Mary Sanford

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  • Female, 24 years old
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Favorite TV Show: TMNT, 星, 星级 Wars Rebels, Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA, NCIS: New Orleans, Rocket Power, Timeless, MacGyver, The Royals, and 街, 街道 Outlaws: Memphis.
    Favorite Movie: Toy Story, TMNT, The Last AirBender, the Harry Potter series, Batman&Robin, and the Fast and Furious franchise.
    Favorite Musician: Chris Young, Toby Keith, Dustin Lynch, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Nickelback.
    Favorite Book or Author: Skateboard Renagade
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mhs1025 说关于 迪士尼公主
Can everyone pray for Aretha Franklin? As many of 你 may know, she's the 皇后乐队 Of Soul, and I just heard a devastating news 报道 saying she's gravely ill, according to her family. I may not know many of her songs, but she's from the same hometown I am, and that has has a really big impact on me. I just 说 a prayer for her myself. 发布 ·16个小时之前
phalangeregina 评论…
Will be praying for her. I was deeply saddened when I heard the news and I hope God pulls her out of her illness and helps her family through this troubled time. This has been a dark enough 年 that we do not need to add another loss. ·14个小时之前
mhs1025 说关于 迪士尼公主
Yesterday, I saw Christopher Robin with my mom. It was very cute and I liked how they mixed CGI with live-action. Ewan McGregor did outstanding as always, but, spoiler alert if 你 haven't seen it, what really made me mad was that they gave Piglet, Rabbit, and Roo British accents. I'm used to hearing an American accent come out of them! I know it's a British story, but still. I also wish they gave Rabbit and Owl bigger roles and 更多 screen time. Same with Kanga and Roo. (Continues in comments.) 发布 ·10天前
mhs1025 评论…
I say THAT because I feel like they play big roles too. (Even though my mom 说 there were only so many Christopher Robin and his bunch could hold.) Now that I think about it, I also kinda wish they added the bird named Kessie. (Correct me if I spelled the name wrong.) Like with my mom saying there were only so many the Robin family could hold, I guess there were also so many characters they could squeeze in. I have to admit, though-Brad Garret did a fantastic job playing Eeyore. He sounded JUST LIKE the real thing! Although I wish the other characters had bigger roles, I highly recommend 你 see this! It's got such a great storyline and I loved how it played out. ·10天前
mhs1025 评论…
On a personal note, since I just moved 7 weeks ago, in order for me to see this film, I had to go to the 下一个 county. (Yeah, there isn't a freaking movie theater where I live now! On a positive note, it was SO WORTH the drive!) ·10天前
Mongoose09 评论…
I'm glad 你 liked it!! I'm intrigued about this one. ·9天前
mhs1025 说关于 迪士尼公主
I just watched The Martian, and I have to say-I'm glad I proved myself wrong. When I first heard about this movie, I just thought "It's just some 随意 太空 movie. It's just about a guy being in Mars.". Now that I've seen it, I strongly recommend 你 see it if 你 haven't. 发布 ·14天前
phalangeregina 评论…
I do not like Matt Damon but I will give it a try. He is an enabler. ·11天前
Swanpride 评论…
Lol...just watched it. It was nice enough but I kept thinking "this is nice but Apollo 13 is so much better". ·11天前