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  • Female, 18 years old
  • Tennessee
  • Favorite TV Show: America's Funniest 首页 视频
    Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite Musician: The Beatles, The Eagles, The 海滩 Boys, really any classic rock band
    Favorite Book or Author: The Great Gatsby
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Justin Bieber is nothing but a disgusting douche. 发布 ·12个小时之前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
Exactly. Believe it 或者 not, he's actually one of the most hated artists of all time. It's easy to see why. ·10个小时之前
80smusiclover1 评论…
Oh, yes. I know that. And for good reason, too. He called a 粉丝 a "Beached Whale", he sput on them, and even urinated in a mop bucket. ·9个小时之前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
That they are. ·3个小时之前
I just took a personality 测试 called "Which Beatles Song Was Actually Written About You?". 发布 ·1天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
Cool. ·1天前
80smusiclover1 评论…
It's amazing that we got the same result. ·13个小时之前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
It is amazing. ·12个小时之前
*Hugs back* 发布 ·2天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
I 爱情 you, Kelly. You're a sweet friend. ·2天前
80smusiclover1 评论…
I 爱情 you, too, Antonia. I'm glad I met you. ·1天前
Peaceandlove67 评论…
We are! ·1天前