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So after the happy reunion of the siblings, Katie and I offered Alex to live with us, which he was happy to accept. So I have two 狼 living with me! Well, that soon turned to 3. After a few weeks, Alex fell in 爱情 with Sapphire, Phil and Kate's new friend. And together they became mates. And after that happened, Phil allowed Sapphire to 移动 in with us. So Katie and I gave Alex and Sapphire the guest bed. "So Katie," I asked, "Are 你 glad 你 have your little brother back?" I asked. Katie looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, hes my little bro and I 爱情 him. Sometimes he tells me I am like...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I am rewriting this after many request to do so :)

It was getting dark in Jasper. Kate, Hutch, and Cando returned from hunting with three caribou, enough to feed the entire pack. Kate went to her 巢穴, den, 书房 to see Humphrey waiting on her. She admired his beautiful, slick, silver 毛皮 and his beautiful eyes. "Hey there, gorgeous." He 说 in that sly tone. "Oh you...." Kate said, 接吻 his cheek. "So what did ya bring home?" he asked. "Three of them!" Kate 说 with excitement. "Sweet! Garth and Lilly went out on a walk." he said. "Oh ok. We can save some of ours for them." Humphrey said. Kate then...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
As Kate continued to fall, the hotter it got. She was already in sweat. Kate closed her eyes, wishing the heat would go away and that God would protect her. Suddenly, she hit the ground with a thud and opened her eyes. What she saw completely terrified her. People, every 日 people, almost skeletons. Some had bad burn marks, others, well lets not get into too much detail. Kate had never been so scared in her life.

Kate: Wh-Where am I?

???: Your in the inferno, the 首页 of the damned and Lucifer himself

Kate looked around to find out where the voice was coming from.

Kate: Who's there?

A man,...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Name: Alex
Age: 3
Mate: Sapphire
Pups: None Yet
Color: Same as Humphrey
Eye Color: Light Purple
Personality: Kind, Loving, Protective of the ones he loves. Will do anything to save a life. A ladies man.
Siblings: Katie (Sister) Lillian (Sister
Rank: Omega
Bio: He and his siblings were orphaned after a poacher killed his mother. His father was abusive and slept with many different females. Alex always had to deal with his father. His father almost killed him for taking a bite out of his father's share of the meat. He went out looking for his sister after she fell through the rift. The rift appeared suddenly and he ended up near a forest near my house, where he reunited with his sister and met the 爱情 of his life, Sapphire.
After explaining the situation to Kate and Humphrey, I go another call from the General. He told me that I was to appear along with my K-9X squad to a conference panel with news people and audience. "Great, we won't let 你 down sir." I said. "I know 你 won't, soldier." The General replied as he hung up. I then explained to them the conference. They were both excited. We were to pick up Lilly first thing in the morning and go to the conference.

Later that night. I learn that they can drink human drinks. So I went and got them some 啤酒 and we all sat down and watched TV. Humphrey sat in...
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Humphrey had always wondered why Kate made those strange sudden yelping noises while she slept. It had been a 年 since Kate and Humphrey had started sleeping together, (it wasn't the sleeping but the staying awake part that Humphrey was interested in) and only just recently in the last few months had she started yelping in her sleep. Humphrey began to ponder as he ly awake in 床, 床上 listening to this phenomenon- was it a nightmare of some sorts, a late night reactive orgasm to the afternoon before in which they both yelped uncontrollably any way. Either way it was strange.

Being Kates mate Humphrey...
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Chapter 9

Humphrey's POV

I woke up with the rising sun shining in my fur, and Kate curled up against me. I looked over and saw my mom and dad sleeping in the other corner, but I didn't see Jake anywhere. I slowly got up, trying not to disturb Kate. I walked outside and saw that it was a clear and cloudy day, it was a slightly colder morning then the 前一个 ones. I decided to go and try my luck at hunting again, even though I should have waited until Kate gave me some training, but I knew I could do it. I was so close last time, and I'm sure I'll succeed this time. I walked out into the open...
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 What she looked like mad
What she looked like mad
(June 6, 2011)

click clack The keys of the keyboard. click clack This clacking had been going on for an hour, devoted as I was to 写作 the novel I had started a 月 ago. It was called The Network and it was about this guy that creates a super fungus, lets himself become infected 由 it, and starts to take over the world using the land and sea as his media. The humans controlled the air, just to make it fair.

Engrossed as I was in in the adventures of Dan Cooper, known as "Mini" due to his immense height, I didn't hear Scar call my name the first time. It was when she 说 it the third time...
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“Damn that was some awesome playing Humphrey”I 说 to the sleeping Humphrey
“What?! Oh yeah did 你 keep the score?”Humphrey says dozily
“10 ME 9 You”I Said
“What time did we play to”Humphrey says
“About 4:00AM”I Said
“Wow!”Humphrey 说 giving the iphone to me
“Time to go to bed”I said
“But its 9:00AM
“Im Tired”I Said
*I Fall Asleep*
“AHHHHHH GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!”I Say in my sleep
*From what I saw was whiteness out of the den*
“Its Snowing?! IT IS WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!”I Say Hopping with joy
*Since I lived in new Zealand it didn’t...
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 The Platform
The Platform
"Where am I?" Humphrey said, looking around. He saw nothing, blackness. "Am I dreaming?" he asked to himself. "In a way yes." a voice said. "What? Who is there?" Humphrey growled. "Don't be afraid. 你 are the chosen one. The one who will open the door." "What the hell are 你 talking about!? Who are you?" Humphrey cried. "My name is of no importance. What is important is that 你 prepare for your journey. "Whatever." Humphrey replied. "This place is getting boring anyway." "Well said, Humphrey." the voice replied. Humphrey could hear choir 音乐 all around him (Dive into the 心 音乐 from...
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posted by centurion64
1. first of all copy the first image press CTRL + J then go to Filter > Gaussian Blur, set 17.0 press OK

2. On Layer 1 click the lowest black and white 图标 then choose Levels.

3. Set the level is 0 1.53 168

4. then, click on the layer 1 choose "screen"

5. the last step is set the opacity as 你 want :D
Humphrey was transported to crash site two where Garths squad set up a perimiter the good thing was Humphrey wasn't paralized so he limped over to Omega 1 crash and found kates body striped and bloody and he found the rest of the crew but what got to Humphrey was that his girlfriend was dead he sat there holding her body Crying he was on guard though incase of an attack Then there was an explosion and humphrey limped twoard the building they had for the wounded he sat on a cot he couldn't feel his back then he heard a loud explosion and he heard A cry of pain I ran out side and found my Squad...
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posted by kates-mate101
Seth was thrown in the middle of the camp. Winston, whom appeared to be one devious bastard to Seth right now, Stepped up to an overlooking rock. “Let the tests begin.” “What? What fucking tests...” Seth growled. Winston once again ignored Seth. “Lexine, Northrend, Can-do and Isaiah. Batter our new comer. We shall see if he is worthy of the Western pack.” Winston continued. “What! What kind of 狼 are you, battering a new comer!” “You have battered our 狼 so we will batter you....” Winston finished. “Then 你 have sent your 狼 to their deaths.” Seth snarled....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I have this fresh on my mind cause I just finished 28 Weeks Later!

They continued to drive through what had used to be small towns but now were either deserted 或者 over run 由 infected. Sora looked in the back to see Kate and Humphrey asleep 下一个 to each other. Sora shed a small tear for them, feeling the pain of how they 迷失 their only 首页 in a matter of seconds. But he felt sorry especially for Kate, the out break must have traumatized her. Sora was getting tired himself and decided to pull over in a relatively 安全 place to sleep. The windows of his car were bullet proof so they should...
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posted by humphrey_shinx
Well I Don't know if good will already have a blog as well but bah i put here some doubts that he left alpha and omega 2
1- One of the most important step with the princess after that she goes?
2- What happening with Winston, Tony, Garth, Lilly, and the other after defeating the wolves?
3- Where was the baby bear?
4- Garth and Lilly finally got a cave?
5- Where was Eve?
And the most important
6- What happening with Humphrey and Kate and their children? What were living there forever? Don't put their responses here and compare xD
Summary: Valentines 日 story! After starting a family Kate and Humphrey could use some time together again after devoting all of it to their pups. They don't mind not having alone time anymore but as the winter comes to a close aunt Lilly steps in and decides that they need a break from the pups for one night. *Short Story*

A/N: Happy early Valentine's 日 everyone, and to celebrate I decided to write a little story for 你 all to enjoy. This takes place a 月 或者 two after the events of A&O 2, which make this my first story to build off of it.

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posted by westernunit-211
(Here is part 2 enjoy.)

Decemeber 23 04:10 hrs.
Jasper Nation park, Canada.

Nikolai was arriving at my 安全 house, I was with Lev making sure that his wound wouldn't start to bleed out again. I contacted for two medics so they would take Lev inside my 安全 house for surgery when we arrived. Nikolai spoke saying that we were at my 安全 house and he landed the helo. Nikolai dropped the hatch and the two medics came in. They picked Lev up and placed him on the stretcher and I spoke to them. "Get him inside now." The medics did what they were told and took Lev inside and I picked up Frost and got...
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Now greeting to the world vice ala big gong zilla 'alongside skrillex for long! Oh wait, I won't! Ah we a blaze the 火, 消防 make it bun dem!

"Joshua are 你 sure this is right?"

"I am as sure as your death is pointless"

Humphrey rolled his eyes and walked on. 3 miles of walking and they still weren't at the dead 马 camp.

"Before 你 say 你 are looking for someone could 你 give me a name?"

"Her name is Kate I 爱情 her and she means a lot to me"

"Ha ha 爱情 its a funny thing if 你 think about it"

Joshua Graham continued walking to the cave of sorrows the hospital of some sort Kate lied in wait clutching...
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posted by LillyOmega2
Okay, YouTube is being a pain and I can't 上传 this there without it being blocked, so I put it on dropbox instead.


I wanted to make at least one A&O video that just used clips from the fourth movie cause of how it's the first sequel to be better than the original movie. The idea behind this one is that Daria (the blind white-colored she-wolf and pup in the video, for those who haven't seen it yet) can't forget about her past in her old pack and how she was exiled for being blind. I kinda tied that...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 16

*Darkness Forest*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Slashes Sagittarius Zodiark*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Slashes Victory Zenith Wolfe*

*Both Victory Zenith Wolfe and Sagittarius Zodiark fall to the ground*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Fires dark energy arrows at Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Blocks them with the Zenith Fang* Clash!

Sagittarius Zodiark: Wolfe! *Charges towards Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Charges at Sagittarius Zodiark*

Sagittarius Zodiark: *Fires dark energy arrows at Victory Zenith Wolfe*

Victory Zenith Wolfe: *Dodges each one and eyes turn to yellow, and then...
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