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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 06, 2016 at 09:52AM
Feel free to express your 'Suicide Squad' feels here! Or maybe you have some questions about the movie that you might want to ask your fellow fans. What did you love most about the film? What bugged you? Share with us what you think!
 Feel free to express your 'Suicide Squad' feels here! 或者 maybe 你 have some 问题 about the movi

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一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
Dammit, why did you not alert me of this place to unleash my Skwad feels?!

It'll take me a few watches to get past the characters and start paying attention to the plot, so I don't really have any complaints on that front, unlike the critics. I went in there with a lotta love for a lotta characters, and fell in love with a few more. The only one I didn't like was Waller. I like cold hard bitches unless they're being cold hard bitches to my other bitches. Not that fond of Deadshot either. All kinds of issues behind that one.

I really would've liked more interaction between the squad members. And back stories or flashbacks or whatever else, I just wanted more of them. Sooo many great characters that needed soooo much more screentime.
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
big smile
LOL yeah I love the characters too! I think the more you pay attention to the plot, the more it falls apart, so maybe just love the characters instead!

Waller was hardcore, but yeah, stop being mean to my preciouses!

Definitely wanted fuller development of pretty much everyone. There are literally like 10 movies worth of stories in there.
一年多以前 SherlockStark said…
I'm with you guys - LOVE the characters <3

Particularly fond of Jared's Joker, myself. But I was surprised how amazing the others were, too.

I left the movie just wanting more time with the Squad.
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
Ugh, me too. The more I think about it, the more I feel like we saw maybe 5% of what there actually was. Tip of the bad guy iceberg. Mooore, WB. We need moooooore.
一年多以前 SherlockStark said…
What are your thoughts on any possible significance of the baby clothes in Joker's room?
 What are your thoughts on any possible significance of the baby clothes in Joker's room?
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT THAT!!!!! I've only seen passing mentions of people simply pointing the onesies out.

I guess these are some possible explanations:

1) They were both planning to have teh babies, prior to Harley's capture.

2) After Harley's capture, The Joker was all bummed out and realised that he actually does kind of love her and needs her and cue baby-feels.

3) Same as explanation 2, but instead of realising he loves her, he realises he needs to breed some crazy offspring who will also do his bidding/be his human weapons, so basically army-building. People are commodities to him...

4) Harley was pregnant at some point, but lost the baby/babies, or gave them to someone else, to protect them. This explanation seems most likely given Harley's Enchantress induced fantasy PLUS other versions of Harley (link) that exist, especially since the movie mashes together certain pre-existing storylines and re-works them (ie Harley's mashed-up origins).

I think the problem for me in deciding what is going on here is that there is so much Joker missing from the movie, and therefore so much Joker/Harley missing from the movie, that it is hard to pin down how the baby stuff fits in.
SherlockStark commented…
Yeah, I was thinking #2, but also read it might have been trophies he took from kills? 一年多以前
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
Ok, I saw the movie again today and picked up some other clues and have developed a fuller theory:

The Joker, on the helicopter, tells Harley he has "grape soda" waiting for them, rather than wine or champagne as we might expect for that celebratory reunion trope. That, coupled with the baby clothes, could suggest that The Joker believes Harley to be pregnant.


Harley pours herself a drink in the bar scene. So I figured she either a) is still pregnant and made herself a non-alcoholic cocktail, or b) she aborted/lost the pregnancy (perhaps in the car crash? Or sometime in Belle Reve, given she was abused there? Or aborted the baby/babies of her own free will?) and The Joker doesn't know.

During that bar scene she also pretty forcefully tells El Diablo to "own that shit" when he talks about killing his kids, possibly hinting at her own decision to abort her pregnancy. She also talks about how people like them don't get to live normal lives, again possibly hinting at that idea that she aborted the pregnancy because she knew she and her children would not live safe, 'normal' lives with The Joker in their family.

Also, her response to her dream sequence is not that they had a family, but rather that The Joker married her. That seemed to be the part of the dream that she focused on rather than the family, or even the 'normalcy' aspect.

So my personal take on it is that Harley was pregnant, but aborted the baby/babies out of fear for their safety should they be born into The Joker's world. But The Joker doesn't know yet.


I have over-thought this and this is all nothing.
SherlockStark commented…
OMG! 你 blew my mind, misanthrope! 一年多以前
DarkSarcasm commented…
Do 你 know how long Harley wsa supposed to have been in Belle Reve? Also, *hugs Harley*. 一年多以前
misanthrope86 commented…
imma answer in a new 评论 coz i'm a nerrrrrrdddddd. 一年多以前
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
Oh look, a bit from when Harley & Ivy took over the Harley & Ivy movie, for no particular reason. ;D
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 Oh look, a bit from when Harley & Ivy took over the Harley & Ivy movie, for no particular reason. ;D
misanthrope86 commented…
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
DarkSarcasm asked: Do you know how long Harley was supposed to have been in Belle Reve? Also, *hugs Harley*.

According to link, she was arrested March 2016, and probably thrown in Belle Reve shortly after. We don't really get any indication exactly when the movie is set, so figuring out how long she has been in there is tricky. We can guess that Deadshot has been in Belle Reve about 9 months based on Griggs' appeals to him in the shooting gallery scene. If the movie is set in the present day (ie August 2016), this means that Deadshot has been in Belle Reve since December 2015, link (which aligns with Waller and Batman rounding him up in the Batman VS Superman aftermath). Further evidence for that is that Deadshot is caught by Batman during what seems to be wintery, snowy Christmas-y time in Gotham. BUT link says he was arrested in January 2016, which puts the events of 'Suicide Squad' in September 2016, if we assume Griggs is accurate about how long he has known Deadshot.

So realistically, The Joker could believe that Harley is about 6 months pregnant if she found out just before she was arrested, and the timeline is current day (ie August 2016). She wouldn't necessarily be showing, as many women don't even at 6 months. Plus, I'm not convinced The Joker is super-knowledgeable on the topic of pregnant bodies... LOL.

Alternatively, she could be 7 months pregnant, which makes it a little harder to believe The Joker wouldn't have noticed that she wasn't pregnant, but still technically possible as some women don't show much even at 7 months.

OR, and here is my main theory, they have totally fucked up their timeline in multiple ways. link details some ways in which Harley's timeline is basically impossible. I would suspect that these kinds of continuity errors would pop up across multiple characters, not just Harley, so I really think that because WB are burning through these movies and not exactly knitting them together tightly despite desperately linking them, the timelines are pretty fucked.

There are likely any number of time clues in the movie that I haven't picked up on yet, so once I have the dvd in my sweaty little fangirl hands, I might be able to make more sense of this. Or maybe not, if they have fucked up the timeline...
DarkSarcasm commented…
Holy fuuuck, 你 have put a lot of thought into this. 一年多以前
misanthrope86 commented…
link 一年多以前
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…

DERP Harley's date of birth is listed on her criminal record as the 20th of July, 1990 and her age recorded as 26, which means we are looking at the time being anytime August 2016 onward, but not any further than July 2017, obviously.

BUT, according to the date featured in Harley's mugshot after she is caught by Batman (as seen in link, so I guess the final cut might have an updated date), she was arrested in October 2014... Given that 'Suicide Squad' must be set after the events of 'Dawn Of Justice' (late 2015), and her age/birthday confirms at least August 2016, she has been imprisoned for at least 22 months...?

If that is the case... it took The Joker 22 months to find out where she was...?! She's been in and out of Belle Reve since 2009 and The Joker is only learning of it's existence now? I guess we could argue that that suggests he is now, for some reason, more interested in recovering Harley than before (ie if she is pregnant), when he didn't bother looking for her in the past...?


The thing is, this 2014 arrest is not featured in her criminal record, and she has that other arrest in March 2016, and in 2014 she should have still been in Belle Reve for her September 2012 arrest (which she got 4 years and 6 months for). Obviously, we can explain the date discrepancies/overlaps through escapes, but I'm not sure how we account for the missing arrest in 2014, especially since it was the big, and seemingly final arrest that Waller refers to, and her 2016 arrest is for armed robbery, not escaping prison...?

And in order for her to be pregnant (and have The Joker still think she could be), there needed to be an escape after her unrecorded, penultimate 2014 arrest which means that she was free up until the March 2016 arrest (an arrest not important enough to feature as a plot point despite being her most recent arrest...?!) and therefore able to be pregnant by The Joker...

I return to my main argument: they've fucked the timeline. Even if I stop trying to insert the pregnancy storyline, the timeline doesn't make sense in their own records...
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 Update: DERP Harley's 日期 of birth is listed on her criminal record as the 20th of July, 1990 and
DarkSarcasm commented…
You've clearly put 更多 thought into this than The Man did. 一年多以前
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
I watched again with Preggo Harley in mind, and aside from the timeline clusterfuck, it could totally fit. Based on Harley & Joker's actions. Because every time I begin to formulate a theory, another date screws it up. What are you even doing, writers?

I had hoped to like Deadshot a little more this time around. But the group of teenage girls giggling at his every word (and then playing with their phones and taking selfies when they began to lose interest) did not allow it to happen. He had some good lines, but I still don't get why he's such a thing.
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
Also, I have decided that my two favorite line deliveries are:
Harley's "Puddin, I can't sWIIIIIIIM" because it feels 100% real and that transition rattled me just as hard the second time around. You go, Margot.
Boomerang's indignant "I was not!" because lololol you big dumb jerk. XD
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
I love that Boomerang line! He's so offended that no one believes his total lies. How rude!

That mention of Harley in the water reminds me: did people in theatres laugh when Batfleck punches Harley in the face? Every time I've seen the movie, the audience laughs at that... Is it intended to be comedic? Or is this a NZ thing?
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
Yes! They laughed at that, both times! But why?!
SherlockStark commented…
That's weird. I don't understand what's funny about that... 一年多以前
一年多以前 DarkSarcasm said…
I, Dasm, being of sound(ish) mind, watched Suicide Squad for the second time tonight, then came home and re-watched the trailers. This is a list of stuff I don't remember seeing in the movie, feel free to compare notes. (I'm sure some of this stuff was in the movie, but it all starts to blur together after a while. >.>)

-Moar Harley gymnastics
-Diablo playing with fire in his cell
-Broody Boomerang leads Diablo, Harley & Croc into office building
-"Let's go save the world."
-Flag/Moone getting close
-Harley cocking her bat
-Killer Croc glare
-Katana exiting the plane, pulling her sword
-more of Frost & Joker's lab entrance
-"You're in so much trouble."
-"Hope you got insurance!"

-Deadshot watching the rain
-Flag & Moone go over the squad list
-Harley's "Woah!"
-Harley blowing hair out of her face in the office building (not elevator)
-"I can't wait to show you my toys."
-Enchantress, "Let's do something fun."
-Boomerang eyebrow
-Diablo's roar
-Katana's eyes changing
-SEALS fist bump
-Croc pushing Katana
-Harley smacking something in the blue outfit
-June head-tilt in bed
-Joker hitting his head against the window
-Joker shaking his finger

-"Who would have stopped him?"
-Harley playing with her gum
-inside of the plane under fire
-"I love this guy"
-Harley on a motorcycle
-Joker clap
-Katana being trailed by something green
-Katana slicing a thing's head in half
-The Wink
-Joker's buh-bye
-Diablo's roar again
-"Whatcha havin'?" and like half the freakin' bar scene
-Joker raising, er, punching the roof

-Harley swinging profile
-Deadshot staring at the rain
-Waller's bible speech?
-Diablo getting his implant
-Joker's "what?"
-Harley & Croc looking up in the rain
-The skulls coming out of Katana's katana
-another angle of Harley with bat-gun
-Croc shot underwater
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一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
I think the movie, Diablo's roar happens, but he transforms into fire, whereas in the trailer versions he doesn't, presumably so as to not spoil us about the true extent of his powers.

The Joker jabbing the sub-dermal explosive gun into the guys neck happens in the movie (when they raid the Wayne company that makes the explosives).

I'm pretty sure Harley's upside down shot happens.

In the Blitz trailer, there is a moment where The Joker punches the roof of his car that apparently does not feature in the movie. I only know that because the guy who was gonna sue WB used that moment as an example of their "false advertising".

I think I remember The Joker's "what?" happening in the movie.

I should disclaim that I could be totally wrong because I have so much SS swirling around my brain it is all a mega-mass of stuff...!
DarkSarcasm commented…
I trust your memory better than mine. I can't place Diablo's roar, and that pisses me off so bad. I'm guessing it was the "let me 显示 你 what I really am" scene but I really don't remember seeing it. *DASM ROAR* 一年多以前
misanthrope86 commented…
Yeah, its the moment he goes full 火, 消防 demon for the first time. In the movie he starts the roar, but pretty much instantly goes up in flames, so it looks quite different from what we see in the trailer because of all the CGI. 一年多以前
SherlockStark commented…
I also have a mishmash of SS stuff in my brain, but I'm sure Joker's "what?" was in the film. ^.^ 一年多以前
一年多以前 misanthrope86 said…
Joker/Harley kid updates: