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Vampire_CPM 说关于 Eddie Murphy
HAHA!! 你 dont got no ice cream cuz your on wellfare BRILLIANt!! ICECREAM ICE CREAM!!! AND THEN 你 dropped your ice cream 你 dropped your ice cream 爱情 IT YOUR GREAT JUST GREAT!!! thanks for 你 being you! Eddie can i call 你 eddie 或者 do 你 perfer MR. MURPHY? :) 发布 一年多以前
Vampire_CPM 说关于 Justin Beiber
Ha Ha honestly im not a 粉丝 of "Justin Beiber" but i give him a yay for 你 for being from Canada thank 你 i do like Canada and he does have LIKE 100,000,000 粉丝 even though im not really one of them. Now im not going to say he's Gay 或者 ugly 或者 call him a girl 或者 say he sounds like a girl. 或者 cuss him out but im just not a 粉丝 thanks for reading! :) Oh and he's not that ugly he's just idk well... 发布 一年多以前
Chazo 评论…
I agree JB 粉丝 #1 一年多以前
Amzozo 评论…
I'm also feelin da same way bt i dnt wnt 2 say ugly things abt him, bt he is hot! 一年多以前