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Source: The Rowdyruff Boys Movïe Recast Meme 由 Joshuat1306 On DevïantArt
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 Butch and his video games...(of course.)
Butch and his video games...(of course.)

Role: Butch is the toughest of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Butch's personality puts the "rowdy" in Rowdyruff. His personality is like that of a typical little boy. Like Buttercup, he likes to play rough and fight. He also is mostly the bully of the group. Because of that, Butch is the 来源 of the arguments he has with his brothers. But don't let the spikes and nails fool you! Butch actually has 更多 of a soft side 更多 than Buttercup does. Like Brick, he prefers to bottle it rather than 显示 it most of the time. Butch is also a very jealous boy.

Intelligence: Butch is the least intelligent...
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 Bubbles Boomer Blossom and Buttercup at the park
Bubbles Boomer Blossom and Buttercup at the park
Narrator: Last time...
Bubbles: *crying*
*Blossom flies in*
Boomer: BUBBLES! *Whispers to himself* THANK YOU!
Blossom: Just as I thought!!!
Narrtor: If 你 want to find out the rest you're going to have to press something that says "Bubbles and Boomer 1" Let's go on to see what happens.
Bubbles: Thanks Boomer!
Boomer: Your welcome. Shall we?
Bubbles: Yes.
*Those two go rollar skating*
Buttercup: What do we do?
Blossom: There's only one thing we can do! C'mon!
*Buttercup goes with Blossom*
Narrator: Later.
Bubbles: That was fun! Let's go again sometime.
Boomer: yeah how about Saturday?
Bubbles: Okay!
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Well another normal 日 for the rowdyrights...Bash is on the 长椅, 沙发 reading,Blake is punching his meat,and Breaker coloring a flower.You went to pay Breaker a visit since nobody ever did.Knock!Knock!Knock! "Hi(__)! Do 你 need something?" asked the raven haired boy." actualy.. but do 你 want to go to the park?" "Sure i`d 爱情 too!" exclaimed breaker as he embraced 你 into a 熊 hug."BYE BASH!!!BYE BLAKE!!!" as soon as he closed the door,he grabbed 你 hand causing 你 to blush."W-What are 你 d-doing Breaker?!?" "well since 你 cant fly(___), i have to fly 你 there!" "Wuhhh?!-GAHHHHH!!!"...
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 The number one Bell!
The number one Bell!
This is Bell. She is Bubbles and Buttercup combined. She mostly acts (or tries) to act like
Buttercup. 钟, 贝尔 is really a Bubbles at heart. She
likes Butch some how. 钟, 贝尔 hates Blossom cuz she
she has ice breath. Nobody knows why. Her hidden
power is Plant Growth. That means 钟, 贝尔 can make
plants grow ANYWHERE. 钟, 贝尔 wishes to be a part
of the PPG. Her best friend Bunny is curently in
hiding due to the fact she destroyed half of Townsville. (Bell still thinks this is funny!)
Bell has white hair and eyes. Her favorate color
is White. Her dress is white with a black stripe.
Mojo jojo knows about bell. He...
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NARRATOR: Bubbles! Really? Boomer?

BUTTERCUP: Look Blossom!




(Buttercup turns Blossom to where she can see Bubbles and Boomer)

BLOSSOM: OOOO! Bubbles is so lucky!

(Before Blossom realizes, she turns around, and Brick was behind her.)

BRICK: Heeeeelo!

BLOSSOM: Oh Brick! 你 scared me! Hi! Whats up? How are you?

BRICK: Bab- uh Blossom.... one 问题 at a time!

BLOSSOM: Oh, sorry.

BRICK: Hi.......

BLOSSOM: Ummmmmmmmm......... 你 说 that already....

BRICK: Oh yeah...

(Butch cuts in and says loud enough for Blossom to hear...)

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professor:girls 你 have one 更多 change to get the rrbs
blossom: what is it
professor: thease are anklets 你 put them on the boys ankels and they lose thier powers when they come off the powers come back ok?
blossom: ok lets go girls

*all fly off to find the rrbs*

blossom: hello boys ready 4 a fight
brick: woah ur not gonna 吻乐队(Kiss) us again r u?
boomer: *pukes*
bubbles: no worries and someone get boomer a mint!
buttercup: c`mon girls

*snaps on the anklets and police car comes boomer crys butch trys to run away brick spazes*

2 years later...

professor: happy birthday girls! and for a preasent i have a suprise im getting 你 ... brothers how does that sound!
buttercup:where are u adopting them?
professor: juby im adopting the rrbs

to be continued
NARRATOR:Blazey and Blake are having a little chat
waiting for the teacher to stop talking to their

BLAZEY:Hello Brover!

BLAKE:Ummm.... Sis.... Whats up?

BLAZEY:Nothing special.

BLAKE:Let me guess, u r happy I got in trouble for
something 你 did.


(Blake folds his arms and turns around)

BLAZEY:OK! It's not that!

BLAKE:Then what is it?


BLAKE:Don't tell me 你 don't know.

BLAZEY:I do know but I don't want to say it to you
cuz 你 would spread it like wild fire.


BLAZEY:Yea, 你 would!


BLAZEY:GAWD! Ok don't tell anyone this, I'm in love...
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Source: Rowdyruff Boys Cast Meme 由 JAMNetwork On DevïantArt
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Narrator: Aaah, It is a bright, sunny 日 in the city of Townsville. All is well, at least after the defeat of...THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS!!

(Scene cuts to the Girls house)

Narrator: Well let's see how the Utonium 首页 is...fine probably..I hope.

The girls are just relaxing after the defeat of the boys. Buttercup is lazily lying on the couch, while Bubbles is coloring and Blossom is 阅读 a novel. Buttercup with nothing to do peeks over at Bubbles drawing and finds she is drawing a bunny.

Buttercup: Bubbles, is there anything else 你 can draw? I mean almost every 日 你 draw the same things, cute,...
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 Interview with Butch
Interview with Butch
Narrator: So Butch, being the tough one, what's it like?

Butch: Fun. I can kick butt, but I think titles are stupid. Like, who made Brick the "smart one"? I'm smart! I get a C in school. I just prefer to play video games instead of doing my homework and I am not some bookworm 或者 some geek that studies like 100 hours a day. I always say Brick studies too much. And who made Boomer the "cute one"? I'm cute! Look at this hair sticking out of my head! Look at these facial expressions! I just don't have some stupid cutesy voice nor do I pick 花 and watch soap operas and whatever sissy stuff Boomer...
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 the rowdyrude boys shadows
the rowdyrude boys shadows
At sunrise the Rowdy Ruff Boys were playing football ''GET IT 你 IDIOT! '' Brick 说 to Boomer.But when Butch threw it up in the sky it didn't come back down.The boys were confused.They didn't knew where it was,somewhere in 太空 on a other planet there was 问题 in there minds about there missing football...until the same football came shooting down from the sky with a stream of 火, 消防 behind crashed landed on the ground with a huge crater around it.Brick knew someone had threw it because it doesn't take that long for a football to come down from the sky. The boys all looked at it...
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couldnt find a rowdyruff boys z club, sooo..its here!
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 Yup, dat bee dem!
Yup, dat bee dem!
Okay everyone, these are their kids! I got this from 3 years ago, and I had it saved on my computer, so these are NOT made up. All the other ones like Kitten and all that crap, not real. No offense Kitten and the others. But cartoonetwork 发布 this stuff,So this is an 文章 about what it said. I painted the picture though.

Okay, Blossom and Brick's kids are simple to explain: Blake is first. Blake: He is a hyper loud-mouth, who likes to play LOTS of video games, and be really rowdy, like his dad. His signiture color is orange. His 最喜爱的 cousin is Billy, who I will explain...
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