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We're takin' over
we have the truth
this is our mission
to see it through

Don't point your finger
not dangerous
this is our planet
you're one of us

We're sendin' out our
major love
and this is our
message to you
(message to you)
the planets are linin' up
we're bringin' brighter days
they're all in line
waitin' for you

You're just another
part of me..

A brother nation
fulfill the truth
the final message
we're bringin' you
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there is no danger
feel the truth
so come together
good will is true

We're sendin' out our
major love
and this is our
message to you
(message to you)
the planets are linin' up...
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 The moonwalk
The moonwalk
1.The Moonwalk~ What 移动 is as legendary 或者 as remembered as the moonwalk? The moonwalk is one of the most famous moves in all history. I don't really know where Michael learned it from, I mean there are so many storries I've heard about it. Like he learned it from the guy who first did it and then Michael just perfected it. Then I heard the Michael learned it from children and streat dancers. Idk if it's a mix of all of those. There are many storries where there are two different storries that could both be true. Like the story behind the song Speechless. People say that Michael wrote it...
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posted by MJisLove4life
Ok Since I Already Did An Artical On Text Art Im Going To Do An Artical With Michael Jackson Text Art....So Yeah. I Hope 你 Enjoy Them.

`*.¸.*´ Before 你 Judge Him..
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) Try Hard To 爱情 Him.....
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• Look Within Your Heart....
Then Ask.. HaVe 你 See HiS CHiLDHooD ??!!

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Have 你 seen the recording of the live performance of 你 Are Not Alone 由 Michael Jackson during the HIStory Tour in Munich 1997? If 你 care for Michael Jackson 你 probably have. (Otherwise, 你 can find it on YouTube.) There is this girl with the Teddy 熊 who’s screaming her lungs out when the song starts. Suddenly, a man pulls her out of the crowd and they both run up to the stage. And there she literally jumps at Michael. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. She’s crying, screaming (we can’t hear her because it’s a playback). Then she falls to her knees and hugs...
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 I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.
I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.

This song is just spining around my head.repeating like 10 time per 日 since 2 weeks ago. for me this song has "something' on it. its like classic hymns. First time i heard the begining of this song is kindda creepey but when he start to sing,oh my its so beautiful. His magical voice WAS all out.

I got some information,the story that inspired him to write this song:

based on a true story...
In 1972, a little girl who was called Susie was murdered. Michael Jackson composed a song for her and published it in 1995.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Susie. She was like...
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I don't know if you've already heard, but this is certainly news to me. Two days 以前 my sister and I (who are both huge MJ fans) were messing around on the internet. And then this screen came up:
Michael Jackson Is Alive - Secret Message In This Is It
I was confused. I didn't understand. Then in some 评论 it read, "Use the 音乐 programme Audacity to play This Is It reversed and 你 will hear the message". So we did so. And this is what we found:

And I'm just the one in it all
Who is laughing?
Who is laughing?
I hope 你 are
And I'm not dead
They wanna believe
That I live on and
I'm just the one...
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Michael Jackson has a simple instruction for his personal make-up artist Karen Faye when she prepares him for his appearance on stage. ''Hurt me, hurt me.'' he tells her.
For Jackson, whose latest album BAD has sold millions worldwide, wants to look so good for his 粉丝 that his image in a mirror must be so fantastic that is almost hurts.
Karen said: ''It's one of his 最喜爱的 phrases - he says it all the time. When he wants something to be brilliant, he says, 'HURT ME'.
''Whenever it is a new dance routine, a photographic session 或者 other people's make-up he says,
'Make it look great, Hurt...
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Ola Ray: “I met Jane Fonda at the studio while getting my makeup done and she asked me to take [Michael] a note and give him a 吻乐队(Kiss) and a hug. When I told Michael about the 吻乐队(Kiss) he said, ‘Well…!?’”

Frank Cascio on Karen Faye: “I called her 由 the nickname Michael had 给 her – Turkle. Michael loved Turkle and messed with her all the time. If she was wearing a zippered jacket, he’d try to unzip it. If she was wearing a skirt, he’d lift it up.”

About Michael 接吻 a 粉丝 in 1981: How Michael Jackson, sexy lead singer of the Jacksons, surprised a female 粉丝 who broke through...
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 Michael 阅读 the 花花公子 at the age of only 12!
Michael reading the Playboy at the age of only 12!
Here are some facts and pictures.

1 "Not realizing he was being taped, Michael can be seen flicking through a 花花公子 during an interview when he was 12."

2 "Lisa has 说 she wouldn’t have married him if the sex hadn’t been good and that he was the one who made the moves with her."

3 "Michael was always visiting the 花花公子 Mansion in the 80s, when LaToya asked him why he was there so much, he 说 it was “to see the animals.”

4 "In Michael’s bedroom they found an 文章 on the G spot and another on the 秒 G Spot."

5 "While being driven to a 显示 Michael once saw prostitutes standing...
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I just read this amazing story and i cant stop crying! :'( I'm 心 broken I wish i was her. Please tell me what 你 think about this.

I want to tell 你 that i am one of the girls that went on stage with Michael Jackson back in 1993. I will skip details like how I bought the tickets, how I went to the stadium, how the atmosphere was…that’s not interesting and fades away when the real important moment comes. The moment that he reached his hand for me and I went on stage. I felt like everybody else disappeared, that me and Michael were the only persons alive, not only in that place,...
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Did 你 know that MJ was bullied 由 his own father Joe slapped Michael around all the time when

ever he missed up on lyrics to a song 或者 messed up on a dance 移动 too that is the real reason why Michael has a

perfect voice and can dance so good its because of his abusive father Joe Jackson and i hate it when people

keep saying that he loved Michael so much and he cared about Michael he did not care about

Michael he only used Michael for riches then tossed

him aside like a outcast afterwards 你 see Joe was pissed that

Michael threatened to tell on him about all of the groupies that he was sneaking...
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posted by koolkat-1994
The person that i admire the most is Michael Jackson because he is the sweetest person on earth who wanted to 显示 us something very special and important.He is a very heroic person.He wanted to heal our world and help children around the world,Who needed a hero and also an 天使 from heaven to make them smile.Michael inspired me so much through his wonderful talented 音乐 that had amazing words with great meanings.I 爱情 his 音乐 because when ever i listen to it i always feel his presences around me i feel him smiling at me like everything is going to be ok.He always makes my hear feel so...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
The simple answer:
The trademark armband that Michael Jackson wears is a symbol of the suffering of children around the world.

Most of his outfits over the past 20 years have featured an armband tied around his right around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

1) Most online dictionaries define an armband as: A band worn around the upper arm, often as identification 或者 as a symbol of mourning 或者 protest. A subset of this symbolism is often an element of memorializing innocent victims.

2) Armbands are recognized around the world as a sign of safety and help. they’re commonly worn...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Age 12, 1970:

MJ: I like dey legs big and I like them with pretty big eyes (laughs) and uh, let me see what else do I like about girls?
Brother: How about their personality, Mike? (laughs)
MJ: Yeah, I like their personality. That’s one thing I like about them.

Questionaire Answered 由 Michael, 1970

The Qualities I Look For In A Girl Are:
Eyes, legs, personality.


MJ: I haven’t really had any girlfriends yet, but I’ll tell 你 what I’d like to find in a girl. She has to have a good personality. I wouldn’t want to go out with a girl unless I had talked to her for a while, seen what she’s...
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“….There was nothing 更多 humiliating for Michael Jackson than when police strip-searched him while investigating the allegations that he had molested 13-year-old Jordie Chandler.

The boy had 给 a detailed 描述 of the star’s body and the detectives needed to check if it was true. Jackson was warned that if he refused to cooperate, he’d be arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

After the police arrived at Neverland, it took lawyers an 小时 to persuade him to leave his bedroom. Finally, he came into the living room clearly agitated, wearing a brown dressing gown. He blocked his...
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 Billie Jean
Billie Jean
In late November 2001, the CBS 电视 network aired a two-hour special in honor of Michael Jackson's thirtieth 年 as a solo entertainer (his first solo single, "Got to Be There", was recorded in 1971). The 显示 was edited from footage of two separate concerts Michael had orchestrated in New York City's Madison Square Garden on September 7 and September 10 of 2001. The shows sold out in five hours. Ticket prices were pop's most expensive ever; the best seats cost $5,000 and included a 晚餐 with Michael Jackson and a signed poster. Jackson reportedly earned $7.5 million for each of the...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
 Cover of the "Will 你 Be There" CD single.
Cover of the "Will You Be There" CD single.
Michael Jackson first revealed Will 你 Be There to the world when it featured as the eleventh song on his 1991 album release 'Dangerous'. Penned solely 由 Michael at the height of his career, this initial 7 分钟 and 40 秒 version of the song became an instant favourite of 粉丝 the world over.

The first time I heard Will 你 Be There, I was captivated 由 the intensity of emotion conveyed 由 Michael in both his voice and lyrics. I can still remember sitting at eight years old, engrossed in 写作 out the lyrics over and over again in an attempt to decipher Michael's true intent behind...
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I have to quote Joel Ebert when he 说 "I believe that Michael Jackson is the most "American" entertainer that this great country has ever seen.
Well let me add this he just not only an American
entertainer but he is a worldly person. Look at
all the charity work he has done for the poorest
nations of the world .
He saved a child's life who was in a hospital
in Bucharest Romania . He loves children and he
hurts inside when a child suffers in great pain.
Michael is forever the King of Pop & a worldly
person in my eyes.
posted by cherl12345
 Signing Autographs For His 粉丝
Signing Autographs For His Fans
"You really want to have it", Maris replied, "of cousre", Michael also replied, "I was intending on giving it to 你 on our first, 日期 but I forgot". Michael had placed the book on order weeks after they first met at Quantrell's 晚餐 party, and had it sent o his office. He it would be good way for Maris to get to know him as person; as well, as an entertainer, so he gave her a personal copy of the book for her read. "Oh, Michael", Maris replied, "I really don't know what to say". "You don't have to thank me"Michael replied, " I wanted to have it". "Thank you, Michael", she replied and she...
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 Michael And Younger Sister, Janet
Michael And Younger Sister, Janet
Whether it's a mother, sister, daughter, female colleague, lover, spouse, friend, 或者 female fan, these women played an important part in Michael's life.Michael has been seen the company of women over the years; as well, as being romantically linked to some other the most beautiful women from Brooke Shields to Whitney Houston. However, Michael disappointed his female 粉丝 when him and alongside new wife, Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson,by way of his production company, MJJ Productions, Inc.,released a statement informing the media of their 最近的 nuptials, which took place in Domincan Republic, on...
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