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posted by mimivilee
Hello everyone!

On the 23rd of November I am meeting Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) for a 照片 shoot, and a signing! I am very lucky, I know.

I know how much 你 all want to say something to Matt Smith, so I want 你 to give me messages 你 want to say to him, for me to put in a massive card I am going to get him.

This is the perfect opportunity for 你 all to thank Matt, 或者 just let him know of your existence!

你 can either 提交 what 你 want to say Here:

或者 电子邮箱 me what 你 want to say at this address:

If 你 have any 问题 either 电子邮箱 me, 或者 send me a 问题 HERE:

THANK YOU! Please send me things, I would hate to have an empty card!