Cody 狐狸

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于August 2010年

  • Male, 21 years old
  • Ohio, USA
  • Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad, Ghost Hunt, Once Upon a Time, Sailor Moon, Elfen Lied, Law and Order SVU, American Horror Story, RuPaul's Drag Race
    Favorite Movie: Anastasia, Brides Maids, The Gift, Into the Woods, Florence Foster Jenkins, Arrival
    Favorite Musician: Vocaloid, Adele, Lady Gaga, Lindsey Stirling, Halsey, Christina Grimmie, Todrick Hall, Ariana Grande, Sia, 罂粟
    Favorite Book or Author: Charlie Bone, Series of Unfortanate Events, The Alchemist, Zodiac
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legend_of_roxas 说关于 随意
Eyes are the windows to the soul, and if 你 hurt someone's eyes the windows will break and their souls will just fly out! 发布 ·16个小时之前
Mauserfan1910 评论…
Wow I can't believe you'd say something so ableist against blind people ·14个小时之前
8theGreat 评论…
^How about we ask an actual blind person what they think about this before calling it able-ist? @BlindBandit92 Do you, as a Blind, find this offensive? ·14个小时之前
Riku114 评论…
@zanhar1 Yeah! And like the ones of us who like uhhh sold it to the devil. Like come on. I identify as demonkin and like.... its super offensive to say I have a soul. Like... if I had a soul I would have eaten it 由 now ·8个小时之前
legend_of_roxas 说关于 随意
Maybe I like mystery books/movies so much because I'm fucking dumb and can't see the ending coming even if hints are dangling in front of my face. 发布 ·1天前
legend_of_roxas 说关于 随意
I'm in 床, 床上 and I don't remember how I got into bed... 发布 ·2天前
TheLefteris24 评论…
^ Relatable !!!! ·1天前
Mauserfan1910 评论…
I've been in that situation before. It usually wasn't my 床, 床上 ·1天前