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Im not sure how it happend...but it did.Oh....I'm sorry my name is Amanda.Im in Griffindor and im 16 years old.And last night I did something baaaad.Ok so let me start from the beggining.

3 days earlier....

"Hey guys."I 说 to my 老友记 Harry,Hermione and Ron."Hey."They said.As we walked through the hall Malfoy stopped us."Potter."He 说 smirking.Athough I never really like Malfoy I had to admit he was rather good looking."He looked at me."Harvly."I rolled my eyes."What do 你 want Malfoy?"He looked at me."Many things at the moment."I glared at him."Stay away from her Malfoy."Harry sneared.Malfoy...
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Chapter 1 : Hidden 爱情
Heathers P.O.V
I havn't talked to anyone yet, not cause I didn't want to, but none would talk to me. Noone knew that I changed, I know what your thinking 'HA you, change, HA' but I did, I wasn't mean well, I could still be a 婊子, 子 every now and then, but still, I made new 老友记 that are like me, they messed up once and noone forgave them. I walked up to the girl's cabbin the sun was setting and I wanted to go to sleeep, thats when *click* I quikey took the handle and tryed to open the door. I pulled and pulled but nothing
"Uhh...Leshawna, can u open the door" Then I...
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Gwen’s POV
"Welcome Back to Total Drama Island, here we let the contest have a 日 off-or so they think"
"Must Chris use the same intro every time", I say with a bored look in my eye.
"He doesn't always use the same intro, plus that’s what he's paid to do" Duncan reassures me while moving in closer.
"Yah, I guess your right" I start to 太空 out a little until Duncan touches my hand and I jump.
"Are 你 okay? 你 seem a little off today. Was Cody going through your suit case again?"
"Yes but that’s not why I'm like this. I just hate the fact that everyone hates me due to what happened on TDWT....
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Geoff's House: 10:35 PM

Izzy: Let's get the party started!
Justin: The only 2 people I havn't seen is Ezekiel and Noah.
Ezekiel: (walks in with style) Hey!
Eva: 你 back yo sexualy insult girls! :O
Ezekiel: No. I'm way over that!
Goeff: (walks by) Nice party, right!?!?
Ezekiel: Heck yes!
Eva: I geuss.
Justin: Of course, dude!
Izzy: Duh.
Bridgette: Geoff.
Geoff: Yea babe!
Bridgette: I saw a shadow in your bedroom, and the guy in the shadow was holding a knife.
Geoff: 你 were probably just 日 dreaming.
Noah: Don't worry, I'm here.
Heather: Trust me... we weren't beginning to matter one bit! :D
Noah: Shut up!...
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All 10 of the survivors. Gwen, Duncan, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Al, Heather, Noah, Harold, Chef, and Chris were all around the funeral home. The contestants that died on the ship were all in caskets around them. Gwen felt a little unsettled about the whole experience still. 2 and a half walks had passed but she still couldn’t shake away that dark feeling, the vision of everyone dying had stayed in her mind and she knew it would be there for all eternity. It was replaying in her mind over and over like a broken DVD.

Gwen stood there dressed up in a pitch black dress for the occasion. Her hair...
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 Saras Group Hug
Saras Group Hug
"Yo, Whats up, i'm comming to 你 live from Camp Wawanaka" 说 Kenzie Walking over to the 22 unlukey Teens "23 Te- Wait....There Should be one more...." Kenzie was cut off 由 an up comming 船, 小船 with a Black hair girl on board.
"I'm sorry, I got a lil sea sick a while back." 说 The Girl
"Thats ok Sara...did 你 Puke?" asked Kenzie
"" 说 Sara
"Good." Kenzie sighed in relif "Everyone this is Sara!"
"Oh Goodie, your gonna ruin her life 2?!?!" Cried Heather
"Yes Heather, yes we are!" 说 Kenzie as Sara Pulled the other Campers in for a big hug.
"Its so nice to met 你 all!" E'd Sara...
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作者 Note: This poem is REALLY short and I think I spelled masichest (ma-si-kissed) wrong. Did I?
A DxC poem.

I'm preppy, a perfectionist,
You're a pyro, a total masichest
And on the outside, on top,
I just want to scream. Please stop.

The good girl, the innocent one,
Has these feelings and tries to 显示 none,
Cause seeing 你 makes my 心 leap and hop,
If 你 loved me, 你 would STOP!

Stop me from loving you,
And those evil eyes of icy blue,
Stop loving me, forever,
Because I hate that I'll never

Control how I feel for you...
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Gwen and Trent came back from a 日期 and decided to have fun.......
*Moans* "I 爱情 you" Gwen said. "I 爱情 你 to" 说 Trent. Gwen was about to unzip Trent's pants when...... *BANG!*(I don't mean that BANG!) "What was that?" they both said. Both get dressed and walk to the window. They saw Duncan outside jumping up waving his hands saying this. "Hey you! The one with the gay 情绪硬核 hair! Get down here! That means you! Girl who probably finished cutting herself! Lets go! Lets go now!" "Bitch that was a run on sentence" Gwen said. After some talking they go get the others for their 'Trip'. Duncan,...
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The sun rose upon this 日 slowly, although it couldn’t be seen pass all the fog. Red leaves were falling off of the trees around everyone carelessly. The whole setting was just plain dim, dull, empty. As if something evil was in the air, something deadly.

Gwen and Duncan were inside the house asleep on the 长椅, 沙发 still. Gwen had stirred in her sleep on the 长椅, 沙发 as her eyes slowly opened, meeting the still dark insides of the house. As soon as she moves she falls off the couch. “OOF!” She exhales as she meets the floor. The vibration causes the remote control to fall of it’s 表 and...
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I already made a TDI theme songs article, but I changed some of them, and some are the same-

Ezekiel- Canadian Idiot- Wierd Al

Eva-Down With The Sickness-Disturbed

Noah-Viva La Vida-Coldplay

Justin-This Is Why I'm Hot-Mims

Katie&Sadie-Best Friend-Toy Box

Tyler-Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

Izzy-Axel F-Crazy Frog

Cody-Girls-Beastie Boys

Beth-That's Why You're Beautiful-Beyonce

Courtney-Bad Boy-Cascada

Harold-White and Nerdy-Wierd Al


Bridgette-I'm Yours-Jason Maraz


DJ-Dear Mama-Tupac

Geoff-Party Like A Rockstar-Shop Boyz

LeShawna-Baby Got Back-Sir Mia-A-Lot

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The ambulances and paramedics were surrounding the boathouse. A body bag was seen being carried into one of the ambulances. Most likely, the rest of Harold’s body. His mother was seen crying as his father held onto her, crying as well as they couldn’t even stand to watch the 救护车 as it drove off. Gwen and Duncan sat on a log as Gwen held her face in her hands, she was getting deathly afraid of the events happening to her, 3 deaths, weird premonitions, this dark, eerie feeling that seemed to follow her no matter where she went…strange.

“You want to go home?” Duncan asks her as...
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Duncan: why do 你 care about me so much?
Brooke: okay. Remeber at the dock?
Duncan: yeah
Brooke: well, thats when.. *Flashback*
3rd person
She told him about the time. it was the last 日 of TDI, and she was sitting 由 the dock.Then, a hand was on Brookes shoulder
duncan: I thought 你 might be here
brooke: yeah.
Duncan, Aren't 你 cold?
Brooke: no
Duncan: well i brought 你 blanket anyways.
Brooke: thanks So, thats it then, Owen one.
Duncan: yeah, its a real bummer not winning the money.
Brooke:Yeah, well at least 你 were in the final...
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