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posted by woofbark
Okay, I'm going to give reasons why each book is better in this article. Then, comment, argue/contradict my points, and start a reasonable 辩论 (not a fight) on the 评论 board, please!
I'm not a big Twilight fan, but I can try to come up with some reasons:
1.Bella's emotions are described in depth, leaving no area unexplored. We know exactly how she feels at every second, whether she is gazing at Edward 或者 making noodles. (this could also be a drawback-you can't have a story be completely emotion and no story)
2.Love? Well, Edward and Bella are in a relationship where they...
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posted by siriuslyawesome
A little play.

(setting-a stage. Creepy smoke rolls on ground, odd blue lighting. Edward stands looking at 墙 and thinking)
Harry:Hey Edward! What's going on?
(Edward ignores him)
Harry:Is something wrong? Is Bella being a pain or...
Harry:I'm not trying to-
(Hermione runs in, panting)
Hermione: I heard yelling-what's going on?
Bella: Harry's making Eddieward mad.
Harry:I just asked if he was okay-
Hermione: Bella, calm down.
Hermione: That's...
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In my opinion, Twilight is good. Not as great as Harry Potter, but good. I've composed a 列表 of what would turn Twilight great-with the help of various Twilight and Harry Potter fans.

1.Make Bella a vampire slayer
2.make Bella less whiny
3.Bella can do backflips
4.Jacob gets arrested 由 the Animal Cops
5.Edward's name changes to "Schmirrnoff"
6.Edward dies
7.Or Bella dies
8.Creamed corn
10.A theme song
11.Bella isn't dependent on Edward
12.Lauren turns out to be Wonder Woman
13.Log cabin
14.Voldemort destroys the Volturi
15."squishy octopus"
16.make Bella smart
17. Change "forks" into "Spoons" because...
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posted by siriuslyawesome
问题 粉丝 and 答案 from 随意 people

Who is better: Harry 或者 Edward? Why?

A: I think Harry is better. He has flaws in his character that make him relatable. He puts himself in danger and sacrifices himself for his friends. He may be a wizard, but he feels what normal kids feel: anger, betrayal, sadness, loss, joy, relief, confidence, and bravery.
-anonymous HP fan
A2-Edward. Edward would die for Bella, and tries to protect her in any way he can. He doesn't give up on her even when he hears she is with Jacob and saves her innumerable times.
Anonymous T fan.

Quidditch 或者 Vampire Baseball?...
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Harry James Potter
This is not my opinion. It's an excerpt from an 文章 titled link. I have however come across a few people who have voiced the same thing. Just curious to know people's thought on this.

Kenny Herzog

I’ve read all of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books—devoured them, really, because whatever her flaws, the lady does a terrific job at building compulsive narratives and enjoyable worlds. But the 更多 time I spend away from the series, the 更多 its problems get to me, and the biggest problem of them all is the main character himself. Harry is, to put it kindly, an absolute no one. He suffers...
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Here's my response to this rubbish.

1- the 写作 is better
Um, no. It's really not.

2- the actors/actresses who film the movie are talented
WHAT?! Ok, you're talking about the ecstatic Kristen Stewart, right? The Kristen Stewart who shows so much emotion in every seen of the movies? She looks really excited, huh? She might as well be a mannequin.

3- bella is a role model (she teaches people to hold on to their friendships and stuff and keep their secrets)
Bella is a role model!??!??! Ok, when Edward left bella in New Moon, Bella curled up for months, MONTHS. So that's basically saying that...
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I read the twilight saga and i loved it i was a twihard for a while yes, but was 更多 fond of the voltori than anything else, When i read Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, i became addicted in its content, i read the 图书 one 由 one and read them again, i like twillight, yes, but there is no doubt i prefar Harry Potter, i also read all the Hunger Games 图书 and was a tribute, still Harry Potter is my life and soul. Jk.rowling has an imagnation unlike many i know, the 图书 depth and detail is unbelivable, i just wish it never had to end, 你 have to read all the 图书 或者 你 wont fully...
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Believe it 或者 not, I do not hate Twilight. The plot is fair, internesting setting, a lot of the characters are good, and not to mention the brilliant fight scenes! The soundtracks are lovely as well as the actors/actresses. Overall, I would give the entire series a C+. I would give it a higher grade if it wasn't for the poor writing, rambling, and somewhat extreme fans. But what's really the anchor of that sinking ship is the books' protagonist and narrator...

Bella Swan.

Of course there's a main character in almost every book I read that I really do not like. For example: in Hunger Games, it's...
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Harry Potter is the End of an Era. Twilight is the End of an Error.

At first glance, 你 would think this is just another oh-so-clever Anti-Twilight slogan, reiterated 由 the Twilight hating masses, but in reality, are these antis only slamming themselves?

First off, what Era is Harry Potter ending? It’s own? So in other words, “Harry Potter is the end of Harry Potter”.

I’m assuming this “Error” is meant to represent Twilight, correct? So in other words, much like the above, “Twilight is the end of Twilight”.

In conclusion, “Harry Potter is the End of Harry Potter. Twilight...
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posted by RavenclawRocks
Before 你 all come out with pitchforks and guns, I'd just like to say this is my opinion.

1, Half of the 粉丝 only like Twilight, because they think Rob/Taylor is hot.

2, I can't argue about the plot because there isn't one.

3, Bella has no personaility.

4, Edward is just plain creepy.

5, Bella always needs a man in her life. When Edward leaves she needs Jacob. This is really stupid.

6,Bella wouldn't even look at Edward if he wasn't hot.

7, Edward wouldn't look at Bella if she didn't smell good.

8, It gives a bad message. Like kill yourself when your sparkly boyfriend is around. 或者 there is no point in being happy unless 你 have a boyfriend. 或者 it's ok to ditch your 老友记 to 日期 a super hot vampire.

9,Meyer constantly repeats the same words to tell us how hot Edward is. This gets boring after two pages.

10, The actors suck.

There,ten reasons. Feel free to add on more.
posted by HecateA
So lately I've been thinking of the Cullens and how damn rich they are. And then I stop and go, wait a minute, how is that possible?

So I am going to compare the Cullen expenses and the average normal-people expenses in this chart.

Expense Normal People The Cullens

-Food X X*
-Clothing X X*
-Shelter X X
-Gas X X
-Inssurance X
-Electricity X X
-Running water X ?*
-Heating/cooling X
-School supplies X X
-Blood X
-At 首页
Medical supplies
and medicine X X*
-Private island X*
and its maintenance X
-Cottage 或者
campground, etc X
-Travel expenses X X*
-Cell phones X X
-Useless Twilight
merchandise X
-Lunch money...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Severus Snape. The man we all hated. Then loved. Then went back to hating. And then we positively loathed him. But, after, we found out hi story. And, when we knew the truth, what did we feel? Love.
Yes, we ended up loving Severus Snape. Because, once we knew HIS side of the story, it was clear.
Snape had a difficult childhood, which probably led to his disturbed adulthood. But we knew nothing about this until we read The Deathly Hallows. And after we found out, found out exactly what he had suffered through, our emotions changed. Snape is one of the deepest characters in Harry Potter, and...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Chapter 1 part 1
It was 8.30 am. A 17 年 old girl lay asleep in her bed, a naughty smile on her face. She was obviously dreaming. She put her arms around her 枕头 like she was embracing it. She could dream on forever. But unfortunately…
“Isabella Swan, if 你 wish to be on that plane in time, 你 better get your pretty 屁股 out of your 床, 床上 right now!” a female voice shouted from downstairs.
Bella groaned and with her head half underneath the sheets she touched for the alarm clock. She opened her eyes a little a checked the hour. The knowledge she gained, made her eyes almost fall out...
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harry potter is now logged in
harry ;anyone here i bored and can't do Magie
Ginny;y w has now logged in
ginny; yea am here this is why better then are old owl 哈哈
harry; huh? 哈哈 wants that tell ron say hi d hi
ron w has lodged in
ron; hi harry was up and ginny get out of this chat room
ginny; u can't make me
harry; ron ginny be nice and can any one till me what 哈哈 and waz means
ginny; 哈哈 means laughter out loud and wazwantt is up
ron ;lol means laughh out loud and waz want is up
ginny; 你 took the words right out of my mouth
edwardcullen has now logged in
harry; freak
ron; yea
ginny; get off hear your in the wrong chat room go to the one with the six 年 olds
edwardcullen; ok
edwardcullen has logged out
ginny has logge out
harry has logged out
ron has logged out