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So, when I got home, I took a 淋浴 and changed out of that hideous school uniform. At least I only have to wear it on Mondays. Great, another reason to hate the day.

After my shower, I put on my long sleeved, gray Omni-Peace shirt, some Mudd jeans, and a pair of gray socks. I have this strange, unbreakable habbit of always wearing socks, even to the beach! But, of course, my dad makes me take them off before stepping out of our hover craft and slipping on some sandals.

I finished my science homework for Mr.A and flopped on my 床, 床上 with a bowl of 拉面 noodles I got from the kitchen. I then...
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I made this video please be nice!
abridged series
kawaita sakebi
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Read this first!!
This is NOT like my other 文章 this is not supposed to be funny.But some parts maybe.Now on with the story.

It's was a abnormal 日 in the palace everyone was totally manic,Mana just stud there watching the chaos.She just sighed no one would tell her what was going on not even Mahado would tell her,he 说 it would cause her harm,and she Hadn't seen Atem once,but the servants 说 she was not allowed out of her room.So she just looked out her window leaning against the wall,she wanted to go out and have an adventure with Atem and Mahado like she used to.She saw someone...
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