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Fan fiction by gfdcf posted ·27天前
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Okay this is a really dumb thing I made in school.Here 你 go.Something strange happens when 狗 bark.everyone DIES and everyone gets transported inside a pencil sharpener.then 你 eat buttersctotch cinnamon pie with a goat, a blue hedgehog, and a blue jackal.Then 你 talk about memes like gotta go fest, original character dougnhnut steal,and Hey! listen!While playing legend of zelda breath of the wild.Then 你 realize 你 were drunk and 你 start burning things for no reason.Anti tails comes and stabs 你 in the back since he is a creepy little cuss.Thats it really,I think I failed though..
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·1个月前
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Alrighty so 由 the title.I am just going to say one thing and one thing only.WHAT COULD PAWSIBLY GO FUCKING WRONG?! (okay sorry)Okay so here is a couple things I wanna say. 1. the reason this took so long is.I want the best for the fans.also because of school.2 I may start posting. The Problem on qoutev.Okay know that is outta of the way.Letsa go!okay so people are proubably wondering.BAWW GFDCCF WHY U PUTZ BUBSFGETY IN THE TITLEZZZ HESA A SAWNIC RIPOGFFGGF!!!!well to bad cry me a fucking dandy river and I'll drink your tears.Okay so this contains sonic 06 and the whole bubsy franchise is because.The get WAY to much hate.I mean sonic 06 has diled down..but when was the last time 你 heard.Oh I LOVE!! the Bubsy franchise!!! No.Well maybe. Okay I am gonna make this clear.I don't particular CARE for Busbsy that much. he in my opinion is a lil bit annoying! his games while not the worst could USE some important. Luckily the new bubsy game is not gonna be developed 由 the same creator.So he could possibley be good. which in my opinion is good.Also YES I will admit bubsy was just a sonic and mario ripoof and that 显示 he stared in sucked.BUT and this is a big but.Is he really that bad?I...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·1个月前
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Okay so before we begin I am going to say something.This 文章 is not to make 你 like this character this just my take and opinion on it.Also if 你 don't like the sonic comics then.Just fuck off don't 婊子, 子 about it in the comments.Well 你 know unless 你 want to read and 你 don't like the sonic comics and just want too read this just don't whine in the 评论 about it okay?Also my vocabulary is like a sailor's so yeah another warning so lets get to it.Ah fiona the fox! wait? 你 don't know who fiona is well she is a character from the comics and she started out pretty great till Ian Flynn had the idea to make her evil.Which well isn't a bad idea but it could've been better than how he did it.But gfdcf! the comics are canceled why are 你 talkin- Just shutup there are gone but no forgotten. Okay so the problem is not about fiona turning evil its only like 2 percent 或者 something.Okay so there is on scene in the comic where she is fighting amy she goes with scourge 你 know that comic.Well she slapped tails.Well people didn't like that.Me included.Just so 你 know I really do like fiona.But I won't justify her for this it was just a asshole 移动 of her but there are many more...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·1个月前
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Okay so who is tougher than leather and don't chuckle like sonic? well if 你 guessed knuckles!! =D well you're correct... here have a lollipop 或者 somfin...g-go home!Alrighty okay as the 标题 说 we are gonna talk about knuckles also I feel like I have to say something so I kinda suck at sending messages and talking to people so first of all I may not send letters but 你 guys are still my 老友记 so don't worry also like I 说 I suck at talking in real life and online.Wait When 你 send letters to people online do 你 feel like you're sending letters to your villagers in animal crossing? Okay back to the point! So what is the problem about knuckles 你 may ask? well just hear me out okay?So knuckles he is a pretty cool dude am I right? don't y'all remember when He was first introduced in sonic 3 ahh good memories. Well like I 说 don't 你 remember in Sonic 3 he PUNCHED THE LIVIN' CHAOS EMERALDS OUT OF SONIC!!!!! (okay sorry bout' that) yeah he used to be really cool. He even used to be sonic's rival until metal sonic and shadow.He used to be tooken seriously.But know of days he just well isn't... and its kinda sad...I mean like I 说 "punched the living chaos emeralds out...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·2个月前
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Welp time to get some crazy fangirls to hate me and wish death upon me. I don't really like shadow that much I mean he is cool but he would be one of my 收藏夹 if it wasn't for this.So 你 know sonic adventure two right everbody loves it.Also a new character was intreduced at the time when it was released and that character was shadow.I will admit this guy was pretty much a badass in that game but there is one part that I 爱情 in this game beside faker and I'm just a hedgehog who loves adventure.it was when shadow sacrifice his self. that was a beautiful moment almost made me cried when I watched it on youtube.But 你 know what else happened some of shadow's 粉丝 weren't to happy about that and right.Then sonic 超能英雄 got released and for some reason shadow was in it even though he died and since then he has become worse of a character.Well atleast for me maybe he hasn't to you.Wait here is a 问题 你 know e102 gama and cosmo what is one thing 你 remember about them both? they sacrificed themselves just like shadow for the greater good.But here is a difference between them they stayed dead.Okay it may be implyed that cosmo is that plant that tails has but sega has never...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·2个月前
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warning opinions are in this and if 你 don't like mine well.. don't hate okay 你 can disagree just don't go crazy. Hi guys today I will talk about my 最佳, 返回页首 5 最喜爱的 sonic ships. 5. Tails x Cosmo. okay so lets start of with this one.Ahhh Tailsmo I swear I used to hate 你 for no reason. (srsly what was wrong with me?!)Well I will admit this one is a little cliche' with the whole alien girl is confused so guy helps her but well cosmo has a low self esteem which well... makes it different is she litteraly think she is just in the way put then tails has 说 multiple time "no you're not" and coming from a person with a low confidence level its just beatiful to see in my opinion. also the chaotix episode is pretty funny. 4. Knuckles x Rouge. okay so the reason I like this pairing is because well a long time okay when I was 8 watched an episode of sonic x what episode was it 你 may ask? it was knuckles and hawk. and if I remember correctly their is one part where rouge just starts flirting with knuckles. well younger me thought this was...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·2个月前
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Okay so today we are going to be talking about a problem. Its about the Freedom Fighters. What is the problem 你 may ask wellllll... So Sonic ended his partnership with archie and now the rights go to i.d.w. well are the freedom fighters going to be in the new comics? cause if they aren't then 你 know what will happen the 下一个 generation of sonic 粉丝 (if sonic is hopefully alive 由 then.) will not know about the freedom fighters. and 你 know what will happen? well kids are influenced right? 你 know what will influence them when they find this fanbase? cause for sure some archie and satam 粉丝 will leave the fanbase cause there gone. Sonamy fans. And when I mean 由 sonamy 粉丝 I mean the crazy ones not the ones with common sense. and do 你 know what will happen 你 may ask? the kids will act like them.Then 更多 crazy people in the fanbase then they fanbase will be even 更多 diversed. Okay before anybody starts commenting I'm aware that there is nutty Sonally fans.Okay so that was long so what is your opinion on this tell me in the 评论 please.
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·2个月前
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okay I gonna make a series called the problem. its when well their is a problem and I talk about it. Okay like the 标题 说 the problem today is about Amy rose. and well I'm gonna get fucked in the 评论 for this but I don't like amy that much but she is okay I guess. So what is the problem the 你 may ask amy is in everything!!! and I'm not saying that cause I like sally 更多 and I think sally needs to be in the games.(I will do a problem thing about freedom fighters though later today.) okay back to the point. amy needs to be toned done a little when it comes being in things like games cause well answer this 问题 when was the a last time blaze 或者 rouge were in a game and no we arenot counting spinoffs. blaze and rouge were in generations but they didn't matter that much.When Blaze and Rouge truly matterd was in 2006 and 2002. and as 你 can tell that may be a problem. also why were at it. why is amy in the comics?? 或者 in this case any of the sega characters? I'm ot saying this is a problem but think about for a 秒 if amy wasn't in the comics maybe sonamy 粉丝 wouldn't have bashed as much. and if knuckles wasn't in their maybe ken penders wouldn't have fucked...
Opinion by gfdcf posted ·2个月前
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Okay sooooo... time to get fucked cause of this opinion of mine...I don't really want classic sonic in forces whyyyy? 你 may ask well I dunno. WE ALREADY HAVE HIM IN FRICKEN SONIC MANIA!!! Okay sorry sounding like a sonic 粉丝 freak who can't take opinions.Okay back to the point.So As 你 can tell I'm happy about everything in forces so far... execpt classic sonic well 你 see like I 说 earlier we already have him in mania.But know don't get me wrong classic sonic is adorable but..He is just their to please nostalgic fucktards... And when I mean 由 classic 粉丝 I don't mean all of 你 so don't go commenting on this "fuck 你 I'm not like that!!" and I know. Hell! my first sonic games was sonic the hedgehog two! so of course I like the classic games in all but I've always kinda preferred satam and the comics over the games... well sometimes.You see I don't get to play alot of the games. As 你 can see If 你 checked my account 你 know I'm 14. and for some reason my parents don't really give me allowance. and well the adventure games are wayyyyyy to much money on ebay 或者 amazon. and even if I found a reasonable price on any of those my parents would say no because they don't trust...
Article by spongebob7426 posted ·4个月前
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Im going to give 你 13 reasons why Tails is my 最喜爱的 character.

1.He can fly

2. he has 2 tails and they are so fluffy and cute!

3. he's the best in sonic X and Sonic Boom

4. hes a smol bean

5. hes very smart

6. he has a really good relationship with sonic

7. he is sooooo cute he doesnt deserve to be bullied

8. hes awesome

9. he can fly a plane lmao

10. his eyes are so fucking blue and i 爱情 blue eyes


12. hes nice to his friends

13, even before i got into the sonic fandom, tails has always been my fav!

So those are 13 Reasons Why tails is my 最喜爱的 character!!!!!
Opinion by Windrises posted ·8个月前
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The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is full of fun and colorful characters. This 列表 is about the 5 characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise that I consider to be the 5 best characters.

5. Sticks

Sticks is a character from Sonic Boom. She is a female character who is 老友记 with Amy Rose. She is a somewhat loopy character who is quick to blame things on the government. Her wild antics and eccentric voice make her 1 of the Sonic franchise's most entertaining characters.

4. Rouge

Rouge is a female bat. She is a mysterious character who can be both a ally and a antagonist. She's a playful and fun character. She's a very cool antagonist. Also she can be pretty amusing, especially in the 日本动漫 显示 Sonic X.

3. Amy Rose

Amy is a girl hedgehog. She has a big crush on Sonic, but Sonic doesn't seem to 爱情 her. Amy is both 1 of the coolest and cutest characters in the Sonic franchise. She can beat up antagonists with her hammer and can adorably try to impress Sonic.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·10个月前
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It was a nice evening in Mobius with a beautiful sunset. Sonic was at the 海滩 with Amy, even though he hated water.

Amy: We found a lot of sand dollars.
Sonic: And shells. This collection we'll start will be way past cool.
Amy: 你 haven't 说 that in a long time.
Sonic: You're right, I haven't. Now let's act like we're in a romantic movie from the 70's, and run 由 the water.
Amy: But I can't run as fast as you.
Sonic: We'll only run ten miles an hour.

And so they did. As they were running, Amy decided to ask Sonic something.

Amy: It's been a while since Eggman attacked us.
Sonic: I know.
Amy: Do 你 think he's waiting this long on purpose?
Sonic: Possibly, and if he is, I'm ready to defeat him. For now, let's continue running.

But all of a sudden they stopped as if they were in a movie being paused. Sonic, Amy, and their surroundings turned black & white. Then, a grey hedgehog with black spikes, and a red, white, and blue stripe on his chest walks infront of them.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·10个月前
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Previously, in Sonic In St. Louis

Robotnik: We were so close to taking St. Louis!
Snively: What shall we do now sir?
Robotnik: Get Decoe & Bocoe over here. I have a plan to go to Germany. They have really good mechanics, which I could use for my machines.

The following takes place between....

Why the hell am I saying that? This is not 24

Tails: *goes to Sonic* I just got some important news 你 might wanna hear.
Sonic: Go for it.
Tails: Robotnik is planning on going to Germany to get new mechanics.
Sean: *arrives* This can't be good.
Knuckles: What should we do?
Tails: Stop him obviously.
Sonic: Right. 你 guys ready?
Tails: Yup.
Sean: 你 know I am
Knuckles: Count me in!
Rouge: Right behind ya.
Espio: Same here.
Sonic: Then let's kick some robo-butt!

Meanwhile in Dr. Robotnik's base.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted ·11个月前
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The following is from 2012. It's the very first Sonic 粉丝 fiction I wrote.

It seems like a regular day, but then someone runs 由 at 500 miles an hour.

Sonic: Tails, 你 read me?
Tails: Loud and clear, whats up?
Sonic: We should be getting towards Robotnik's army base.
Sean: I'm already there.
Tails: I see you.
Sean: Any word on Knuckles?
Sonic: No.
Sean: What about the others?

Inside the base

Knuckles: I can't believe they destroyed our intercom
Espio: Are there any other ways we can talk to them?
Rouge: No
badnik: I've spotted them
Espio: *jumps on badnik*
Knuckles: Nice work *runs into room*
Sean: Nice to see 你 guys
Espio: Great to see 你 to
Knuckles: Lets go find Robotnik
Sean: I found the others and we're searching for Robotnik
Sonic: Any injuries?
Opinion by Windrises posted ·11个月前
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Amy Rose was walking around and bored, but she suddenly saw Amy Rose 说 "Oh hi Sonic. It's nice to see you."

Sonic 说 "Will 你 go out with me tonight?"

Amy 说 "I'd 爱情 to."

Sonic 说 "Meet me here at 5 p. m." Sonic walked away. A mysterious person did a villainous laugh, but Amy didn't notice.

Amy was pleasantly surprised that Sonic asked her out. She 说 "Oh my. I better get ready. What makeup should I use? What should I wear? I'll ask my fashion advisor."

Amy had her "fashion adviser" Cream come to her house. Amy was wearing her 长袍 and looking at her closet to find the best outfit to wear on the date. Amy 说 "Thank 你 for coming. I was considering wearing high heels."

Cream 说 "Bad idea. You'd be uncomfortable all night. 你 should wear your regular shoes."

Amy 说 "Okay. What outfit should I wear? I'm not sure what outfit Sonic will like considering that he never wears outfits."
Article by lightingjolt11 posted 一年多以前
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sonic been going to the cave on the ocean beach
every night one night shadow found sonic
in the rock pool not what he thought
sonic some how add a tail no legs
faker was happing to 你 ask shadow
mm I am a MERHOG 说 sonic with his ears going down since 你 给 me some of 你 blood
I am ageless/immortal
shadow nod his head but now I am in my
MERHOG form it as been made permeant
说 sonic I can come on land and breath
sonic the MERHOG-NAGA
alpha ultimate life form god
翠, 翡翠 blue quills like lighting
翠, 翡翠 green eyes
桃子 arms chest tummy 毛皮 like silver
shadow blush looking up a his new boyfriend
that now a MERHOG-NAGA
end of part 0
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 一年多以前
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The cast for this story is all Sonic characters, with the exception of Jack Nicholson, and Erik Estrada playing as two of the characters.

Song (Start at 0:46): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJyUMJFYDNY

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog 粉丝 Fiction

Bad Auditions 由 Bad Actors

Starring Sally Acorn as the Casting Director
Silver The Hedgehog as Roger
Amy Rose as Melissa
Sonic as Melissa's 表演 Coach
Shadow as Joe
Rouge as Josie
Mina as Maria
1970's Jack Nicholson as Martin
Bunnie Rabbot as Catherine
1970's Erik Estrada as Mark
Vanilla as Charlize
Vector, Espio, & Charmy as Charlize's Agents
Sean The Hedgehog as Josh
And Blaze The Cat as Amy

One 日 at a building for plays.

Joe: *Parks his Chrysler in the parking lot*
Coach: *Parks his Escalade* Okay Melissa. Are 你 ready?
Article by lightingjolt11 posted 一年多以前
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sonic was sat with shadow his new
boyfriend shadow add 给
sonic some of his blood
so now ageless/immortal now
sonic stop glowing ice blue his
legs feet FUSHED together into a long
sonic the MERHOG-NAGA
alpha ultimate life form god
age 15/in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite
翠, 翡翠 blue quills like lighting
翠, 翡翠 green eyes
桃子 arms chest tummy
shadow was shock seeing sonic in his new form
what happen to 你 ask shadow
sigh shads this my true form now I am age 15
this form permeant I found out
this morning I am a project I was made like 你 shads 说 sonic
I was crated to be your life mate
shadow was shock at this news yet happy
shadow start to glow hot red
changing like sonic
shadow finish changing now he was
shadow the MERHOG-NAGA
alpha ultimate life form god
age 16/in HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite
Article by soniczone1 posted 一年多以前
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The Original image from WhiteRaven4 on Deviantart
When i was on Netflix to watch my shows, I found Sonic Underground and they changed the pic to Sonic but it's Modern and it's from peeps at Deviantart for some reason. I always recognized the pic when i searched Sonic the Hedgehog on Deviantart. The image is made 由 WhiteRaven4 and the edited image is from Netflix. The image that is on Netflix is not the image just like in the 90s of when Sonic is classic back then. So this is crazy. So Here is the 图片 i got. I took the screenshot (image is at the top) and I took the picture of the edited one using my camera (image on the bottom). So 你 can share this 文章 if 你 all like i don't mind.

Note: Oh just to let 你 all know that i am back in Fanpop. So hopefully i can get new fans. All i know is no 粉丝 did not see me at all because i was been inactive back then.
Article by ShadowBlackWind posted 一年多以前
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There is a official Sonic group on SL with people who face claim the main cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Since we are the ONLY Sonic group amongst the millions of people that play (Crazy right?) we are trying to rebuilt the cast on this virtual world. If 你 get chosen to join, 你 will be 给 a Full on Sonic 阿凡达 according to your chosen character along with many other things to get 你 started. If 你 do not get chosen, there are still other spots available.

Current cast:
Sonic The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog
Knuckles The Echidna
Miles "Tails" Prower

Note: As of right now none of these are permanent, people come and go. If 你 like to 加入 你 will need a Skype account. 你 don't need to voice chat 或者 anything, its just easier to keep the team together.
Fan fiction by lightingjolt11 posted 一年多以前
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MARIA Elizabeth ROBOTNIK doom
the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 20/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortality
black hot 粉, 粉色 quills like shadow
hot 粉, 粉色 eyes
ice white chest 毛皮 like silver
marks on her arms legs
ice white ice blue inhibitor rings 爱情 marks on
ice blue ice white hover shoes 爱情 marks on
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
MARIA she looks like shadow
mom professor Gerald dad black doom
Gerald shade ROBOTNIK doom
the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 120/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite
black 橙子, 橙色 quills like SHADIC
橙子, 橙色 round his 翠, 翡翠 blue eyes
ice white chest 毛皮 like silver
marks on his arms legs
金牌 silver inhibitor rings 星, 星级 marks on them
silver 金牌 hover shoes 星, 星级 marks on them
shoes like both singe zero and neo
mix together
professor Gerald he looks like shadow
Fan fiction by lightingjolt11 posted 一年多以前
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MARIA ROBOTNIK was a 12 年 old human
back 50 years 以前 on the ark
but one 日 gun come it change every thing
shadow was in a pod just been place 由
his friend no MARIA cry shadow
poor MARA add been shoot with her
grandfather shadow was sent to MOBUIES
not earth but in a cave in a pod
professor Gerald was in a pod 下一个 to MARIA
shadow was sent to earth in his pod
shads mm faker what blush shadow a sleep
in the 树 I found something 你 got to see
说 sonic sigh fine 说 shadow
shads here 说 sonic wen shadow made is ray
to the cave in 说 there was 4 pods
sonic was in the pod shadow was shock
seeing those 3 pods but 4 with sonic in
sonic neo JR 云, 云计算 the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 15/in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite
翠, 翡翠 blue ice blue quills like lighting
ice blue round his 翠, 翡翠 green eyes
桃子 arms chest tummy chest 毛皮 like silver
Fan fiction by lightingjolt11 posted 一年多以前
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sonic was on of his morning run throw
the forest in every green 爬坡道, 小山 zone it start to
rain oh no thought sonic but soon coming
to a cave with a strange 翠, 翡翠 blue door
to the cave the door of the cave open
sonic walk in the door closed wow sonic
thought the cave was very big on the in side
like a forest and jungle all in one
trees all a round the cave all different 水果
a 树 with chilly 狗 on sonic thought
he was seeing things but not at all
a 树 with meat on
a 树 with mile on
a 树 with cakes on and 更多
there was a lake
ice blue water in a water full
sonic seen a ice blue 翠, 翡翠 at the bottom of
the water full near the shallow end sigh sonic
thought sonic dive dawn got
the ice blue 翠, 翡翠 what seem to have
wind marks on it
huh 说 sonic looking at his hands
seem I got
ice white 翠, 翡翠 red inhibitor ring wind mark on
Fan fiction by lightingjolt1 posted 一年多以前
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now then ultimate life form lay eggs
说 GRYO mm but why tell us this I mean said
shadow ah both 你 and master sonic now in your new forms have the ability to have
婴儿 with out been female 你 have both
parts your both hermaphrodite 说 GRYO
both sonic shadow blush red but happy ok then both of 你 most be hungry kinda 说 sonic
yeah me too blue boy 说 shadow
now then the 晚餐 room over there 说 GRYO
sonic add 2 chilly 狗 what are big
shadow add egg with 白饭, 大米 for drinks
sonic add PEPISE shadow add a cola
after 晚餐 both sonic shadow add a nap
wen they add wake they went back to GRYO
were there was 4 hedgehogs waiting for them
ah there 你 are 说 GRYO 干草 both sonic shadow 说 mm GRYO who are they ask
sonic ah both 你 since the both of 你 are now
in your new forms 你 all so have
a mom and dad and yes there both male
hermaphrodite like the both of you
Fan fiction by lightingjolt1 posted 一年多以前
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wow both sonic shadow sad after been sent to a
FUTURISC planet welcome to time space
a voice 说 huh who are 你 ask shadow
as he looking a round here on the screen
my name is professor GRYO but just call me
GRYO your a-I 说 shadow yes I am
master shadow now before 你 ask how I no
who 你 are and the same goes for you
master sonic I was the one who sent 你 both
your new forms and BROGHT 你 here
说 GRYO now there are some things the both
of 你 need to no like your new forms
ability and this world 说 GRYO
how so both sonic shadow mm lets see ah
since master sonic a ultimate life form like you
he what shout shadow I no I no but he different form of ultimate life form 说 GRYO
how ask shadow tho he as chaos powers his
are different from your own but there 更多 或者 les like your own plus in your new form
master sonic 你 have some more
control of your dark form sonic was shock but nod