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"Flamestorm, i'm worried about her."
"I fear for her to, Icestorm. I also think my brother has gotten to her sister." he 说 with a low growl rumble deep in his chest. Then the ginger tom got up.
" Are 你 going to see her?" Icestorm said
he nodded and walked into the mist.

I felt the soft meadow 草 under my paws, i was stalking this plump juicy mouse. I froze suddenly it skampered a few paces, then i ran up ahead and made a 迅速, 斯威夫特 kill to the neck.
" hello younge one." I stared up at the masive white tom with spots and amazing blue eyes.
"W-w-who are you?" i stamered.
" I am Storm." he said
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let all 猫 old enough to catch prey 4 their clan 加入 benesth the Moon 树 4 a clan meeting! I have met a willing cat to 加入 our clan we need 更多 Warriors to mentor kits and hunt 4 the clan. So, i have made the decision to accept this cat into Frostclan, and if ANY of 你 diapprove of my choice 你 may leave.
Now, Leave do 你 promise to uphold the Warrior cade even to the cost of 你 life?
I do.
Then 由 the powers of Starclan i give u ur Warriro name, Leaffall!

P.S. A brown tabby she-cat.
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Jumps the Moontree. " Let all 猫 old enough to catch prey for their clan 加入 beneath the Moontree for a clan meeting!" I yowled
" Yesterday Maplestar from Mapleclan has come to our clan and asked me 加入 her and her clan for an alliance, i have token much concedration into this, knowing that my lifes are almost gone and that a choice like this will affect every member in this clan. So i'm leting my clan decide in this choice of the future of my clan." I said, while looking at the shocked faces on my clanmates.

" How can we trust this Mapleclan?" Duststorm said
" For all we know they could be...
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Do u people no Moonstorm100? She made this vidio and i thouht it was pretty good! So here it is!
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" Again." Storm said. It's been over a moon now. I' ve been learning 更多 and 更多 about Storm now like him awesome battle moves to use in battle.
"Can we stop, for now?" I asked, while out of breath.
"Fine." he said.
" Yes Onepaw?"
" I-I heard that 你 were leader before Froststar... is that true?"
Storm let out a supresed sigh and 说 " Yes, I was. Untill my idiot brother chased me out of the clan!" he 说 with an annoyed hiss.
" can 你 please tell me more?" I asked hesitently.
He look shocked but then his eyes softened with understanding.
" When i was a warrior knowen as Stormspots, I...
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"Willowpaw, Willowpaw, wake up!!" i 说 raising my voice.

"I'm coming, Onepaw." Willowpaw 说 in a grumpy voice.
" Falltail and Sootcloud want us for battle training!" i said
then she relized what i 说 and she go up and shook the moss scraps off and ran ahead of me.
" 嘿 wait up!" i said
" Your late." Falltail said
"Yes we know and were really sorry!" Willowpaw said
"fine, but don't be late again." she said
"now today were starting off with defanse tatctics. pretended i'm a warrior running twords you." Falltail said. Then she ran really fast to...
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