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Robin_Love 我支持 my articles
So...I don't know much about your OCs, but I'd like to RP with you. I have no idea how 或者 where to start, but if 你 know 或者 just want to take an oc and rp with them, that's fine!!! 发布 ·2个月前
MafiaYJ 评论…
GASP I have my big 3, as i call them, 'Mafia'/Katyushka, Babs, and Odette (whom i'm revamping and am soon to post). I'd 爱情 to rp with 你 too! But i also have no idea where to start XD i'm happy to have introductions for any of your characters to mine! I prefer it when my rp partner choses who they want to RP with so i dont force one of my ladies down their throat ya know! So feel free to let me know if there is one 你 want to RP with that would work with one of your characters, 或者 else we'll just have to pull names from hats! ^3^) ·2个月前
Robin_Love 评论…
Sure! Sounds good!!! But where? City wise? ·2个月前
MafiaYJ 评论…
/hmm is becca in gotham? 或者 one of the canon cities? babs can we literally anywhere. Unless 你 mean like a 更多 specific location? ·2个月前
killer24 我支持 my articles
(Righto then.)

Alex: "Careful it might be hot. I'm glad 你 enjoy it, would have made this a little 更多 awkward. I don't understand why it feels so stiff between us, we've both seen eachother naked you'd think that'd mean nothinf is awkward anymore." *He shrugged and sighed, it was bugging him a little.* 发布 ·4个月前
MafiaYJ 评论…
Babs: *she huffed with a smile and shook her head* it's all're fine. I'm the one making things awkward. With my running off and strange outbursts. I feel like i've done 你 wrong. And i can't go back to normal until i right it. ·4个月前
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killer24 评论…
Alex: *He chuckled as they walked into the kitchen, she was such a delight that he leant over and pecked her cheek.* "Perhaps another time I'll lick the cream off before eating you." *He winked at her and went about looking over the 厨房 from her 最近的 adventure here, everything was already out, now to decide what she'd have with it.* (I used to have a whole bookcase, but while moving to uni my mother nicked my old room, so everything is just in boxes now. Lucky you, they have to be a good read!) ·3天前
MafiaYJ 评论…
Babs: *she looked at him in surprise at he kissed her cheek and she laughed lightly* oh you! i look 前锋, 期待 to such a treat *she winked back and went over to the stuff she'd left out, she guessed it worked out in her favor to have left this to be cleaned after* i have most of this still- we can use it. (CRIES what a sin. I 爱情 my bookcase!)) ·2天前
由 Ducky's lovely inspiration of Hogwarts houses, I did some for the main girls:

Babs: Gryffindor + Slytherin; 《勇敢传说》 in Battle and Wise of the World

Mafia: Ravenclaw; though not seeking knowledge, she is smart in ways that people would not expect nor care to know about

Odette: Slytherin; a thief, determined and sly, she always has her eyes on the prize. 发布 ·4个月前
XxKFforeverXx 评论…
MafiaYJ 评论…
Admin+Odette: YAAAAAAAS! 更多 Slytherins! ·4个月前
SilverWings13 评论…
I 爱情 <3 ·3个月前
MafiaYJ 评论…
/THANKS ·3个月前