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(I ain't sure if anyone will read this any time soon. But Happy New Year!!! Apologise for not being on in forever, I plan to change that with a bang!)
Alex: "Happy 2018 everyone!!"
Ajax: "Another 年 with 你 lot... Yay...."
Kane: "We went round the sun and everyone looses their minds." 发布 ·11个月前
XxKFforeverXx 评论…
AYEEEE Happy New Year!! ·11个月前
killer24 评论…
Happy 2018!) ·11个月前
MafiaYJ 说 …
//Boop, hello, its been a thousand years, how are you? 发布 一年多以前
killer24 评论…
It has, I'm good thank you. What about you?) 一年多以前
Hiding 122 comments…
MafiaYJ 评论…
Babs: *She laughed and patted his shoulder* i've accepted it indeed. As for fighting- Ajax does seem to be the one with a temper isnt he? ·11个月前
killer24 评论…
Alex: "Yeah, quite the moody one he is... All that angst and aggression." *Laughs* "Thankfully I ain't like that, who else would save your ass?" ·11个月前
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Thanks for the add back & Nice to meet ya! 发布 一年多以前