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There’s quite a bromance brewing between Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. The singers have been hanging out in Park City, Utah together and seem to be having a lot of fun. Wearing Louis Vuitton jean jackets, jeans, furry hats and “swag boots,” the teen stars posed in matching outfits, and the Biebs 发布 the pic on Twitter, writing:

“Uh oh new @swagboots the world doesn’t know what just hit them haha.”

Two guys — one look. Who wore it best? Vote in the 民意调查 and sound off in the comments.

Last week, Justin hit the stage in Rockefeller Center, and judging 由 the deafening shrieks,...
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Ashley Tisdale takes a phone call as she runs a few errands in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (November 22).

The 26-year-old actress, toting her new Celine purse, just inked another deal with 迪士尼 Channel. The project, called Adventure Quest, comes from writer Jennifer Derwingson, a graduate of the Disney/ABC 写作 fellowship program, according to Variety.

Ashley and business partner Jessica Rhoades will executive produce the project.

Earlier last week, Ashley was spotted at the Breaking Dawn premiere.

ARE 你 EXCITED for 更多 projects from Ashley?
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Justin Bieber has made good on his promise to take a DNA test to prove that he’s not the father of Mariah Yeater‘s 4-month old son, as she has claimed in a lawsuit against the pop star.

TMZ reports that Bieber took the DNA test on Friday at a laboratory in New Jersey, and that there’s been a tight watch on who’s been handling the test to avoid any possible arguments from Yeater’s team as to the validity of the results. There’s no word as to when the results might be released.

From the beginning, Bieber has insisted that he is not the father of Yeater’s baby, and has made several public statements stating his case. During an interview on Today, Bieber took a stand, saying to Matt Lauer: “I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true … I know I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim.”
Miley Cyrus took to Twitter to 评论 on how people view weight and body image in the world, and from the sound of it she was called overweight 由 somebody recently, which she is SO not! Here’s what Miley Tweeted along with a 照片 of a severely underweight individual:

由 calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. i 爱情 MYSELF & if 你 could say the same 你 wouldn’t be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others.

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to respond:

@MileyCyrus AMEN!!!!

And here’s how Miley responded to Demi:

@ddlovato AMEN! I will destroy any one...
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Demi Lovato’s older sister Dallas Lovato 发布 these pictures to Twitter on Thanksgiving. We 爱情 that Demi spent Thanksgiving with her family at home. Who did 你 spend Thanksgiving with?

P.S. Demi looks beautiful as always!

Hot Chelle Rae Ft. Demi Lovato “Why Don’t 你 爱情 Me?”

Here it is! The full-length new song from Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato. The track is called “Why Don’t 你 爱情 Me?”

The song hasn’t officially released yet, but this leaked version has been spreading around the web. Listen below and let us know what 你 think!

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Although every effort to present himself as a "chaste and good girl," and this describes the media and her family, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, who claims that her child did Justin Bieber, no stranger to the publication of nude photographs.

As quoted 由 U.S. media, Mariah has a MySpace 个人资料 under the name Mariah Laci, and which announced its many photographs, including several nude. On the 照片 is obvious that the tattoo and piercing lover.

Yeater 说 that the son was born "exactly 36 weeks and two days after having sex with Justin Bieber". He says that during this period had no relationship with none other and is sure that the child Biebe's. Bieber denies he is the father.