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wantadog 说关于 Riku114
Bloodborne taught me that nothing is ever truly unattainable. It doesn't REALLY matter how high the odds are stacked against me 或者 even the parts of myself that get in my own way. What matters is not letting the fight end, even after you've won because there are two sides to this coin. 你 can attain anything, even if it currently is in the grasp of someone 或者 something else, but they can take things from your grasp as well. 发布 ·17个小时之前
TheLefteris24 评论…
Quite insightful of you. Well 说 !!!! ·6个小时之前
wantadog 说关于 Riku114
你 know the 图标 flips were only supposed to last for a 日 but I kinda got used to Riku's 图标 looking like mine but reversed? XD 发布 ·3天前
wantadog 说关于 Riku114
No longer panic 发布 ·4天前