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Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1天前
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Chapter 7: Battle for the Valley

The battle raged on, 狼 against wolf, with no end in sight. Kate and Humphrey were fighting together, making sure to never leave the other alone when Kate was suddenly pounced on 由 a Rouge Wolf. Humphrey rushed to her side and helped her to fight off the attacker. Kate had a minor cut on the side of her neck, but it wasn't too bad.

"Kate," Humphrey 说 to her, pausing to ward off another wolf. "I don't know how much longer we can go on."

"Well what do 你 propose we do?" Garth asked as he approached them.

"We need to take out their leader," Humphrey said, looking up at King who was commanding his pack from a 安全 distance.

"I'm going for it!" Humphrey shouted as he ran off towards their den.

"Humphrey, wait! We need to come up with a-" Kate began, but Humphrey was already gone. "Plan."

"He's gonna get himself killed," Garth said.

"What else is new?"
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·5天前
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Chapter 6: The Invincible Ones

As they retreated into the woods, King denied his forces permission to pursue, instead assuring them that they would back.

Meanwhile, in the woods Humphrey and the group were discussing how they were going to take back Jasper, if it could even be done.

The hot summer breeze blew through the trees and the 辩论 grew ever longer.

"We can't leave Jasper to the Rouges," Humphrey said. "We have to take it back."

"But that's giving King exactly what he wants," Kate pointed out.

"It doesn't matter," Humphrey replied. "This is our home, and no one takes it without a fight. I'm not forcing any of 你 to come with me. Those who would rather stay behind can do so if 你 wish. But those who are willing to stand with me here, and now, may come if they choose."

The entirety of 狼 that were present stepped forward, 展示 that they would follow him.

(Song: Invincible-Two Steps From Hell)
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·6天前
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Chapter 5: Rescue and Regroup

The last words echoed throughout the valley as King grabbed Humphrey 由 the back of his neck and dragged him back inside the den.

Outside, Kate and the others began debating what to do and how to come up with a plan to rescue Humphrey in so little time.

"What do we do?" Kate said. "I mean we can't just hand Runt over to them."

"No, of course not," Winston said.

"So what's the plan?" Garth asked.

"I don't know," Kate said. She was so worried about her husband. She knew King would keep his word, and that was something she didn't want. But she also knew that time was short and any plan they came up with would be rushed and not very good. But they had no choice. The clock was ticking and Humphrey's life along with it.

Many long and arduous 分钟 passed and finally, a plan had been formed. But their 小时 was almost up.

"Okay, so we have a plan to rescue Humphrey, the trick is to pull it off before King loses patience," Kate said. "We have to stall him, somehow."
Article by Chidori1334 posted ·7天前
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now that Alpha and Omega is now on its 8th anniversary, its time I post a story about how I discovered it:

it was somewhere 2010, I went with my cousin & mother to see “2 电影院 in 1” at a theater which we went to see:

- The Prince of Persia


- 怪物史莱克 Forever After

however during when I went to watch 怪物史莱克 Forever After, there was previews and 下一个 thing Alpha and Omega movie was shown when I first time saw that I was all “hey, this looks like Balto” well because they remind me Balto on 设计 wise in a way, but though I couldn’t remember the 标题 name after the reveal.

months later I been wanting to find the 标题 name as I tried googling “upcoming movies” and 下一个 thing I found a site called “comingsoon.net” where it had 列表 of 电影院 coming in the future all I remembered was a movie had the “and” in it as there was so many titles to find that has that word.

then finally found it in the September 2010 section as I memorized the 标题 the next, and so on I spotted out the 流行的 group in DeviantArt (this group here www.alpha—and-omega.deviantart.com thats...
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·8天前
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Chapter 4: Revenge of a King

The rest of the group was hiding in the bushes just outside the pack borders when they heard Humphrey's terrible scream. The worst part was the fact that they couldn't do anything about it.

Back in the den, one of King's henchwolves entered the cave.

"Sir," he said.

King looked up with a furious look on his face.

"I thought I asked for complete privacy!"

"Sorry sir," the 狼 said. "But there are several 狼 approaching through the trees."

"Ahh!" King growled in frustration. The 狼 quickly left the cave so as to avoid his master's fury.

King looked down at Humphrey, finally relieving the pressure on his wound. Humphrey gasped for breath as the excruciating pain finally stopped. King noticed his relief and smiled.

"Oh, don't worry, " he said. "I'm not done with you."

"Why are 你 doing this?" Humphrey asked him.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·13天前
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Chapter 3: Omega Hostage

Upon their return to Jasper, the group, now composed of Kyle's pack, hid just behind the tree-line, out of sight of King and his Rouge Wolves. 或者 so they thought.

As they were talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out what to do, a group of Rouge 狼 came out from nowhere and attacked the group. In the chaos, a smaller group came out from behind the bushes and kidnapped Humphrey, taking him hostage.

"Kate!" he shouted as he was being dragged away. Kate turned to see him being carried off. She went to go after him but was stopped 由 the Rouges. Their numbers were too great and to go after Humphrey now would be suicide. They had no choice but to wait for King to make his 下一个 move, which probably wasn't going to be good.

The 狼 dragged Humphrey through his 首页 and as he looked around at it, all he saw was destruction and ruin. He was brought up to the 巢穴, den, 书房 he shared with Kate which King had now made his own. He was thrown down in front of the rouge leader in pain.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·18天前
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Chapter 2: Return to Jasper

"What's up in Jasper?" Humphrey asked.

"Your entire pack has been forced into hiding 由 King and the Rouge Wolves," Marcel said. "They're after Runt."

"Well, we have to go help them," Kate said.

"I'm coming with you," Humphrey said, getting up, still with much effort. His bullet-wound was still bleeding, but it was dripping very slowly.

"Humphrey," Kate said. "You can't walk in your condition. You're still too weak to move."

"Kate," he 说 using a tone of voice Kate had never heard before. It was very serious and 更多 like an alpha than an omega. "This is our home, and it's a direct threat to our son. I'm going. Pull me on the logboard if 你 have to."


Humphrey turned to Adam.

"Could 你 watch the pups while we go take care of this?"

"Not a chance," Adam said. "As the oldest sibling, it was my job to watch over 你 two, to keep 你 安全 and I failed. I'm not letting 你 out of my sight again."
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·18天前
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Chapter 1: A Tale is Told
Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam put together all their stories to tell the tale of what really happened. Marcel and Paddy are sent back to Winston to let them know they're fine, but they return with grave news.

Chapter 2: Return to Jasper
The group, along with Adam and what remains of his pack, return to Jasper with Humphrey on the logboard as he's still too weak to walk far. Towards the end of their journey, however, an unexpected situation restores a long forgotten friendship.

Chapter 3: Omega Hostage
Upon their return to Jasper, the group was ambushed 由 King's 狼 who take Humphrey hostage.

Chapter 4: Revenge of a King
With Humphrey as his bargaining chip, King exploits the fact that he is gravely injured and goes to great heights to have his revenge against Humphrey and his family.

Chapter 5: Rescue and Regroup
With King threatening to kill Humphrey if they don't hand over Runt, the group has only an 小时 to come up with a plan to rescue Humphrey.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·20天前
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Song: Riders-Two Steps From Hell-Thomas Bergersen

(Trailer shows King walking out of Kate's den, onto the rock and looking out over the territory)

King: Your pack is mine now.

(Trailer pans out 展示 the territory of the Western Pack completely occupied 由 the Rouge Wolves)

Marcel: The Rouge 狼 have completely taken over Jasper. Most of the pack is in hiding. They're after Runt.

Kate: We have to go help.

King (snarling to Humphrey as he's pinned to the ground): Your pup took everything from me, and now I'm getting even.

(King is atop the large cliff (where Winston goes to rally the pack) and is dragging a still wounded Humphrey 由 the scruff of his neck towards the edge)

King (shouting to Humphrey's group down in the valley, Kate especially): Everyone!!! 你 have one hour, to hand over your youngest pup

(he drags Humphrey in front of him, closer to the edge of the cliff) 或者 this one goes over.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Chapter 1: A Tale is Told

The story that everyone had been chasing for so long was finally about to be put together. Everyone gathered around Adam, Kenya, and Humphrey who now had enough strength to sit up.

"Okay," Kate said. "So 你 remember what happened to your parents now?"

"Yeah, clear as day," Humphrey replied.

"Well, now we have all the pieces of the puzzle. So let's put them together and hear the full story," Garth said.

"Okay," Humphrey replied. "It started like any normal day. We were all sleeping comfortably in the family den. Kenya was sleeping 下一个 to me and Adam was over a little bit 由 Mom and Dad."

"I was woken up 由 Humphrey," Kenya said. "Because he was lonely and wanted to play. So, we went outside, but not too far away from the 巢穴, den, 书房 as was a rule laid down 由 our parents."

"It wasn't long before our parents and I woke up to start the day," Adam said.

"They called us back to the 巢穴, den, 书房 just when our grandparents were arriving to take Adam off for Alpha school while the rest of us went for an early morning walk," Kenya said.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Chapter 10: The Whole Truth

Humphrey was not dead, but was very close to it. Upon hearing the news that his parents were dead, his weakened 心 began to give out. He couldn't think straight, his eyes started to get heavy, and soon enough, he blacked out.

Humphrey's thoughts swirled around in his head, small pieces of this great puzzle that they had been chasing lining themselves up, slowly 展示 the full truth of what exactly happened that fateful day.

The flashback began and Humphrey saw his parents, his brother, and his sister. He heard everything around him, the birds, the wind. He was reliving that 日 in his mind.

It was an early spring morning. The air was still quite cool as the winter had not long since passed and Humphrey was fast asleep on his sister's sleeping body.

A specially cold gust of wind blew into the den, waking Humphrey up. He stretched and then nudged Kenya, wanting her to get up too, so they could play.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Where Humphrey got shot
Chapter 9: The Wounded Warrior

Kenya heard the gunshot from inside the animal control car that she had been put in. As she watched her brother collapse into a heap on the ground, her eyes filled with rage and she crashed though the side car window.

She stood up and attacked the human with the gun, grabbing it 由 the barrel and pulling it from the man's grip and pulling him down to the ground, too. 由 this time, Kate got out of the cage and went to one of the pickup trucks to get Stinky and Claudette's cage off of the back and Marcel and Paddy went to rescue Garth, Lilly, and Daria. It wasn't long before the humans got in their trucks and left.

As everyone caught their breath, they heard incredibly labored wheezing behind them. They turned around to see Humphrey laying on the ground, struggling to breathe.

"Kate," he said.

Kate ran over to him.

"Are 你 okay?" he asked.

Kate laughed, fighting back tears. "Says the guy that got shot," she said, smiling.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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(WARNING: The following 文章 contains sequences that may lead to fan-based tear-shedding. Reader discretion is advised:)

(Special thanks are at the end to prevent spoilers)

Chapter 8: The Ultimate Sacrifice

"No!" Humphrey yelled from the cage he shared with Kate. "I won't let them take you."

"Humphrey," Kate said. "We have to get out of here."

"I know," he said. "I know."

But time was wasting and Humphrey knew that what precious time they had could not be spent on formulating a plan. The cages they were in weren't like the ones that he and Kate were transported to Idaho in. These cages were completely open to the air, only keeping them in with two metal bars keeping the door from being opened internally. The cages were also quite long, allowing for lots of moving room.

Knowing this, Humphrey backed up until he couldn't back up any further, then ran into the metal door with his head. It gave him an incredible headache, but all he could think about was saving his pups and preventing a repeat of the accident with his parents. After ramming the door, Humphrey staggered back, dazed and waited...
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Chapter 7: 狼 Trappers and Dog Catchers

Everyone suddenly stopped as they heard Daria crying out for help. When they looked over, they saw that she had a snare pole around her neck and was being restrained 由 a human holding onto it. As they turned to help her, they stopped as they heard Kenya crying out 下一个 to them. Another human had come up from behind and grabbed her while they're backs were turned.

Humphrey turned and leaped at the human holding his sister but was pulled back to the ground as a snare pole was looped around his neck. He turned his head and grabbed the pole with his teeth and pulled the human down to the ground. Humphrey tried running back to his sister, but was ensnared 由 a 秒 pole.

As Kate rushed to help Humphrey she stopped when she heard her pups calling out to her. The humans took this moment to capture her as well and it wasn't long before the whole group was subdued and placed in cages.

Runt was stuck up a tree, but it was clear that he wouldn't be 安全 for long.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Chapter 6: A House Divided

As they moved through the night, the group began looking for a good place to sleep as Humphrey filled Kenya in on all she had missed over the last twenty years since they last saw each other.

"So," Kenya asked. "What were 你 doing out here before 你 found me?"

"I'm looking for our parents," Humphrey replied.

"Humphrey," Kenya said. "I'm sorry, but our parents are probably dead."

"But, how could 你 say that?" Humphrey said. "I know they're alive out there."

"Okay," she said. "Then I'll help you."

Eventually, they found a nice area, fairly clear of trees and shrubs to rest in. The 下一个 day, when they awoke, 由 the light of the rising sun, Humphrey realized something that he couldn't the night before because it was too dark.

"I know this place," he said, looking around. "This is where it happened."

"Where what happened?" Kate asked.

Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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(Special thanks are at the end to prevent spoilers)

Chapter 5: Family Matters

Humphrey woke to the bright sunlight streaming in through the entrance of the den. He opened his eyes, but squinted as the sun was in the line of his sight. Humphrey yawned and slowly got up and stretched. A shadow passed over the cave as something blocked out the light of the sun.

Owen entered the cave and approached Humphrey.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"I've had better nights," Humphrey replied.

"Come to me once everyone else is up." After saying this, Owen turned and left the cave.

Not too long after, Kate began to wake up, and it wasn't long before the others were up, too. Humphrey led them outside where Owen was waiting.

"Come with me," he said. "We have a lot to talk about."

Owen led them into his 巢穴, den, 书房 and they all sat down and Owen began telling them about Humphrey's time in his pack.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·1个月前
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Special thanks to:

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was part of another pack.

Chapter 4: Humphrey's Other Pack

After leaving the territory behind them, the group began to get to work. The cool morning mist slowly began to lift, allowing 更多 of the surrounding forest to become visible. The tall trees, with their many leaves shaded much of the forest floor from the beating heat of the sun.

Stinky began to take the lead, using his profound sense of smell to try and pick up his father's trail.

"Well, Stinky," Humphrey 说 after letting his son sniff around for a few minutes. "What do 你 smell?"

Stinky looked up at his father. "You," he said. "But younger and less mature."

Humphrey gave out a nervous laugh, as he knew that Stinky hadn't the faintest idea.

"Yep," he said. "That's definitely me."

"Anything else, Stinky?" Kate asked, trying to stay on track.
"Hold on," he 说 as he began to sniff the cool, morning breeze, then down near the ground.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Scene 4:

(After leaving the territory, the group starts to get to work. Stinky is sniffing the air.)
Humphrey: Well, Stinky. What do 你 smell?
Stinky: You, but younger and less mature.
(Humphrey laughs nervously)
Humphrey: Yep, that's definitely me.
Kate: Anything else, Stinky?
Stinky: Hold on.
(Stinky sniffs the air again, then sniffs down towards the ground.)
Stinky: There's a trail. It's faint, but it's there. It's leading deeper into the forest.
Runt: Well, let's go see where it leads.
Claudette: Yeah Stinky, lead the way.
Stinky: Okay, follow me.
(They begin to slowly head into the woods, with Stinky stopping every once in a while to pick up the scent again.)
(The group walks for most of the day, occasionally resting. It's early evening and they're looking for a place to sleep for the night when Stinky suddenly stops.)
Humphrey: Stinky, what is it?
Stinky: I smell something strange.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Chapter 3: At the Edges of the Territory

    It was early morning the 下一个 day, and everyone was up and getting ready to go on their journey.
    "You don't have to do this, 你 know," Kate 说 to Humphrey as they were about to leave.
    "Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this," Humphrey said. "I have to know the truth."
    It was around this time that Garth and Lilly arrived at the den.
    "We're ready," Garth said.
    "As are we," Marcel 说 as he and Paddy arrived.
    "Good," Humphrey said. "Now all we need is Daria."
    "I'm here," Daria 说 as she came in.
    "Okay. Let's go," Humphrey 说 as everyone walked out of the 巢穴, den, 书房 where Winston was talking with Cando and Hutch. As the group approaches, Winston turned around to address them.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Scene 3:

(It's early morning the 下一个 day, and everyone is getting ready to go on the journey to find Humphrey's parents)

Kate: 你 don't have to do this, 你 know?
Humphrey: Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this. I have to know the truth.
Kate: Okay.
(Garth and Lilly arrive at the den)
Garth: We're ready.
(Marcel and Paddy fly in)
Marcel: As are we.
Humphrey: All we need now is Daria.
(Daria comes in)
Daria: I'm here.
Humphrey: Okay. Let's go.
(Everyone heads out of the 巢穴, den, 书房 where Winston is waiting with Cando and Hutch)
Humphrey: We're ready.
Winston: Good. Cando and Hutch will only be able to take 你 to the edge of the territory. We need them here, in case the Rouge 狼 decide to attack again. Good luck.
(The group begins to head off. Before they start heading down into the valley, Winston calls to Humphrey)
Winston: And Humphrey,
(Humphrey turns around)
Winston: I hope 你 find what you're looking for.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Special thanks to:

TimberHumphrey for the idea that Winston and Eve took him in.

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was relocated as a pup.

Chidori1334 for idea to bring Hutch back, the idea that Humphrey was an orphan, the idea to bring Daria back, and for the idea that Cando and Hutch found Humphrey.

Chapter 2: Pack Meeting

That night, Humphrey didn't sleep too well. He was continuing to think about his parents and was talking in his sleep as he did so.

"Mom. Dad. No, don't leave. Help!"

Outside the den, Kate and Winston were quietly talking.

"We can't keep it a secret any longer," Winston 说 to Kate. "He has to know the truth." Winston turned around and looked into the den, seeing Humphrey who was still tossing and turning.

"I agree," Kate said, following her fathers gaze. She had never seen him like this before, and she hated it. She hated seeing the one she loved turn into someone she didn't recognize. It was like he had become a whole new wolf, not the Humphrey she knew and loved, but someone completely different. She wanted the old Humphrey back.
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Song: Moving Mountains-Two Steps From Hell

Stinky: Dad, 你 never talk about your parents. How come?
Kate: I don't think he's even told me about his parents.
Winston: He needs to know the truth.
Winston: When we first found you, 你 were still quite young; but it was obvious 你 had been on your own for a long time.
Humphrey: What...happened?
(Winston sighs)
Winston: No one here really knows what happened the 日 你 迷失 your parents.
Humphrey: I'm looking for my parents.
Owen: Your parents? Humphrey, your parents are dead. Just accept it and go home!
Humphrey (shouting): I know they're out there, Kate. And I have to find them. With, 或者 without your help.
Humphrey: I know you. You're my sister.
Kenya: Humphrey?
Humphrey: Kenya? I'm looking for our parents.
Kenya: Humphrey, they're probably dead.
Humphrey (shouting): How could 你 say that?!
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Scene 2:

(Opening titles appear with dramatic 音乐 in the background.)
(It's night now and everyone is sleeping in the den. Humphrey tosses and turns, talking in his sleep.)
Humphrey: Mom. Dad. No. Don't leave. Help!
(Meanwhile, just outside the den, Kate and Winston are quietly talking.)

Winston: We can't keep it a secret any longer. He has to know the truth.
Kate: I agree.

(The 下一个 day, Winston calls a pack meeting.)

Winston: Everyone, quiet!
(The entire pack was gathered in the center of the valley. Winston stood on a rock as Cando and Hutch sat on either side of him.
Hutch: Are 你 sure we should really tell him, sir?
Winston: He has to know.
(Everyone quiets down as Winston begins to speak)
Winston: Everyone, we are faced with a time we all knew would come. A time, we all knew would be hard on this pack. But it will not as hard for us as it will be for Humphrey.
(Everyone turns to look at Humphrey, who is sitting at the very back of the assembly)
Fan fiction by PurpleDragon02 posted ·2个月前
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Alpha and Omega: Missing Parents
by: PurpleDragon02
Special Thanks to:

Chidori1334 for support.

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was relocated as a pup.

ben15delas for support.

Chapter 1: Humphrey's Flashbacks

It was a calm 日 in Jasper Park. It was Father's 日 and Kate had everyone over to help her with her father's gift. Winston, Eve, and Tony would soon be arriving, and she needed all the help she could get. Her sister, Lilly had come, along with her husband, Garth. Kate's husband, Humphrey, was also helping 由 watching their pups to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

"Humphrey," Kate called out. "Could 你 and Lilly come and help me finish up Dad's gift? I want it to be perfect."

"But Kate," Humphrey said. "What about the pups?"

"That is why we are here."

Everyone turned around to see their friends, Marcel and Paddy arriving at the entrance of to the den.
Article by SentinelPrime89 posted ·2个月前
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It's time for the A&O Maniacs!
And we're zany to the max!
So just sit back and relax.
You'll laugh 'til 你 collapse.
We're the A&O Maniacs!

Come 加入 the Splash Brothers...
And the Splash Sister, Claudette!
Just for fun we run
Around the Splash movie lot.
They lock us in the tower
Whenever we get caught.
But we break loose
And then vamoose
And now 你 know the plot.

We're the A&O Maniacs!
Claudette is cute and Stinky yaks,
Runt packs away the snacks
While Keith Richards plays the sax.
We're the A&O Maniacs!

Meet Lilly and Garth
Who want to rule the universe.
鸭 and 鹅 flock together,
Princess whacks them with her purse.
Kate chases Daria,
While Humphrey sings a verse.
The writers flipped,
We have no script!
Why bother to rehearse?

We're the A&O Maniacs!
We have pay-or-play contracts!