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Every Hero Must Have These 5 Qualities 由 CSUN Professor Eric Edson [Screenwriting Masterclass] via FilmCourage.com.
posted by mermaidgirl112
These are the 最佳, 返回页首 4 mermaid spells that have been known to work, we did number one and got the side affects instantly.

(These side affects will occur for any spell 你 do)
Side affects:
Keeping legs crossed
Very itchy legs
Singing a lot
Rash on legs
Making un-normal sounds
Acting a bit out if the ordinary (goes on and off for about 6 hours)
Drinking lots of water.

Where it says the 颜色 of blue and gold, that was just an example. 你 can choose your own 颜色 and powers. (Ex. Freezing, heating, shaping)
Most girls that have done these have started getting tails (when wet) within 45 hours. The time...
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The Best 日 Of My Life (1 of Them)

I was at my uncle's house, waiting for my mom to come back. She was picking up my siblings from school. I was 4 yours old at the time. I was in my uncle's bedroom, as usual. And I was talking to him, as usual.

"Will, who's stuffed 动物 are on the bed?" I asked curiously. Of course that was a stupid question, but remember I was just a little girl. And I wasn't the brightest one eithier. My uncle spun around in his spinning chair and looked at me. "Mine. Why?" he had the nerve to ask. My uncle was the type of man that would give 你 the world if he could....
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This is a persuasive essay I had to write for my English class, I 发布 a 论坛 asking for opinions on addressing the reader. I know it's a dangerous thing to do, but I thought it would be okay to do here. Opinions are great, I would 爱情 to here anything 你 have to say. Also, if I made any mistakes (i.e. spelling, grammar, puncuation) please point them out so I can fix them, thanks:D

Do 你 remember that feeling you'd get on the last 日 of school? Remember how excited you'd be to finally get to do those summer things like ride bikes with your friends, stay up all night planning pranks, and...
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posted by ZekiYuro
San Francisco is a very cool place.It's the 首页 of hippies and 'flower power',and it's full of friendly,relaxed people.It's also one of the USA's most attractive cities.

Facing the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Francisco 湾 to the north and east,it's famous for its hills with their fantastic 查看 of the Bay,and its beautiful bridges.It's a perfect base for a holiday,close to the Napa Valley,home of the Californian wine industry,and a few hours'drive from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
The best way to explore San Francisco is on foot.Walk slowly through North Beach,with its relaxed...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Here are some 更多 texts from people.
1.Writing and then sending a funny e-mail 或者 text message to my friends.And of course,imagining their faces when they read it.

2.I really like driving at night when there's no traffic,listening to my favourite music.I feel completely free.

3.Staying in 床, 床上 on Sunday morning and 阅读 the newspaper.Then getting up very late and having my dog for a walk.

4.I enjoy going to the jym and really getting tired then taking a long hot 淋浴 followed 由 a nice hot cup of tea.There's nothing better.

5.Turning off my computer at the end of the day.Leaving work,and getting into my car to go home!It's the best moment of the day.I 爱情 it!
Here is a selection of true stories from around the world last week.
1.Price of the week.
James Bolton,who is unemployed,was very excited when he won first prize in a raffle last week.The prize was a weekend for two at a hotel in Bournemouth on the south coast of England.Unfortunately,he was less excited when he saw the name of the hotel.It was the hotel where he had worked as a porter the 前一个 month.He had 迷失 his job there.

2.Mistake of the week
A 33-year-old Norwegian man came 首页 one night from the pub and got into 床, 床上 下一个 to his wife.The woman immediately woke up,screamed,and jumped...
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posted by IloveMyLord
In this 文章 I'm going to write about how to enjoy writing. I'm a writer and do a lot of writing, both for my website and for other people. I find some ways of 写作 are 更多 enjoyable than others.

How To Enjoy Writing

I find 写作 is most enjoyable when it's not done in a forced 或者 particularly planned manner. If 你 find it's hard to get yourself to write, I think it's best to relax about it. Perhaps relaxation will be all 你 need to get your inspiration flowing, in fact.

I often spend some time meditating for ideas before sitting down to write an article. After a few 秒 of keeping...
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Bumblestripe padded into his 巢穴, den, 书房 and looked around for Dovewing, then he remembered she was out hunting around for us. All of his instincts told him to go and find her and hunt with her. Be her warmth on the leaf-fall night.
Then he got up and did so, he raced all around the territory looking for Dovewing but there was no sign.
Then he looked up at the moon and remembered she might be at the island. He raced over to the island and stepped onto the branch.
He looked up at the moon and saw the Great Oak. There were two 猫 at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the Great Oak. They were sharing tongues...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Imagine,John Lennon's most famous song,was recently voted"Britain's favourite song of all time".It's an idealistic song about peace and hope for a better world.
"Imagine all the people living life in peace."The song was a big hit in 1971,and again in 1980 when Lennon was murdered in New York.It became a hit for a third time after the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001.

But who really wrote the song?Until recently the answer to this 问题 was always John Lennon.But on a TV programme this week Lennon's wife,Yoko Ono,spoke for the first time about how she,in fact,helped to write the song....
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Three

Mason stared off at the window. Was this new emotion joy 或者 sadness? He couldn't tell. When 你 think about it, his life isn't all that complicated. He could be in a worse situation like having to remodel the house after a natural disaster hit. Instead he was a millionaire with girl problems. His father offered to have "the talk" with him but he refused. Cassidy had came 由 this morning. She asked him out on a 日期 and he 说 sure. He couldn't believe he 说 that. 

There was something interesting about Cassidy. She had long black hair and 翠, 翡翠 green eyes. She could be funny...
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posted by CullenProperty
"I'd like a room please," Nick tells the front 台, 办公桌 clerk. The old lady give both of us a look over and 钱包 her lips then rolls her eyes.
"ID please," she tells us, "both of you," she looks at me.
"Mine's in the car, I'll be right back," I tell Nick, smiling at the lady.
I come back and the lady is defeated, she really didn't think I had one, but I showed her! She gives my drivers license back with a roll of the eyes and watches me as Nick fills out the paperwork.
"What's the license plate, Grace?" he asks.
My mouth drops and my eyes nearly fall out of my head. I turn around so the lady...
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posted by fangs286
Jacob part 1

have 你 ever had a secret? the answer is probably yes. but have 你 ever had a secret that 你 could never tell anyone?that if 你 did, it would effect thousands,billions of people? no. 你 haven't. that is the weight i carry on my shoulders. it is the weight carried 由 people. Many people. across the world. i am one of many that are different then other people but yet the same.i wish to be what is around me. only a few are like me. i want to have a friend in this world that is like me. Someone who understands the pain and constant despair, even when i feel happy. 你 are probably...
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posted by ZekiYuro
OK,now the painting we are looking at now is 由 the French painter Toulouse-Lautrec.
The painting is called At The Moulin Rouge.As 你 probably know The Moulin Rouge is a nightclub in Paris.Maybe some of 你 remember the film Moulin Rouge?In the 19th century,the nightclub was very famous for its beautiful dancers and singers.
Toulouse-Lautrec did a lot of paintings and posters of the Moulin Rouge.He especially loved painting the dancers.And in these paintings he sometimes included his 老友记 too.
In the middle of the picture there are 5 people who are sitting at a 表 having a drink.The woman...
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There once lived a princess named Eleanor. She was a very beautiful and intelligent young girl. Yet, she was unhappy.
Everybody kept telling her, that she had everything she could’ve ever needed 或者 wanted: the beauty, the brains, the fortune and a young, mighty prince to whom she was supposed to get married to. And they were right. In theory, the young princess’ life seemed perfect. But in reality, it was far from it.
The princess felt alone and scared, even when she was surrounded 由 people and was completely safe. And her prince. He didn’t make her happy. But not because he didn’t...
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