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Noah and Cody from Total Drama gettin' frisky...or something like that.
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Just a little NoCo I whipped up. My first fanfic in a while. Rated T for safety.

There he was, just laying there, sweet and innocent and completely unattainable. Noah thought he looked like an 天使 when he slept. I sound like a ridiculous schoolgirl, Noah scolded himself, I know Cody's straight. Beside, I have a boyfrien back home, so why bother? As he lay there, he thought about Joey-- his boyfriend back home. Joey had been with him through so much, always there to help him and protect him. And Noah loved him. He didn't need some straight guy to ruin his relationship....
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Okay... As there isn´t enough words in this whole wide world to describe how amazing, funny 或者 simply incredible this video is! Let´s say that a wonderful genius created it. Here it is "Avenue Q" at the most NoCo style!!!
if 你 were gay
that ´ll be okay. i mean ´cause hey! i like 你 anyway...
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After Izzy had 说 the immature thing she 说 and after Noah and Cody blushed and all that
Izzy said: “Anyway’s! 你 guy’s need to come see this! I caught a squirrle! “
Noah was pissed now: “Get out Izzy!!!”
Izzy: “Bu-“
Noah and Cody yelled: “Get out!!!”
Izzy: “Fine! You’re loss!” Izzy then closed the door and ran out.
Noah sighed and kept looking at the ground: “Well…you want some music?”
Cody: “Noah. Answer my question, who was the person that 你 were in 爱情 with?”
Noah paused: “…Like 你 care…” He stood up but Cody grabbed his wrist making Noah look...
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