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  • Female, 19 years old
  • Tennessee
  • Favorite TV Show: America's Funniest 首页 视频
    Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite Musician: The Beatles, The Eagles, The 海滩 Boys, really any classic rock band
    Favorite Book or Author: The Great Gatsby
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花 Basket for Antonia ✿ 发布 ·5天前
yorkshire_rose 评论…
Hi Antonia...lovely to hear from you.I'm doing ok,hope 你 are too.Thank 你 for all your lovely 评论 on many of my polls.Much appreciated ✿ ·5天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
I am doing well. That 花 basket is lovely. Since we last spoke, I got a new dog. His name is Roscoe. He's a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. His original owner was living in an apartment, and she didn't have much time for him anymore. He is almost six months old. He's really sweet. ·5天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
She was really sad when Stone passed away. ·4个小时之前
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I hope that 你 have a wonderful week. 发布 ·21天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
Aw! Thank you! I hope 你 have a wonderful week, too. ·21天前
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I hope that 你 have a wonderful weekend. 发布 ·1个月前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
Thank you. I hope 你 have a good one, too. ·1个月前