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  • Female, 20 years old
  • 阿尔巴尼亚
  • Favorite TV Show: Les Misérables(anime),Alpen Rose,The Rose of Versailes,Little Princess Sara,Ayashi No Ceres,Fushigi Yûgi,Saint Seiya,Hokuto no Ken,Captain Harlock
    Favorite Movie: The Man Who Laughs,Casablanca,A Place in the Sun,Mildred Pierce,Waterloo Bridge,The Wolfman,Broken Lance,The Black Swan,old 芭比娃娃 films
    Favorite Musician: Europe,Whitesnake,Scorpions,Deep Purple,Rainbow,Nazareth,Little Richard,Vixen,Ancient Bards,Almora,Evanescence,Within Temptation,Tarja
    Favorite Book or Author: Les Misérables
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Sorry for leaving 你 like that. I honestly didn't mean to. xD 发布 ·1天前
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Here, 你 deserve it ~ 发布 ·7天前
SilentForce 说关于 SilentForce
So I just noticed that on Anime- Planet there are 507 user who want to watch the "Knight of the Zodiac : Saint Seiya" remake.Not bad at all for the reboot of an 日本动漫 that never hit it big in North America XD.I hope that this reboot will be a success so that "Saint Seiya" will finally get it deserved fame in North America. 发布 ·9天前
TheLefteris24 评论…
I'm hoping for that as well, fellow Fan. 更多 popularity means 更多 material out of this great Series and I'm totally down for it !!!! ·9天前