Sunny/Kyara Sunshine

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于January 2020年

  • Female, 32 years old
  • Germany
  • Favorite TV Show: I,learning languages,cooking,baking,making diys, Yoga
    Favorite Movie: all about horror,animal documentary,documentary,crime series,Full house,etc.
    Favorite Musician: 60s-90s,Beatles,Fall out boy,Linkin Park,Evanescence,Nightwish,HIM,kpop,hiphop,Billie eilish,Pop,traditional 音乐
    Favorite Book or Author: Animes,Mangas,fanfics,fantasy,books,knowledge,fashion magazines
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awee what a beautiful vintage Club!Love it so much!!! 发布 ·7个小时之前
annyeong my 万圣节前夕 皇后乐队 Sunny!
thanks! its early in football season but my tean is undefeated so far so im happy about that! baseball is doing good in the playoffs too, they are moving on to the 下一个 round now!
for my kdrama i watched episode 7 over the weekend.
thankfully the cuts are healing well. aw it must be pretty painful for 你 Sunny. it will take some time to heal since it must have been quite a hard hit on the chair. hopefully the healing time goes fast. 发布 ·7个小时之前
DaniellelovesBB 评论…
yikes, sounds really painful! aw im so sorry my sis! i cant imagine how much pain it must be causing you! lets hope the front side heals well like the back side has been healing! ·7个小时之前
DaniellelovesBB 评论…
yeah it was so sad to 显示 up & see its totally closed down already. i feel bad for the workers too. too bad there is no other restaurant the same as that one, it wasnt a big chain restaurant, its like a family owned place. they didnt have many locations & i think this may have been the last one. ·7个小时之前
DaniellelovesBB 评论…
thanks dear, hope we can find another great place. miss my old place so much already. aw keep resting your foot well! ·7个小时之前
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🧡I am happy and proud to have 你 as a bff my Sunny dear!🧡 发布 ·7个小时之前