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posted by ameliarose2002
Why is Amy Rose a Princess?

I never thought Amy could be a Princess, but I have three points for how she could be a princess.

1: 'Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose confusion', Amy was called 'Princess Sally Acorn' at one point... Was Amy supposed to be a Princess at one point? - Sonic 粉丝 base

2: 'King Rob O' the Hedge', is Amy's cousin, apparently, Rob doesn't have any siblings, so if Rob 说 no to the crown, that would make Amy royal. And would have meant that she wouldn't have met Sonic, because she had to learn the royal ways if she was going to became Queen. - Sonic comics owned 由 Archie and SEGA

3: In 'Knights if the round table' Amy was 'Lady of the lake'. She looked part royal, and she seemed to know what was wrong with the King... Was she once a Princess 或者 lived in the 城堡 at one point? - Sonic game owned 由 SEGA

你 decided in the 评论 if Amy is 'Princess Amy Rose' 或者 not.
Sonic: OK, I'm inspecting a very important delivery at the house, so can 你 please call me if it arrives? I'll give 你 my cell phone number.
Ella: OK, yes. No problem, give me number.
Sonic: OK. 401-555-1125.
Ella: 4.
Sonic: *sighs* 40
Ella: 440.
Sonic: No I was just repeating the four. one 4.
Ella: 1..4..
Sonic: OK let's start over. 401.
Sonic:That was balanced.Ok.1125.
Sonic: There 你 go, 你 got it.
Sonic: What?
Ella: 你 said, "1125's" 155.
Sonic: No, not 11 and 25's. two ones.
Ella: 211125.
Sonic: Oh my God.
Ella: OK.How am I reading?
Sonic: I'm not giving quantities of the numbers, I'm giving 你 the numbers.1125, those are the last four numbers!
Ella:OK. 1.
Sonic: *sighs* 11.
Ella: 11.
Sonic: 2.
Ella: 2.
Sonic: 5.
Ella: 5.. Oh! I see..1125.
Sonic: Yes! 1125! Now read the number back to me!
Ella: Let me get my pen.
Just some stories for fun. Numbered for convenience.

1. Shadow was late to Silver's latest huge party, as usual. He was speedy, but wanted to keep looking cool and edgy. So he was late. Mostly everything was average party chaos, but Sonic was lying unconscious near the 冲床 bowl, with red splashed across his mouth and face. Tails was staring at him, when Shadow asked "What happened to him?" "Oh, Knuckles spiked the punch." "Then I don't think 你 should be drinking it." Shadow replied. Tails looked at his cup. "No, not like that. Knuckles punched Sonic with his spiked fists." Shadow thought...
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posted by ice2504
☆The Sonic pledge☆

Sonic taught me it's okay if 你 have to hurry

Shadow taught me everyone can be kind

Amy taught me that girls can be strong

Tails taught me not to underestimate the nerds 或者 the less social people

Knuckles taught me it's okay if 你 can get really angry and to follow your duty at all costs

Rouge taught me it's fine if 你 steal at times

Silver taught me that everyone will find 爱情

Blaze taught me not to underestimate anyone

Scourge taught me that no one can achieve everything they want

Cream taught me to 爱情 the children inside of 你

Mephiles taught me its okay to be misunderstood

☆(Repost if 你 爱情 Sonic and think the same)☆
posted by alexischaos2004
Hello my lovelies, my name is Alexischaos2004, 或者 Alexis. Today, I'm going to express my feelings about Sonic fanart. I've made a similar 文章 to this, but with Pokemon fanart. Sonic The Hedgehog is a children's series, right? Not really. A 流行的 series like STH always needs the sick,fucked up fanart created 由 Not-so-fans- sex addicted fans. Let me get on with the explaining of this situation.

Many Sonic 粉丝 like to look at fanart, and that I'm not offended 或者 angry at. But, it's what the fanart they are looking at contains. There are two types of genres in fanart that needs to be discussed...
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posted by pinkarray
Good news, I have a new fanfic on the site, it's called Be Aware of the Technology, to shock 你 with the explosions Sonic and his 老友记 create.

There will be fickle times, flighty times, sad times, and even cheery times.

The story of a carefree Sponge named SpongeBob, about to get his luck crushed when he sees a cocky 鱼 come into his resturant. Unfortunately, he takes it personally... tries too hard to act naive and suddendly angers the fish. He has a dream about the 鱼 eating Krabby Patties and we're about to see something super superior, about Sonic joining SpongeBob in his sad adventure to extinguish the luck of the fish.

Luckily, we have Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and other 老友记 waiting for us in an action-packed story.

posted by silveranime122
 Super Dark Silver
Super Dark Silver
"Mephiles!" Silver yelled after he went in fromt of Blaze to protect her."Hm,your turning to your self again,I have to go deeper..." Then Silver was pushed 由 a force to the rock,he tried everything to push against it,but it was to strong.Silver yelled to Blaze "Blaze,go while 你 can!"Blaze left but far enough to watch him without being seen.

Meanwhile,back at home...

"Amy,go check on Blaze,she's been in there for a while."Sonic asked.Amy went to go check on Blaze."Sonic!"Amy yelled."What?"Sonic replied."Blaze is gone!"Amy said."What!?"Sonic said."She must of left to go find Silver!"Tails said."Come...
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This is nether a review of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 或者 Sonic Advance but my opinion of which is the most like the Sonic The Hedgehog trilogy.


Sonic The Hedgehog 4 is alot slower then its prequels, taking longer to speed up leaving 你 to resort to the spindash every time 你 need a boost. But Sonic Advance all 你 have to do to speed up is run 更多 similer to the Sonic trilogy then Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Also Sonic 4 gave 你 the homing attack which broke the hole game. The only new attack in Sonic Advance with Sonic The summersalt, Tails can it with his tails, knuckles can punch, and Amy...
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Okay, so many people know of Jet the Hawk and his acquaintance, Wave the Swallow, correct? They're members of the infamous Babylon Rogues- but also ex-members of the Battle Bird Armada.
For those who don't know much of the Comic appearances, these two characters are 更多 widely known on their first appearance in Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, and Sonic Free Riders. There’s also an appearance in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and possibly 伦敦 Olympics.
Anyway over time since their entrance of Sonic Riders the 粉丝 base has done its usual thing. The fan-fiction...
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So I was bored the other 日 and I went onto Urban Dictionary with my friends. We looked up the definitions of Some Main Sonic characters and chose the most epic ones to put in here, so have fun 阅读 them. We sure did. :P

Sonic the Hedgehog

The video game character that many gameophile/furry people have 说 they would have sex with.

With the help of Sonic Passion, he went from a kid's game to a porn star.

In 2005 he was cyber-married to Alix Henriol
Sonic the Hedgehog is hot!

Shadow the Hedgehog-

An 情绪硬核 hedgehog that appears in the Sonic games, who's debut was in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. He...
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posted by silvershady
This is my first fan-fiction about my 粉丝 character, so please dont leave any mean 评论 but be sure to let me know if 你 are anticipating the 下一个 chapter! Enjoy!

Name: Rocha the Bat
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Colour: Silvery-black 毛皮 with a white streak down her back. She has tan coloured skin and black wings.
Her wings are an unusual shape and she has grey eyes. She wears a white tube-top with a grey strap around the bottom and a pair of short white shorts with a grey 带, 皮带 and grey straps around the legs. She doesn't wear any gloves but there are long grey straps wrapped around her wrists....
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posted by SkyHedgehog
i must admit, amy is annoying, and i agree with boredhedgehog, most people hate amy because they 爱情 sonic. im sorry, but amy is kinda cool to me now, and sure she could use some adjustments, like voice, color, and outfit, the hammer is fine. and yes amy did mistake shadow for sonic which in result, amy needs contacts <3. amy is a simple character, and i do support sonamy, but only in some cases, such as adorable pictures, which people like to recolour and make them look like sonic and some other girl hedgehog. now, silvamy is the better couple, which i support even 更多 than sonamy. SHADAMY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!!!!! >:(. shadow is NOT the type to 日期 amy. and I dont go HATING rouge for kinda flirting with shadow all the frikin time. so, call me what 你 may, which i think most of 你 will call me a b***h 或者 something 或者 tell me to f**k off, but all u amy haters should know, this is a lecture not a persuation. so....bye
ten mins later
super sonic & super shadow stop figthing
ash-i gotta dision 2 make.(she though looking done at the 2 weakened hedgehogs)
she uses chaos control 2 teleport them all home
6:30 pm
sonic & shadow still recovering from the figth
arianna-u know what u have to do rigth?
ash-yes if sonic & shadow continue 2 figth like this there won`t be any point 2 it.i have to choice one of them.but i`ll let them recover first.ash tough long & hard about her dicision.
one week later
shadow & ash house
shadow just got 首页 from a drive on his motorcycle.he had a sudden feeling that ash was...
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"oh no I saids here that only one can get through, silver u go" 说 blaze
" no as much as I want to leave 你 are much better at these spells and stuff I want 你 to go and im not giving 你 a choice" and with that he used his psicocanise to freez blaze and threw her in to the portal along with the seven sole emralds and the book
"good look blaze I will never forget you" 说 silver and with in a matter of muints the planet was destroyed
"tails look wow looks like were in for a storm, wait what that" 说 sonic running outside
" what is it " 说 tails...
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 Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation 神奇宝贝 human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some B
Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation Pokémon human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some B
Still the Sonic main canon series are from and was created in 日本 in the first place.

Japanese culture appeal examples
1. The anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs have a 更多 anime-oriented style, resemble to some classic japanese/anime characters, Chibi-like 日本动漫 characters/dolls/figures and Meowth from Pokémon.

2. Most the anthropomorphic animals' Modern designs' eyes similar to some classic japanese/anime characters' eyes like some 1-3 generation Pokémon, some 1-3 generation 神奇宝贝 human characters, some Mega Man characters, some Keroro human characters, some Bakusō Kyōdai Let's...
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posted by ShadowxSonicd45
So apparently, even Naka himself had to weigh in on this terrible movie 'woe' 或者 sorts'. He had this to say on twitter!

"Looking at this(Sonic’s full-body visual), it makes me realize the importance of the character’s head-to-body ratio and the roundness of his stomach. Couldn’t they have created a 设计 with a better balance than this?"

To me, this seems like a very nice and professional way to say "F*%&, that's horrid. Please stop this with my child!"

What an odd era for the speedster. ~ Yuji Naka also stated,

"If the image of Sonic's movie comes out only from this(Movie's) formula, I think that it's strategically leaked, but it is not good because it will go to the IP of Sonic when it becomes a topic in a bad direction(Hurtful to sonic). Well, there is a possibility of 粉丝 made(fans helping the design), but I want 你 to wear gloves.(He doesn't want 粉丝 taking the gloves off) It is shocking that the bare hands are white."

 A Fan's Suggestion!~
A Fan's Suggestion!~
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Two trucks stopped at an 奥迪 dealership. Eggman, and five Nazis stepped out. They all had MP40's.

Citizens: *Running away from Eggman, and his comrades*
Audi Dealer: Hello. What can I do for - *Gets grabbed 由 Eggman, and thrown through a window* -you!!!!!!! *Lands on 最佳, 返回页首 of a truck* I hate my job.
Eggman: *Gets into the R8, and drives away*
Squirrel: Someone call the-
Nazi: *Shoots him*
Squirrel: *Falls onto the ground* -cops.

Eggman 偷了 the Audi, successfully.

Eggman: *Admiring his stolen car on a golden carlift* It's incredible. With the upgrades I make, I will defeat Sonic in his convertible!...
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Just to start I do not hate Sally at all she is an ok character and not all her 粉丝 are like this. Anyway I am tried of her 粉丝 being hipercits and getting way with treating people like crap. ( Might have spelled hipercits wrong.) People make jokes about Sally they get pissed off so easy but if it's Amy 或者 another character it's ok to them because Sally is their 最喜爱的 and 你 can't make jokes about her for fun. Guys Sally is not real her feelings can't get hurt and people do not need to like her. I like Amy but I don't forces people to like her because Amy is not real. Yes their are Amy 粉丝 brats but Sally has them two. I am tried of 你 guys 表演 你 guys don't start drama because 你 do. If Sally was real and 云, 云计算 see how some of 你 act she would be disported in 你 guys. Like I 说 I don't hate her I just am tried of her 粉丝 treating people like shit.
posted by lightning114
in a new different timeline n different damnation
火影忍者 -UZUMAKI age 12
sat under a 树 in the shade as he sigh
time 14;25 n 日期 28/11/2017
火影忍者 add 5 moths to train for the 2thd EXEAM
the copy cat ninja
was too busy to train him in fact he was
火影忍者 at to train alone again
huh what this dark 橙子, 橙色 ring size box
thought 火影忍者 as he open it inside
was a clear bubble shape drink bottle full of
ice blue immortality water
火影忍者 read the note who ever drinks this in
the clear bubble drink bottle he 或者 she
become ageless-immortal very powerful
MERNAGA permeant but don't worry
he 或者 she still have there legs but no longer were shoves but there clothing are 设计 for them
to be on land in water 或者 in 太空
that right the ability to breath on land n
underwater 或者 in 太空 all so he 或者 she
well have chaos magic powers n abilities
end of page 0
Okay so before we begin I am going to say something.This 文章 is not to make 你 like this character this just my take and opinion on it.Also if 你 don't like the sonic comics then.Just fuck off don't 婊子, 子 about it in the comments.Well 你 know unless 你 want to read and 你 don't like the sonic comics and just want too read this just don't whine in the 评论 about it okay?Also my vocabulary is like a sailor's so yeah another warning so lets get to it.Ah fiona the fox! wait? 你 don't know who fiona is well she is a character from the comics and she started out pretty great till Ian...
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