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[Minhyun]Neon nappa ttak bwado tiga na
Teullyeo tukhamyeon twijanha
Jeoldaero twiji mallago malhaejwosseultende
[Aron]Wae nappa neoboda jalhaeseo
Teullyeo ttokgatji anhaseo
Meotdaero songarakjireun mallago malhaesseultende

[Ren]I don’t care, I don’t care neona ttarahae ttarahae
Hanagachi ttokgataboyeo oh jigyeowo jigyeowo
[Baekho]Jaemieopge waeirae waeirae saejang sogui saecheoreom
Oh neoreul ane gadwodujima eoseo ireona

Ready kkeutnaejuge Action! Ready sseureojige Action!
[MinHyun] Oh nunchi bolgeo eobtjanha
Bichi nago itjanha
Ready kkeutnaejuneun Showtime ([JR] Showtime)
Ready neomanui Showtime...
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Aron : Hello

Aron : Bbuing Bbuing Bbuing

Aron : This is Arong

Fan : Aron oppa, do 你 like candy?

Aron : 糖果 nononono

Fan : Let’s do the chatting slowly

Aron : Do it quickly

Fan : Arong idiot

Aron : You’re idiot

Fan : Oppa what do 你 like?

Aron : 你 <3

Fan : Oppa do 你 know xxx (Fan’s name/nickname)

Aron : I know

Fan : Oppa Jjang!

Aron : Arong Jjang!

Fan : Oppa, the member who’s close to your ideal type?

Aron : Noneㅋㅋ

Fan : Oppa, the place 你 want to go the most?

Aron : I want to go to LAㅋㅋ

Aron : No

Aron : I want to go to your heartㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : Sorry ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : Ppuing Ppuing

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Hello~ To all of our LOVEs whom wishing me a happy birthday….but don’t do kakao talk morning call,….I was surprised…when i was 写作 this..because i suddenly heard my voice…ㅜㅜ Hihi I’m kiddingㅎyou guys did it, right? It’s my birthday, yet I’m practicing at practice room right now!!! I’m going to do my best this time~~Actually.. when I was 写作 the message on fancafe~ I forgot everything~ So although the message is very short…please understand. Then I’m going to practice,bye!
I uploaded edited picture on twitter! And here! the original picture! Everyone are 你 watching~?ㅎ
our LOVEs. 你 do know my 心 right?^
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Kiss me, 吻乐队(Kiss) me,
I gyeouri gagi jeone
Love me, 爱情 me, namankeum
Geogi! Nae mal deullyeoyo, nae mal?
Dareungeon baraji anhayo nan

Geudaelbomyeon nae gaseume jongsoriga
Oneureun geudaedo malhal geot gatayo
Eojebamui kkumeseocheoreom

Chuwodo yeppeunot ipgo
Nunwado nopeungeol singo
Geudaewa bamsaewo geotgo sipeun oneul bam

Huinnun sairo
Geudaereul chajaseo
Dallineun gibun
Chan baramdo neomu sangkwaehae

Geudaeneun, i sesang mueotboda keun seonmul

Oneureun modeun iri jal doel geotman gatayo
Na, yongginae borandeusi hayan nuni wayo

Kiss me, 吻乐队(Kiss) me,
I gyeouri gagi jeone
Love me, love...
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Minhyun : Hello
Minhyun : First, I need to be excused
Minhyun : My typing is a bit slow so type slowly please
Minhyun : Hello!
Minhyun : How are 你 doing?
Minhyun : I did my best to improve my typing skills but they didn’t improve much
Minhyun : Good luck on your exam tomorrow
Minhyun : Do well on your exam
Minhyun : And let’s have lots of fun at the birthday partyㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Minhyun : We’re practicing really hard
Minhyun : 你 could be excited about it
Minhyun : We’ll blow away all your stress
Minhyun : You’ll regret it if 你 don’t come

Reporter-Lee : The information about the birthday party...
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n an 文章 发布 由, explains the relationship between Baekho and senior labelmate, After School’s UEE. Read the 文章 here:

“Rookie group NU’EST member Baekho is currently creating quite a buzz with his relationship with senior labelmate After School member UEE.

Baekho recently 发布 on his me2day, “The Baekho (white tiger) 夹克 picked for me 由 Uee noona! The 夹克 is designed 由 Park Yoom Soo, one of the 最佳, 返回页首 designers in Korea. Always so supportive Uee noona who even chooses our costumes! And I really like this jacket. Tthe white tiger looks cool!”

A 来源 from NU’EST’s agency stated, “After watching the performance of NU’EST, UEE herself recommends Baekho wear her outfit that she got for present, and she lent it to him. She 说 the outfit would perfectly match him considering his name, performances and others.”
ON MOAS (Mission make 3 members laugh:
Minhyun: *My name is Optimus Prime*
PD: Fail
Minhyun: Fail??
PD: Yes, Failed
: -----
Baek Ho: 显示 us your voice imitation again
Minhyun: *My name is Optimus Prime*
Baek Ho: Is that even funny? truthfully it's not that funny
Sungmin: Minhyun, do 你 have an individual skill? Please 显示 us~
Minhyun: I will do voice imitation.
Aron: hahahaha *covering his mouth to hold back laughter*JR is giggling too ^^
Minhyun: …a skill that other singer sunbaes doesn’t have. Transformer’s “Optimus Prime”
Sungmin & Ryeowook: WOW
Sungmin: Siwon imitates that often too. 显示 it to us…
Minhyun: *My name is Optimus Prime*
: *Awkward silence*
JR & Aron Laughing
Sungmin: That’s it??
Minhyun: Yes.
Sungmin: Don’t 你 have anything to 显示 us?
Minhyun: I worked hard preparing this.
Sungmin: Oh i see.
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