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MafiaYJ 说 …
/WELP here is the WALL

Babs: *she chuckled again* good to know my darling. *then she removed her hand from him and took him into her warm mouth, she took him all the way to the base, he was hard enough for her to do this well*

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(So we don't get confused with the other one eh?) Alex: *He let a small moan escape him, the sting of the 拍击, smack, 味道 a distant memory now, soothed away 由 the warmth of her mouth.* "Ah..." (Are 你 surprised I speak truth?) ·3个月前
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Babs: *she pecked his cheek and noticed his eyes, the line moved, she pulled him along as he 说 it* we will! lets get wet- *she grinned with a wink* (XD she no like ppl) ·19个小时之前
killer24 评论…
Alex: *He laughed at her little joked and quickly followed.* "Yes, let's do so. I'm sure it'll be wonderful!" *He booped her nose.* "Nice one 由 the way." ·16个小时之前
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