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Tails - Aries - March 21 to April 19

Knuckles - Taurus - April 20 to May 20

Sonic & Metal Sonic - Gemini - May 21 to June 20

Amy - Cancer - June 21 to July 22

Blaze - Leo - July 23 to August 22

Maria - Virgo - August 23 to September 22

Tikal - Libra - September 23 to October 22

Rouge - Scorpio - October 23 to November 21

Shadow - Sagittarius - November 22 to December 21

Silver - Capricorn - December 22 to January 19

Big - Aquarius - January 20 to February 18

Chaos - Pisces - February 19 to Mar 20

Do 你 know which character 你 are? If so, write it in the comments! I'll appreciate it!
From, Awesomesonic
 Sonic Zodiac
Sonic Zodiac
Sonic: OK, I'm inspecting a very important delivery at the house, so can 你 please call me if it arrives? I'll give 你 my cell phone number.
Ella: OK, yes. No problem, give me number.
Sonic: OK. 401-555-1125.
Ella: 4.
Sonic: *sighs* 40
Ella: 440.
Sonic: No I was just repeating the four. one 4.
Ella: 1..4..
Sonic: OK let's start over. 401.
Sonic:That was balanced.Ok.1125.
Sonic: There 你 go, 你 got it.
Sonic: What?
Ella: 你 said, "1125's" 155.
Sonic: No, not 11 and 25's. two ones.
Ella: 211125.
Sonic: Oh my God.
Ella: OK.How am I reading?
Sonic: I'm not giving quantities of the numbers, I'm giving 你 the numbers.1125, those are the last four numbers!
Ella:OK. 1.
Sonic: *sighs* 11.
Ella: 11.
Sonic: 2.
Ella: 2.
Sonic: 5.
Ella: 5.. Oh! I see..1125.
Sonic: Yes! 1125! Now read the number back to me!
Ella: Let me get my pen.
posted by lightingjolt1
wow both sonic shadow sad after been sent to a
FUTURISC planet welcome to time space
a voice 说 huh who are 你 ask shadow
as he looking a round here on the screen
my name is professor GRYO but just call me
GRYO your a-I 说 shadow yes I am
master shadow now before 你 ask how I no
who 你 are and the same goes for you
master sonic I was the one who sent 你 both
your new forms and BROGHT 你 here
said GRYO now there are some things the both
of 你 need to no like your new forms
ability and this world 说 GRYO
how so both sonic shadow mm lets see ah
since master sonic a ultimate life form like you...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic was thinking for a while yes I use my new
form put first I put a note to tails with a copy of
the note I got with the pod I take a pic pf
future me once I am in my new form I take the
pod with me and I go train I don't no how
long I be gone all I ask vanilla to look after
tails for me oh for I forget I tail shadow tell me
what faker 说 shadow as he chaos control
into sonic room shock looking sonic blush pink
looking at a future shadow
shadow raven dark doom the hedgehog king
alpha ultimate life form god
age 16/in HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite
black hot red quills like he add a bit...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic sat on his 床, 床上 about 12 midnight
sonic sigh as he cry why didn't they tell me
sooner not now 说 sonic wipe his eye
sonic add been sent a pod shape bubble
there was inhibitor rings like shadow
ice white 翠, 翡翠 red silver wind marks on them
hover shoes like both shadow
singe zero mix together
emerald red ice white silver wind marks on them
but in the pod was a shock to sonic more
than anything there was a hedgehog in the pod
emerald blue ice blue quills like lighting
ice blue round his 翠, 翡翠 green eyes
sonic chest tummy chest 毛皮 like silver
ice blue wind marks on his arms legs
age 15/in HIGHT...
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Got this idea from a friend, and this isn't something I'd normally do, so enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy! :)

Story #1: Silver's Strip Night Adventure

Silver was walkin' down in the hood, texting his psychologist on what to do with his life. Then, all of a sudden some 随意 assholes who I will NOT give personalities to started attacking him!


Hood Dudes: Only if 你 can find the Da Vinci Code, bitch! >:D

And so the 搜索 was on. And after countless months of searching, guess where he found it?

In a bad country song?

In some...
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
Amazing stuff I tell 你 :D :D :D :D :D :D Come and see! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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posted by segarainbow
rings are easy to collect

if u get 100 rings, u get a extra life

in sonic colors, "10 rings" are not rare; rly easy to find

rings are pure 金牌 (unlike those dumb coins)

sonic likes rings!

rings make cute noises


if u get punched, kicked 或者 anything, u lose rings

if u r walking down the street, and a man cuts you, the rings dont come back until u wait a few mins

u cant rly find ur rings cuz remember: where do the rings go when u coolect them and how do u get them back? (small piggy bank?)

rings can sufficate..

rings might b in diffrent places in the world

rings can be the easiest theif item

soon 更多 to come!
posted by lightingjolt1
now then ultimate life form lay eggs
说 GRYO mm but why tell us this I mean said
shadow ah both 你 and master sonic now in your new forms have the ability to have
婴儿 with out been female 你 have both
parts your both hermaphrodite 说 GRYO
both sonic shadow blush red but happy ok then both of 你 most be hungry kinda 说 sonic
yeah me too blue boy 说 shadow
now then the 晚餐 room over there 说 GRYO
sonic add 2 chilly 狗 what are big
shadow add egg with 白饭, 大米 for drinks
sonic add PEPISE shadow add a cola
after 晚餐 both sonic shadow add a nap
wen they add wake they went back to GRYO
were there was 4 hedgehogs waiting for them
ah there 你 are 说 GRYO 干草 both sonic shadow 说 mm GRYO who are they ask
sonic ah both 你 since the both of 你 are now
in your new forms 你 all so have
a mom and dad and yes there both male
hermaphrodite like the both of you
end of chapter 4
Sonic the hedgehog,Sega's 1991 video game that was released in June 23(If I'm Right). There are certain funny,unsual things that I figured about these characters,and maybe some other things from the comics,television series,game etc,. Whoever created Silver the hedgehog,his quills attracts humor from audience. Thanks to the creator idea,people compare Silver's head as a marjuana plant. I wonder what made the creator make Silver look like a pothead? If the creator would've had an idea of If the creator just didn't care. 粉丝 who hear other people teasing Silver gets offended 由 their mockery....
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posted by Lancelot8
I'm a 粉丝 of CreepyPasta just as much as the 下一个 guy. I read it almost everyday. Recently, I have been 阅读 Sonic.exe.

It was okay. Just like any other. A guy gets a video game disc from a friend and has a letter with it. He reads it and thinks its a little joke. Obviously there's something wrong with it. Ignoring the letter he puts the disc in the computer. He then notices strange things about, has many openings where he can take out the disc and destroy it, but keeps playing out of curiosity. At the end he hears a voice and a plushy ends up being behind him and looks like the thing he...
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posted by Lancelot8
My guess is my two neighbors told 你 what happened to them with their games. One going insane and the other changed forever.

Anyway, just like them, I'm a 粉丝 of Sonic. Played every game in existence of him so far. I'm also a 粉丝 of CreepyPasta.

I wanted a new Sonic game because I got bored with the ones I have. GameStop was close 由 so I went looking for a game.

There were many games. All the ones you'd expect. Call of Duty, Mario, Halo, Sims ect. ect. But almost all the Sonic games had been bought out. I already had them all anyway.

I had heard about two new Sonic games coming out, Sonic...
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Many people wonder about Dark Sonic, and exactly how he transforms into what he is. There are three ways Sonic could become his dark self, and they are explored here.

Theory One: The only "canon" time that Dark Sonic was seen was in the 日本动漫 Sonic X. Now, we all agree that he transformed because he saw Chris and Cosmo suffer. But remember, they were two people. Another element that could have assisted in the transformation: the thousands of fake Chaos Emeralds around Sonic that he had encountered. Their massive-yet-finite energy could have helped to destabilize Sonic, allowing his intense rush...
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posted by silveranime122
你 all know of Silver The Hedgehog, at least i hope 你 do,and he has progressed into what he is today... a nieve teen.But, well, he has had some...trouble, trouble with being respected.But,that a changes one day... The Hedgehog is now in a park just sitting down and thinking peacefully. Well, until Shadow shows up. "Oh,hi there pot-head, I thought 你 were supossed to be at 首页 making my pizza... so why arn't you?" Shadow loved picking on Silver. Silver 说 nothing and just sat there.Then, Shadow punched him as hard as he could causing Silver to nearly get pushed off the bench. Shadow yelled...
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posted by noki1119
Sonic and Amy have been hanging out at the beach, and for once Sonic has had a great time together. During the 日 he realises that he might be in 爱情 with her after all these years.
"Amy......I have been thinking." he slowly speaks.
"Yea?" she askes. Sonic smiles,
"I know u like me a lot, and...." she smiles.
"Will u like to be my girlfriend?" he askes hopfully.
"Oh YES!" Amy squeals and hugs him tightly. They spend the reast of the 日 together, but disaster strikes in the ocean.
"Sonic! Help! I'm sinking!" Amy cries. Sonic never swam before but he screams,
"AMY!" and jumps in.
At Cris's house...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Why is Amy Rose a Princess?

I never thought Amy could be a Princess, but I have three points for how she could be a princess.

1: 'Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose confusion', Amy was called 'Princess Sally Acorn' at one point... Was Amy supposed to be a Princess at one point? - Sonic 粉丝 base

2: 'King Rob O' the Hedge', is Amy's cousin, apparently, Rob doesn't have any siblings, so if Rob 说 no to the crown, that would make Amy royal. And would have meant that she wouldn't have met Sonic, because she had to learn the royal ways if she was going to became Queen. - Sonic comics owned 由 Archie and SEGA

3: In 'Knights if the round table' Amy was 'Lady of the lake'. She looked part royal, and she seemed to know what was wrong with the King... Was she once a Princess 或者 lived in the 城堡 at one point? - Sonic game owned 由 SEGA

你 decided in the 评论 if Amy is 'Princess Amy Rose' 或者 not.
posted by silveranime122
 Super Dark Silver
Super Dark Silver
"Mephiles!" Silver yelled after he went in fromt of Blaze to protect her."Hm,your turning to your self again,I have to go deeper..." Then Silver was pushed 由 a force to the rock,he tried everything to push against it,but it was to strong.Silver yelled to Blaze "Blaze,go while 你 can!"Blaze left but far enough to watch him without being seen.

Meanwhile,back at home...

"Amy,go check on Blaze,she's been in there for a while."Sonic asked.Amy went to go check on Blaze."Sonic!"Amy yelled."What?"Sonic replied."Blaze is gone!"Amy said."What!?"Sonic said."She must of left to go find Silver!"Tails said."Come...
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posted by ThatMarySue
Authors Note: This is a sonic 粉丝 fic so if 你 don't like sonic then go away!!!1

Hi, I'mBlack Blood-wing Darkness 皇后乐队 of Death, but everyone just calls me Darkness.

I am a bat like my sister Rouge, except I'm a special type of bat. A vampire bat.

I have black hair, red and blue eyes (that turn all black and bleed when I'm mad), black make-up, black wings, deathly pale skin, white boots with red hearts on them and white gloves with red on the top.

Today (It was storming btw) I decided to meet my sister. Rouge doesn't like to talk about me much, I think it's because I'm too dark and evil 或者 maybe...
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posted by tailslover9
 silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver-hey guys i just got done watching sonic x!
sonic-still mad cuz your not in sonic x huh?
shadow-calm down can 你 two do me a favor?
shadow-you know what sonic i dont improve in your tone!
sonic-well issent that just to bad!
silver-quiet you*points at sonic*you were saying!:)
shadow-i needed to see if 你 guys can ask as many people as 你 can 你 come to my privtate island in japan?
sonic-japan?as in..japanesse girls? am in!!
shadow-id knew you'd want in,what do 你 say silver?

sonic and silver run up and down green 爬坡道, 小山 zone asking people...
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posted by sonicfanAG
LOOK PEOPLE 你 DONT HAVE TO BE MEAN ABOUT SONIC AND AMY!SONIC LIKES AMY BUT HE JUST DOES NOT WANT TO EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS TO HER!!HE'S TO SHY!BUT THEY WILL GET MARRIED AND HAVE A LITTLE GIRL NAMED ANA AND A LITTLE BOY NAMED SPEEDY!!!THEY WILL BECOME KING AND 皇后乐队 OF 圣诞节 ISLAND!!!!THEY L-O-V-E EACH OTHER!DUH!!(please dont take it offensive it's just that there a very adorable couple together.i mean come on everybody has their on opinions dont they so what ever 你 do dont take this for granted and DONT PUT ANY HATER COMMENTS!ok!thanks fin