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 For those who can't remember her, this is Lois, Daria's Sister
For those who can't remember her, this is Lois, Daria's Sister
I took out my iPhone and went to the app “find my iPhone”. The app loaded and I selected Claudette’s phone. A green pin landed on the map, 展示 where the phone was. “There” I 说 with delight! “That's where her phone is”. Me, Tony and Nars walked out the front door and into my jeep. “They seem to be out in the Badlands… Why would they be there?” I questioned. “Isn't the Badlands controlled 由 Russian Forces?” Asked Nars. “Shit!” I shouted. I slammed my foot on the accelerator and the car sped up. “I hope they are okay!” Whined Tony. My phone buzzed. I picked...
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posted by TheIrishLAD
 Humphrey's 刀
Humphrey's Knife
This just a short part of the Story
This is just a test, If it gets good reviews, I will continue the series.

So the Series is based in a city version of Jasper. This all occurs in 2017. Basically its WW3 and Humphrey, Garth, Salty etc etc Have been deployed to protect Jasper. This is all in Humphrey's POV

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. The sound of a 步枪 being fired, echoed through the streets. I was armed with nothing but a Glock and a Survival Knife. "Over here!" Garth Yelled. I ran over to him. We both jogged down an alleyway and into a courtyard. Hutch was there. "So, how you...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Here is it !! The birth of the two pups of Runt and Magril. Let’s go for a new adventure into Jasper Park ^^ the story is now with Magril and one of her pup, in POV version. New story, new plot and a danger… we will see that later (clue : do 你 remember the coyotes ??). Alright I left 你 and… 嘿 Luke stops that please !! Alright good reading… arff Luke !!

Magril’s POV :

“What…. Hooo” I scream, my belly began to hurt me. Runt ran to me after I screamed twice, “Hey stop that 你 two” I 说 to the pups. I really hurt of pain, everybody were woke up and began to stressed...
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On a warm 日 in jasper park lilly went with garth to watch out for enimies around the border.
Lillys pov
Lilly:Garth when can we go 首页 im sleepy
Garth:we can go when the sun goes down
Lilly:who are those guys

figures seen in the distance


Lilly: on it

Kates pov
Kate:whats going on

Garth:we might be under attack. *pulls out pistol*

Kate: where is Lilly

Lilly:we're here

Winston:whats going on?!

Garth:we might be under attack we need to form alphas just in case the 狼 are a threat to us.


find out what happens 下一个 in chapter 2
posted by Blackwolf250
"But 你 saved my life..." She said

"Look,You owe me nothing...now why don't 你 go back to your pack?"

"I don't know where they are, I 迷失 them when those guys attacked me.They had alot of other guys attacking the pack,I think their dead..."She looked down,

"Alright,you can stay with me...but only until we reach Jasper,K?" I asked and she looked up with excitement and hugged me"We better go,we're wasting time..."she let go of me and I kept going southeast. It soon got dark and I noticed her starting to get tired"Wanna ride?You look tired...and I'm not stopping..."She looked at me and smiled

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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
Recap: Kate, a young widowed 狼 receives a letter from her dead husband, Humphrey, telling her hes waiting in their "Special Place" in the town of Silent Hill. Upon arriving, Kate slowly starts to realize this misty, quiet town has a much darker side......

Kate could not belive what she was seeing. It was some sort of human, at least its what it seemed to be, but the body itself was trapped in a blanket of flesh. the only body parts she could make out were the legs as it stumbled towards her. As the thing approached her, the static got louder and louder.

"S-stay back!" Kate mumbled in fear....
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the air in the ruins was musty and damp, trudging through the mud soaked darkness with the promising hope of catching a ghost on camera still hanging hopefully in our minds. The damp mud clung to our paws and shoes as we soldiered on through the ruins in the dead of night, trudging, slurping our way through the dirt.

Crystal: "when 你 说 we should go to the ruins and find this ghost i didnt know we woud be swamped in muck, entombed in this wet, damp hard place!"

Me: "you mean like 你 were earlier this evening?!" i 说 with a smug grin on my face

also along with us were jon and kate who came...
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posted by Blackwolf250
It was a dark,gloomy, and rainy day...
"Days of me walking and haven't found crap..." I 说 to myself, I quickly turned to my right to see a 狼 running at me..."Hulusination?"I questioned then was on the ground getting up"Hi there, What's the rush?" I questioned the wolf.

" Are they still following me?"the 狼 说 as five other 狼 ran up and backed away when they saw me,

" Hey,sir, we'd like to,uh,deal with the girl please..." I glanced in his eyes seeing he wanted nothing but the usual... Forced intercourse, 或者 better known as Rape...

"Leave her alone"I 说 stareing straight in his eyes,...
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posted by OfficalLilly
CHapter 4

Garth looked so in to me.I did 爱情 him and all but he had to go with my sister,Kate.I wanted to cry I just leaned in staring into him.He soon leaned in to,I wanted to just 吻乐队(Kiss) him and get it over with,except before I could do anything he kissed me.My eyes shut,but I smiled.When I opend my eyes he did to he backed away as if he were sorry,I smiled,I looked up to meet his eyes His 毛皮 flowing in the wind.How I loved him so.But Kate she didnt seem to like him at all!I havent seen her when me and Garth came back not even in the cave also I didnt see Humphrey.I was shocked I asked Hutch...
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a parabola is the curve an object takes as it is thrown up and drops down to a thumping floor. an affection parabola is the curve the 爱情 of 2 people take as it goes through peoples lives.

we can barely remember
who 或者 what came before
our precious moment
we 爱情 to be here
loving right now
she says come stay inside our.....

hoooooooolllly experience!
come inside this
hoooooooolllly loving day!
choosing to be here in

our bodies
your body holding me
and if i can hear 你 i will never be alone and
our bodies
your body holding me
we feel eternal and all our pain is just illusion

our loves...
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I've always wanted to be a bad guy in one of my stories. So here I go

"Jasper..... what a pitiful place. If im going to take over this valley, im gonna need to take out some locals, build an army." I muttered under my breath.

I sat on the edge of a cliff and watched the 狼 known as the western pack enjoy their lives. The four that interested me the most were Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth. Thad had apparently mated even though their pack law forbade it. How pathetic. Although Kate, damn, she had a FINE ass. I m not fully human, so I can sleep with a rhino if I wanted, although there...
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Kate & Humphrey adventures.
Mini Story 3. “The beginning of Will's war.”
Part 1 of 2.

Note: The mini series are still going to contain the older way the 狼 talk.

Kate was watching Will, as he yelled at someone on the

phone. He seemed super mad at the person, but Kate had no

idea what was going on. He then hung up the phone and

jumped in his Ferrari. He slammed the gas spiting up a few

pieces of 草 as he drove off. He almost hit an elder as

he swerved around trees. A few 分钟 later the sound

from the Ferrari faded away leaving Kate with 更多

questions. “Hey Humphrey, do you...
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It was a sad day, Katie somewhat dying and then finding out that she was pregnant with my son who was stillborn, that was just too much. It turns out that the guy who hit Katie came to visit. His name was Buddy and he was in tears. He told me how he had done a stupid thing and he had an alcohol problem. He promised me he would go to AA and quit drinking for good and he asked me if I would forgive him. Katie forgave him and so did I, even though I still wanted to blow his fucking head off with my .44 magnum. After that, it was a slow recovery. Katie had to stay in the Hospital for a couple...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
One 日 while Kate is out on a hunt, she finds a weird looking human knocked out. On his shoulder says UNSC and they take him to the pack. But Kate seems to be developing feelings for this new visitor.

Kate had awoken early in the morning to begin her hunt for the united pack. She realized it would take a lot 更多 to hunt now that she had 更多 mouths to feed. She took Humphrey (who was now trained), Scar, and Katie (my mate!). "Alright, where are 你 little shits?" Katie growled. "Someone is pissed off this morning." Kate said. "I'm fucking hungry." Katie 说 with a groan. "Hell, I am too."...
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Shakey, Salty, and Mooch came to Humphrey house.
“Hey, Humphrey!” Shakey said
“What up guys?”
“Sorry for your loss!” Mooch said.
“She was no loss!”
“Well, I’ll miss her, but she’s where she belongs.”
“You mean how she’s burning…”
Shakey elbowed Salty in the gut to prevent Salty from reminding Humphrey that she’s in hell.
“We came because we want to steal those planes.”
“Alright, we could do that. Come back in an hour.”
15 分钟 later, the doorbell rang, “Has it been an hour?”
“No it hasn’t.”
They left. 15 分钟 after that,...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
"Often the world around us feels dark and alone, and our hearts cry out for peace, love, stillness, and joy. Yet we forget that we are always surrounded 由 light and warmth and it is already ours. We just have to reach out for it."

I 说 as I looked out among my gathered pack.

"The men fear us and our beasts because they do not understand the beast inside themselves. The savage part of them that they deny. The part that is 更多 like us. They cannot stand it, so they reject us and themselves. They hurt us and hunt us out of fear that is all."

As he 说 this, a 狼 ,old in the pack, approached...
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posted by zachwon2
I had failed. My pack would be massacred and this time there would be no survivors but I was going to make sure we wouldn't be forgotten even if it was a bad memory in our attackers history. We were ready for the end.

The attack came quick and hard. Foljek, Sidney and slick were able to defend themselves but my fellow Omega's weren't so well off. I noticed the only Omega holding was my brother Shane. I guess father had indeed broken the pack law and taught him to defend himself like an Alpha. That was when I got blind sided. My attacker went straight for my throat. He never got that far Foljek...
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posted by zachwon2
你 know how when 你 get older 你 think back to the old days, about how they were so easy and everything made sense. I thought about good memories almost every waking 小时 of the 日 but that's all they were now were memories and they couldn't help us now. Awaking from my 日 dream I remembered were we were at and the threat we were under.

“We do not mean any harm. We are here to-”

“You! Why do 你 speak to me? Who are 你 an Omega to dare speak to me? Why does your head Alpha not 显示 himself?

Calmly trying to hold back my anger I answered as calmly as I could

“I am the 表演 Alpha...
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posted by LexiMcCoia
"Kate, Humphrey, 你 guys ready?" Two nods is all I got. I looked up at the sky and realized just how bright the moon was that night. Humphrey walked up 下一个 to me. "Hey ummmm Wynter, y'know, I was thinking..." I glanced at him impatiently as we walked. "Right yeah as I was saying. I don't think we'll find the killer in our pack." My ears perked up. "What are 你 suggesting Humphrey?" He had my attention now. "Well we haven't searched in the Eastern pack at all." Kate sped up and chimed in. "Yeah Humphrey might actually be onto something here". We stopped for a second. I looked at Kate and...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Detail:Kill all Enemies, Capture a Air Base.
Weapons:Ak-47 Red Dot Sight /w Grenade Launcher. Five Seven.
Day 2
January 5, 2014
Time:2:30 Pm
Air Force Unit.
Daniel "Eagle" Sanderson.
I took a F16 "Fighting Falcon" and fly off Carrier Base.
15 分钟 LATER...
"Target Located." Sandra said.
"Where is it?" Jack said.
"There is!" then Sandra destroy a Sam.
Jack destroyed a Sam too as I destroy one too. "Sam missile, dropping flares!" Sandra said. "Daniel, I need 你 to take care of that aircraft!" Sandra said. I destroy a aircraft. "I will take...
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