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Garth's mother

Age: 42

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Alpha (Beta)

Relations: Garth's mother, Tony's mate

Area of Residence: Eastern Pack, Eastern Region, Jasper Park, Canada

日期 of Birth: February 15th, 1952 (All dates go 由 human years)


Height at Shoulders: 3' 1"

毛皮 and Mane Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


A strong fighter and hunter, Clara is a beautiful 狼 who always makes time for her son. She loves Garth and Tony very much.


After a shortage of caribou, she leaves with Tony on a hunting trip and is killed in a stampede.
Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think 你 have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

I 爱情 this club and I respect his rule. I don't want to provoct you, because I had warned you. If I have some 报道 about my story, I'll 删除 it. But try to understand that I'm not a pervert 或者 just a porn fan. It's just a story of 爱情 and 爱情 mean sex at a moment, it's just a part of the life and the nature. Off course, I tried to don't use a hard vocabulary, just some feel and details. Just for that you'll be not shocked, the story take place when Runt and the other...
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Ok so some people asked me if I can provide them a few links. I found them and added informations as requested. Hope you'll enjoy them.

**For the torrents, all uploaders are verified (Gold crown on kickass torrent) and I tested the torrents myself too.

Anything wrong? Let me know!


Download [Torrents]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [French, Bluray]:

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Alpha and Omega 3D [English, DVD Rip]:link
Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English, Bluray 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English,...
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posted by Kate-alpha-wolf
Half the credit for this goes to HumphreyAlpha-- he helped me write this. Thanks HumphreyAlpha!!!
Bushes behind kodi, a white male wolf, rustled.
A pretty tan female 狼 walked out.
Kodi turns around and smiles. Hey, there, girl...
"Hello, kodi." she said.
Kodi jumps. "How do 你 know my name?
He took a step back.
"my mother knows your father well, she told me your name" she said.
Kodi raised an eyebrow.
"sorry for, uh coming out of the blue... " she said, looking at the ground shyly.
Kodi kneels down "It's okay..."
"my name's Aleu." she said
"That's a pretty name... As pretty as you...
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Kate & Humphrey adventures.
Summer of 2011 Part 1. "Garth's Encounter."

What happened between spring and now.

The pack has 迷失 1 member since last spring but gained 4 更多 pups. They never saw the boy in camo, 或者 have had any encounters with humans. Humphrey has passed his hunting training and is providing 食物 for 3 omegas. Kate likes to hunt also, so she catches her and Humphrey's meals. Even though Humphrey is not an Alpha he is currently as well trained as Can-do. Now the story begins with Garth's encounter.

It's summer! Lilly cheered as she saw her first 花 grow outside the den. That...
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Mooch carried Humphrey to Winston and Eve. Mooch set Humphrey down in Winston and Eve’s sight. Eve gasped at the sight.
“What happened?” She asked.
“He nailed his head on the chin of a dog and has a concussion,” Mooch answered.
“He saved Salty though,” Shakey said.
“I didn’t see crap,” Salty said, “By the way, we have a new comer.”
Jenna came into sight.
“Welcome to the pack!” Winston greeted, “We will be happy to have 你 in our pack. Are 你 an Alpha 或者 an Omega?”
“I think an Alpha,” Jenna replied, “How ever I have a confession.”
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Princess is hunting for herself when she Bump into someone.then she hear a growl.as she look up she recognize the wolf.
Princess: Runt?
Runt: Princess?
Claudette: Runt Who is this?
Runt: Claudette , Stinky Mom and dad this is Princess.
Kate: So Youre the one Look after our son aren't ya?
Princess: Yes and 你 must be Kate.
Kate: Yep that's me.
Humphrey: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble
Princess: Not at All I l like him a lot I've also left the pack.
Humphrey: Well 你 can stay with us.
Princess: Really?
Kate: Yeah.
Note: I'm currently working on a timeline of all the events that happen throughout the entire franchise, movie and fanfiction. I think it will help clear some confusion that could arise when The Final War comes out and it would be cool to see when key events happen. Note that any coincidences in the timeline, like the original movie taking place the 年 that it came out, was completely unplanned. That's a pure coincidence that the original movie takes place in 2010. It all just happened to fit together with the age that I choose Humphrey to be during that time. He's 30 when he dies in Legend,...
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posted by PurpleDragon02
Finally! The exerpt for the newest and upcoming story in the A&O franchise. In one year, the story will be released in full, but not as one article. Each chapter will have its own article. Starting today 或者 maybe tomorrow, I'll be releasing character profiles, going into some detail about the new characters in the story. I might also release the first chapter a week 或者 two before the 10 年 anniversary just to reignite the hype around it since we'll be waiting another year, which works out fine since I'm about halfway done with 写作 the story. I hope 你 enjoy this little bit of Chapter...
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In a 最近的 墙 post, I talked about my plan for three final fanfictions to end the franchise in my eyes. I decided to do this after I thought about what it would be like if Alpha and Omega had a psychological villain. Psychological villains are my 最喜爱的 kind because they fight with their intellect, planning for every possible counterattack, accounting for every scenario. In some cases they're 更多 terrifying than villains who fight with their brawn because it's very hard to outsmart them. These last 3 stories really will be the last ones. I know I 说 Legend of the Peaceful Warrior was...
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Chapter 9: March to Glory and Death

The plan was discussed thoroughly, yet swiftly amongst the 狼 because time was not on their side and they could hear the humans trying to silently 移动 through the trees, growing ever closer.

"So," Humphrey said. "Do we all know the plan?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay, good. Let's go!"

After these words, Humphrey began to lead a small part of the main pack back into the territory.

(Song: To Glory-Two Steps From Hell)

As they walked out into the open from behind Kate and Humphrey's den, the sunlight shone onto their faces. When they walked back into...
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Chapter 8: Humphrey's Rally

It wasn't long after the sound of the trucks started echoing throughout the valley that all hostilities were forgotten and every wolf, Rouge 或者 not, evacuated. What was once a clamor of the sounds of battle was now quieter than a graveyard.

After the humans were driven off after Humphrey was shot, they returned to the town and explained the whole situation to the local police. The town eventually decided to track down these obviously dangerous 狼 and get rid of them.

The population of the entire town set out, armed with 枪 and tracking dogs, a total force of...
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posted by Kitsune32
A/N 嘿 guys, Kyuubi99 here. I'll be uploading one chapter for this story and one for 爱情 in Any Shape. Tomorrow I focus on 爱情 in Any Shape because I've been sort of ignoring it. Alright enjoy Chapter 9.

Runt's POV

My parents and I were a far distance from the cave so my sister and brother wouldn't hear us and so they could still see the den. Once we got far enough, the three of us stopped walking and sat down. "Okay Runt now I think it's best that we talk about your feelings for Magril," my mom said. I nodded. "Ok, well when did this feeling start exactly?" She asked. "Well the 日 before...
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The Mystery of Alpha Condor

Prologue: A 狼 named Condor, was on a regular walk to fetch lunch for his family. He was an alpha, rank B, and he was a tough mutt. When he was in school, multiple guys made fun of him for his 毛皮 color: purple. On that day, those same people pushed him into a caribou running herd, and he was killed. No one cared for his death, and his soul possessed his own body, and killed his wife, and his two teenaged sons. 更多 and 更多 狼 have disappeared since that day, and that's where the story begins...

Chapter 1: A good day

It was a very sunny 日 in jasper park, and...
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Humphrey's friend in the Northern Pack

Age: 6

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Alpha

Relations: Owen and Amy's son

Area of Residence: Northern Pack, Northern Region

日期 of Birth: August 19th, 1988


Height at Shoulders: 1' 5"

毛皮 and Mane Color: Bright tan

Eye Color: Tan


Raised strictly 由 his father, but still makes room for fun amidst his responsibilities.


Rescued Humphrey from under a 树 one night but unfortunately, also got his leg broken 由 Humphrey
posted by Alex_6SIC6
My names Richard. I'm 17 years old and I just watched a video made 由 the Devil. It was NASTY and SCARY! I'm not kidding you! It had so much rape and satanic themes and many more. So, there is a 迷失 A&O video about Humphrey called "Humphrey's_Lost_It_again-avi". I have like, an 小时 before I have to go to bed, so, I'll tell 你 it all. The video starts off with a message saying "666" and it shows black for 8 seconds. Then, it fades in with Humphrey with a devilish and scary grin on his face. There was no sound but him breathing. He then looks at the ground and he raises an upside down...
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Humphrey was working on the boat, when Lilly came by. She snuck up on him as he was putting on the cover. She startled him once she got to him.
“Ahh!” He saw it was Lilly, “Don’t do that!”
“Sorry! What’s Humphrey doin?”
“Not really much, just putting on the 船, 小船 cover.”
Humphrey started the 船, 小船 cover from the front so he had to go in the water to put it on in the back. When he got about two to five feet in the water, he cut his foot on the anchor.
“Ahh! Ahh! Cut! Cut!”
“Humphrey, what’s wrong?”
Humphrey came out of the water bleeding, “Oh Humphrey!”
He laid...
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Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told 你 about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't 你 wonder if guys stare at your 屁股 all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare...
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posted by HumphryOmega
(Dosnt belong to me just spreading his work. To see the dude who made these 文章 go to fanfiction.com and look up R0xas 666)

Humphrey already regretted his decision not to leave Jasper Park, Kate was continuing with her wedding. Kate had begged him to stay, and so he had. Now, however, he was on the verge of tears because of the scene unfolding in front of him. Kate and Garth had gone through almost the entire mating ritual, and now they were about to touch noses.

They made contact and Humphrey gasped in horror, but it wasn't heard over the cheers of every other 狼 present. Humphrey turned...
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Kate woke the 下一个 morning to sun streaming in her den, at first she was taken back 由 her surroundings, thinking she would wake up in a comfy 床, 床上 with Jon's arm around her. Realizing where she was and remembering the night's 前一个 events, she got up, stretched and yawned. The glare from the sun off the fresh powdery snow outside was blinding, and Kate squinted as she made her way to the mouth of the den. There was at least four feet of snow on the ground and it came up to her neckline. Traveling through this would be rough and time consuming, but she had to find Jon, he was 迷失 out there...
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