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Hi! I'm Cedarstorm, 或者 Cedar. I'm an artist and writer, and this 文章 is for people who are just beginning writing- and have no idea what to do. Let's talk cats.

First, the 猫 in the Warriors series aren't spelled like "FireStar", "Fire Star", 或者 "Fire star". They're spelt as though it is one word; "Firestar". Many people don't study the 图书 enough to write the names like that.
Second, the cat's don't just walk. They limp, stumble, pad, dash, and bound through the forest, tails streamed out behind them.
"Cedarstorm dashed through the dense wood, dodging branches and leaping over rocks."...
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 NORMAL Mary sue.
NORMAL Mary sue.
Hello everybody! Okay, so in this first OC Making 101 Article... Mary sues. Now, most of 你 know what i'm talking about. Rainbows, un-natural colors, neon. BUT, that's SO stereotypical! Most NORMAL Mary sue's, Like IceTalon here, Look normal and have something wrong with it. (The base was made 由 WarriorCatkittyclaws on deviantart! ) Then... On the other hand... Stereotypical Mary sue's, like 皇后乐队 彩虹 step over there at the bottom of the page... Is actually kinda scary. Now. if your a beginner, at least TRY? G'night! See 你 on the 下一个 episode of.. OC making 101!
 Stereotypical Mary sue.
Stereotypical Mary sue.
 The Four
The Four
Chapter 6 ~

Tanglepaw looked at Lakeshine. "Please? I'll miss Ivyspring, but she can have another apprentice. StarClan told me to be your apprentice!" she pleaded. Lakeshine looked puzzled. "StarClan did tell me that I would soon need an apprentice." grief clouded her blue eyes. "Brownfern would be happy." whispered Lakeshine. "Yes, she would." Tanglepaw pressed her muzzle into Lakeshine's soft ginger fur. "I'll talk to Ivyspring for you." purred Lakeshine.

Ivyspring wasn't too upset. "It's fine. 你 were a wonderful apprentice." she mewed quietly when Tanglepaw came to see her. "Youll need to...
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About 3 moons after Firepaw come to the forest

Fire_dude has logged on

Gray_man has logged on

Firedude: Yo Graypaw whats up?
Gray_dude: I just nocked Sandpaw, so i'm hiding
Fire_dude: How mad is she?
Gray_dude: I'm hiding in a rabbit hole
Fire_dude: :O wow, that sucks.....Dude she just came into camp....DUDE SHES RED!!
Gray_dude: i'm not here i'm not here
Fire_dude: Brb, she wants to talk to me....
Gary_dude: ok.....
its really loney now.....
你 back yet?

Bluestars_dead has logged on

Bluestars_dead has logged off

Gary_dude: ooooookkkkkkk

Fire_dude has logged off

Gray_dude: great

SPBH had logged on

Gray_dude: SPBH?


Gray_dude: 老鼠, 鼠标 DUNG!



SPBH has logged off

Gray_dude: cool she bought it!

Gray_dude has been hacked, and can no longer chat 4 Gray_dude has been deleted

(PLZ! feel graypaws pain! AMEN!)
um the name says it all
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