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posted by Aaronluvr4321
If 你 liked harry potter 你 probably also like vampire 图书 too. 或者 is that just me... anyway am here to tell 你 that no matter who 你 are- you're sure to 爱情 this series! it's about a girl named raven who lives in a town so boring she calls it dullsville! but it isn't dull for long! an only goth and outsider, raven is curious when a family moves in the "haunted house" in town. the rumurs of the family suggest that they are vampires! it has always been ravens dream to become a vampire! and she becomes very interested in alexander, a homeschooled goth of her dreams. so read! now! yes i'm serious! i'm waiting! go ahead! blah,blah,blah,blah. have fun
 raven and alexander <3
raven and alexander <3