Kirsten (kt)

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于July 2012年

  • Female
  • Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who,Sherlock,Spongebob,Broadchurch
    Favorite Movie: A Hard Days Night, Help
    Favorite Musician: Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Adele, Sam Cooke, Lady Gaga,Imagine Dragons,Green Day,The Beatles
    Favorite Book or Author: The Flappers Series,Doctor Who? Book Series
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ktichenor 说关于 披头士乐队
I just found out that George helped Ringo write some of his songs including Octopus's Garden. I 爱情 how the Beatles helped each other and were always there for each other! And still are! Like a Beatle family! 发布 ·23个小时之前
80smusiclover1 评论…
I've read about that, too. The Beatles were, and still are brothers. My 爱情 for them just gets stronger as the days pass. ·8个小时之前
Rubyrings 评论…
If they were still together, I wonder if their albums would have eventually had any combination of their names in the songwriting credits? 或者 maybe they'd just start putting Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr on everything. I like to think that they would. ·2个小时之前
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ktichenor 说关于 Ktchenor
Have a happy week! <3 发布 ·1天前
Lavendergolden 评论…
Same to 你 sweetie!!! ·5个小时之前
ktichenor 评论…
Thank you, 你 too! :) ·5个小时之前
ktichenor 说关于 约克郡玫瑰
We all miss you, Berni! Can't wait for 你 to come back, hope you're having fun! <3 <3 <3 发布 ·3天前