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twinklestar11 说关于 随意
I haven't showed up in months. Tht was bc I quit this site. Just so ya ppl know. I'm still not coming bk here. I just came bk bc I kept getting emails from here which I didn't in a long time. Welp this is good bye 发布 ·11个月前
CokeTheUmbreon 评论…
Bye, twinklestar. ·11个月前
TheLefteris24 评论…
Man, 你 sure took me back a bit. Goodbye. Farewell !!!! ·11个月前
zanhar1 评论…
See ya. It was nice having 你 around when yiu were. ·11个月前
zanhar1 评论…
*you* ·11个月前
Shukuya 我支持 my answers
嘿 how's it going??? 发布 一年多以前
Shukuya 评论…
At least come here! Idiot!! ·11个月前
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❄️May this festive season sparkle🎀
🎅and shine, may all of your wishes🎈
🎁and dreams come true, and may💖
🎈you feel this happiness all year💚🎀
🎄🎉round. Merry Christmas!🌨️⛄💚
💚🎀💖🎈⛄🌨️🎉🎄🎁🎅❄️🎊❤️ 发布 一年多以前