Sean Bodine

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于June 2010年

  • Male, 20 years old
  • New Jersey
  • Favorite TV Show: Tosh.O, 最佳, 返回页首 Gear, CHiPs, Vegas, Fairy Tail, and The Powerpuff Girls
    Favorite Movie: To Live and Die in L.A, Unstoppable, and all James bond films.
    Favorite Musician: Anything that's Disco, 或者 Rock & Roll
    Favorite Book or Author: Ready Player One, and everything 由 James Patterson
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Mauserfan1910 说 …

Found this in my favorites, thought 你 might at least get a laugh out of it. 发布 ·1天前
Seanthehedgehog 说关于 随意
Philadelphia is a city I haven't been to since 2015. At least it was until today. I got back from the Benjamin Franklin Institute just a few hours ago. One of the best exhibits is the train factory. 发布 ·1天前
Mauserfan1910 评论…
That sounds like a road trip I should consider going on someday. ·1天前
Seanthehedgehog 评论…
When it comes to trains, Philadelphia is the Chicago of Pennsylvania. You'll see them all over the place. ·1天前
Mauserfan1910 评论…
That's like a three 小时 drive, I'm going to do it 下一个 time I have the time. I wonder if I can convince my boyfriend to make it part of our honeymoon. ·1天前
嘿 man, I just want to shoot 你 a quick thanks for just being a pal, I don't really have a whole lot of 老友记 and I've been kind of in the dumps about it, and someone just sending a 支持 makes me feel a bit better about life. 发布 ·3天前