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Hi 发布 一年多以前
DelenaLove201_ 说 …
What are their reasons for maybe not making a third Percy Jackson movie? Obviously, the 电影院 weren't as good as the books, but I thought they were still pretty good... 发布 一年多以前
Is it me 或者 have they changed Damon's character ALOT, it's annoying I think they've made him to soft and mellowed down his Witt 发布 一年多以前
DelenaLove201_ 评论…
I sensed something like this WAY early in the season. I put it down to Damon being hopelessly in 爱情 with Elena and too happy to be snarky. Hopefully with all the crap that the 'universe' has dealt them, we'll be seeing a bit 更多 of season 1 Damon instead of everyone's 婊子, 子 Damon. As for his wit, that hasn't changed at all. That's just him realizing he's too smart for these people XD 一年多以前
MariLena16 评论…
He wants to be worthy of Elena. He is trying to act normal. I understand that. But yet we see the real Damon sometimes... 一年多以前
delena-elemon 评论…
I get what everyone's trying to say but , doesn't everyone not see what I see , just because he's all in 爱情 elena that doesn't mean he has to change his personality , he doesn't have to go kill everyone he sees I'm not say thing that , but he can still remain the same damon that was , funny , witty and just over the 最佳, 返回页首 , I'm not saying that he still isn't all those things even now , he is buts it's died down and I don't like it ... Elena fell in 爱情 with that damon , so why change ? 一年多以前
ggdelena 评论…
pretty sure later on in the season damon insecurites are going to come out. just watch 一年多以前