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  • Female, 15 years old
  • Favorite TV Show: Naruto/Naruto Shipudden ,Pokemon ,Doraemon etc
    Favorite Movie: Avengers Movies,Doraemon Movies, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Movies,Conjuring,Annabel Franchise, Harry Potter series
    Favorite Musician: Seventeen☆NCT☆GOT7☆TXT☆Stray Kids☆ Blackpink☆BTS☆Kana Boon☆Chungha☆Sunmi☆ Ikimonogakari☆ FLOW☆
    Favorite Book or Author: A 圣诞节 Carol☆Diary of a young girl☆Norse Mythology☆A tale of two cities☆Oliver twists☆Famous Five☆ Romoe and Juliet
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I am both, a wattpad writer and fanfiction reader. 你 need a wattpad account to read mature content (r-18), otherwise 你 won't be able to read them. I am into 阅读 and 写作 a lot (it's among few of my hobbies xD). Focusing on 写作 improves your vocab; it's good👍🏻. On pinterest I wasn't force, but I still created a acc and I don't even used it lol. 发布 ·2个月前
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Yup the datesheets have been released and it's a complete mess. Our timetable is clashing with the 12th graders. They postponed the dates, so I am a bit relieved. Oh! Explain me the study system there. The high school their has three years right? While we have only two years for highschool (Class 11 and class 12).

I read only tragic romance stories. I mostly like shounen. Currently I am watching all shounen things like AOT, TPN, demon slayer, etc. 发布 ·2个月前
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Few shoujo animes are good as well cause I guess 你 can't deny Kamisama kiss, maid sama, snow white with red hair...Honestly I agree other romance animes are too cliche and don't interest me. I am a very picky 日本漫画 reader. Anyways my 日本动漫 列表 is mostly shounen like you. ·2个月前
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I can completely relate with you. My boards are coming up. All the pre tests and mocks tests will start after 2 weeks and my mind is in utter chaos T_T But I am still chillin' watching animes *lol* Only during free time tho.

There's no 日本动漫 for the 日本漫画 yet. Yes, its a romance manga! 发布 ·2个月前
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I have a pinterest acc, but need to check out my id...will tell 你 later. ·2个月前
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I am 更多 active on wattpad. ·2个月前