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  • Female, 20 years old
  • 阿尔巴尼亚
  • Favorite TV Show: Les Misérables(anime),Alpen Rose,The Rose of Versailes,Little Princess Sara,Ayashi No Ceres,Fushigi Yûgi,Saint Seiya,Hokuto no Ken,Captain Harlock
    Favorite Movie: The Man Who Laughs,Casablanca,A Place in the Sun,Mildred Pierce,Waterloo Bridge,The Wolfman,Broken Lance,The Black Swan,old 芭比娃娃 films
    Favorite Musician: Europe,Whitesnake,Scorpions,Deep Purple,Rainbow,Nazareth,Little Richard,Vixen,Ancient Bards,Almora,Evanescence,Within Temptation,Tarja
    Favorite Book or Author: Les Misérables
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Hi! 发布 ·9个小时之前
big smile
Hi Adelina! I'm also doing fine, thanks!
OMG, thank 你 very much for the song list, I'm going to download all of the songs 你 recommended to me and I'm going to tell 你 which one I liked the best, hehe :)
Oh, and I just joined your spot! Where there is David there is me xD Honestly, this man is such a blessing, I'm sad not many people acknowledge his awesomeness<3 发布 ·1天前
SilentForce 说关于 随意
"Daddy didn't care, mama wasn't there
Jenny slammed the door to her heart
Packed a suitcase of anger, no one tried to save her
She headed for the city that shines in the dark
But the lights fade away
When you're young on the streets without a friend
Jeanny learned to survive
Put a price on the nights that never end

She's hard sixteen
Soft to the touch but she's seen too much
She's hard sixteen
Will her soul run dry 由 seventeen?" 发布 ·9天前