&2
    Favorite Musician: bts, taylor swift, alessia cara
    Favorite Book or Author: i dont like 阅读 that much :P
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twinklestar11 说关于 随意
Yas! the snow had come, and now we have to leave school early cuz of it. I 爱情 you, snow. <3 发布 ·21个小时之前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
Wow! Have fun! (Make a snowman for me? ❤️) ·19个小时之前
twinklestar11 评论…
My dog might ruin it. XD everytime we make a snowman 或者 something, our dog has to go and eat it XD ·18个小时之前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
And then in our 100+ summers.... we act like every thing is alright while the northerns decree drought warnings, water plans, and burn bans! XD. ·20分钟以前
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