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kari91 我支持 my answers
OMG you're here!Today!I think I might cry!How have 你 been?I hope you're doing alright! 发布 ·12个小时之前
Heyyy welcome back !!*_*
That's alright I understated there must be some work ;)
Anyway I'm back to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 after a long time as well
I had exams and stuff *craplife -_- 发布 ·18个小时之前
14K 说 …
To my 老友记 that waited for my reply;

I'm sorry I didn't reply, please note that I have reasons and life is going downhill for me. I will always remember 你 all and I will cherish our moments, I may not be the greatest friend but I'm trying my best to be a friend. I may come back one day, I promise.

To my old 老友记 (that is IF anyone comes back)
I suck as a friend I know, but please if anyone comes back please contact me.
I have so much to say, I miss 你 all. 发布 ·10个月前
sini12 评论…
No. Take your time. We understand. :) Have a good life. ·10个月前