Ducky Parker

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于March 2012年

  • Female, 19 years old
  • Somewhere Around Here...
  • Favorite TV Show: Young Justice, RWBY, Man in theHigh 城堡
    Favorite Movie: The Amazing Spiderman
    Favorite Musician: Panic! At the Disco, Imagine 龙
    Favorite Book or Author: Seeker, 迷失 Heroes, Warm Bodies, Divergent, Leviathan, The Virals, The Fault in Our Stars, Clockwork Princess, many, many more...
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khanna266 说 …
Hey! Long time no see. 发布 ·8天前
DiscordYJ 我支持 my images
Hey, dude (:
I hope you're doing well! I mean I know you, ur ducky haha
fuck is weird to use that name! Anytime, time flies, and I just wanted to drop 由 and say hi! (: 发布 ·11天前
SilverWings13 评论…
Friiiieeeeend! Hiiiiiiii!! I’m good! Stressing a little with finals coming up, but good otherwise!! How you? ·11天前
DiscordYJ 评论…
Hello :) omg how is college! How is life! I know that's a loaded question! But wow! I'm good! About the same, dealing with stresses of life, and about to be slammed with finals stuff 下一个 week,s o... but im alive, which is something to celebrate! ·11天前
SilverWings13 评论…
You’re at SFA?!?! One of my 老友记 transferred from there! That’s so cool! Ahhh, your major sounds awesome! And no worries, I know how crazy finals are. ·1天前
2ntyOnePilots 我支持 my links
Thanks for the add back! 发布 ·28天前