Caspian Loïc Curran

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  • Male, 15 years old
  • Georgia, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Favorite Movie: The Lion King II
    Favorite Musician: Sabrina Carpenter
    Favorite Book or Author: 《龙骑士》
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你 know I remember back in high school when I took Spanish class, well I took it to get better at 阅读 it because use to not be able to read it that well. ...but we also had one of those school trips 你 take where 你 pay the money and travel to a country. For my Spanish trip it was to Spain, Italy, and France. I remember I really wanted to go but my parents 说 it was too expensive and didn't want to pay for it so I couldn't go. Though I still wish I was able to take that upportunity. 发布 ·10个小时之前
Blaze1213IsBack 评论…
Also the class was a requirment because 你 know in some school's they want 你 to take a language class so I took Spanish because it was the only language class. ·10个小时之前
Blaze1213IsBack 评论…
Though I wish I took French 或者 something because I already knew Spanish. ·10个小时之前
Heya it's me! I'm really sorry for not responding in so long. I really did not intend for it to be as long as it has, but summer's a super busy time for me. I've hardly had time 或者 energy to do anything leisure-related, let alone look at Fanpop. But I hope your summer's going well! Have 你 watched any of those 日本动漫 yet? The only one I've seen of the ones 你 mentioned is Scum's Wish, which I really enjoyed. 发布 ·10个小时之前
tinkerbell66799 评论…
As for the school thing, long story short a certain school I went to messed up my mental health that I could no longer function in a normal school setting. I'm doing great now though! And I'm actually planning on going to 大学 this fall! ·10个小时之前
tinkerbell66799 评论…
But anyway what have 你 been up to? Also I have the 下一个 week off so it probably won't take me a 月 to respond this time XD ·10个小时之前
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I want to go into labor and delivery after I graduate! I originally was on the Bachelor's Degree path, but at my old college my pharmacology teacher decided they wanted to do drugs instead of teach us about them, and it screwed me over so bad I was kicked out of the program. I had to transfer and I decided to go the Associate's Degree path so I could work and get my tuition for my BSN reimbursed. I do understand your choice! I think that is very honorable and 你 will be amazing at it. 发布 ·16个小时之前