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trent how am i soppset 2 find gwen i are ready miss her
t t trent where am trent where r u *hears a nose* HES NOT HERE U THING
gwen trent stop this is scareing me
cris stute up
gwen i'm calling trent 2 c were he is *calls trent * phone rings in her pocket* plz tell me thats a maroge
gwen *brut in to tears* trent
cris your not getting out of here ever *laughts*
gwen let me out 或者 i well call the pollice
cris i'm not scared of u gwen
gwen how do u know my name
cris cuz i'm cris muclane
gwen y r u kid napping me
cris cuz have 更多 粉丝 than me and i can't have someone poular than me
gwen ok what r u going 2 do 2 me
cris i will kill u stupide
gwen don't call me stupide
cros bite me
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Gwen's pov!
The new season of Total drama has started...and i have come across a problem. i`m in 爱情 with two guys. a sweet musician and a delinquent punk. "ready for the season babe?"Duncan asked. "yeah..i guess."i looked over the edge of the 船, 小船 we were forced to get on to get to the island. "lighten up,i know one of us will win this season."he put his arms behind his neck and kicked his feet up on the railing. "i cant wait.."i blew the hair out of my face boringly. we all arrived on the island and Ben and Jerry were waiting for us on the dock. "welcome back campers,hope 你 had a great...
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Trent's pov!
sup! me and Gwen are going to this spring break party at Courtney's and Duncan`s house. (and yes,this is Gwen and Trent married,and they had kids,you know if 你 read) we dropped the kids of at their 最喜爱的 uncle Jason,then its off to go to the party.
no one's pov!
Trent:excited for the party? Gwen:yeah,Duncan 说 he invited all of the TD contestants,even Chris and Chef. Trent:wow,sounds huge. Gwen:he also invited allot of other people,but i don't know their names. Trent:probably Geoff's idea. Gwen:yeah. *they arrive at the party* Trent:wow. *they both get out* Gwen:there's allot...
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Gwen:here's the plan i will fall asleep and pull that asshole out of hell and bring him in the real world and me and Trent will kick his ass. Trent:o-k? but how are 你 gonna pull him out of a dream? Gwen:i grab him, 你 wake me up? Trent:*sighs* fine. mom:excuse me, but my daughter is NOT gonna risk her live to bring a devil into the world with that slowing her down. *points to her stomach* Gwen:oh brother! mom:i am serious! what if- Trent:can we cut the chit-chat papa Trent wants to go 首页 and sleep!mom:fine, just be careful! *they put Gwen on the couch* Trent:be brave,alright? Gwen:i will....
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posted by noahking
after total drama world tour. a few weeks later!
gwens pov.
gwen: 嘿 its gwen. as 你 know season 3 is know over, thank god. There is no 更多 drama. and as 你 all know duncan and i are still goin out. i hope we can be together forever. so i am now heading to my house from where i work. well i get 首页 and i look for duncan, but i could not find him, then i heard noises upstaires so i head up stairs. when i get upstaires and open the door, i saw duncan and courtney making out. duncan saw me and 说 this. duncan: oh 嘿 gwen soo listen up we are over so good bye now. i started to cry and ran...
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Trent's pov!
I yawned and sat up. i was pulled back immediately. what the? i saw that i was chained to the 床, 床上 由 my hands and feet and a 枕头 covered my groin. i moved around and i felt something medal near the pillow. i looked down and saw a key. i reached for it,but the chains were to strong. the maid walked in with new 床, 床上 sheets. she screamed and dropped the sheets. "Madam,Madam,i know this looks terribly wrong but i am a professional. if 你 just lift up this pillow,it will be the key to my freedom."i smiled. she obviously didn't like the idea. she screamed in terror and ran off. "oh...
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Gwen's pov!
It was very hard to get money for the family. Trent couldn't get his career so he decided to work out in the farm fields to pack 食物 for other country's around the world. while i was stuck at a rundown cafe serving people. we have 2 kids. Amber and Dylan. Dylan was just born and Amber was in her teenage years. after long,hard hours of working at the cafe i drove home. i saw Amber running out of the house with Dylan in her arms with a worried expression. i stopped the car and got out. "what's wrong?"i asked. "its dad. he keeps screaming and throwing stuff around because...
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Gwen's pov! JANUARY
I yawned and sat up on my bed. i knew that my 老友记 were throwing a party,so i decided to get ready. i walked to Marlin's house. oh no i forgot to put on makeup! i might look like a total freak when i get there. i sighed and knocked on the door. Duncan opened the door and his eyes widened. "what?"i asked annoyed. he burst out laughing in my face. "you look so weird without any makeup on!"he laughed. everybody else heard him and looked at me and started laughing. i put my 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 on and walked into the house and out the back door and sat down on a log. i sighed and propped...
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Trent's pov!
*sighs* hey. i`m gonna ride to the place where all of problems were kept. it started to rain and i stepped on the bus and sat down. the driver took me to an abandoned film set. i stepped off the bus and into the rain. yep,its total drama action. i walked around the place and it looked the same as it did 11 years ago,but it was 更多 torn down. i walked over to the trailers where we`d all used to stay at and walked in. cob webs,lots of them. just painful memories. i walked out and saw a 树 with a carving on it. i walked over to it and it was a picture of a 心 with GxT in it....
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Gwen's pov!
i opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. what happened? i heard a soft snore. i looked over and found a sleeping cutie 下一个 to me. i got in closer to him and rubbed his abs. he opened his eyes and sat up. "where the heck am i?"he 说 half asleep. "in hell."i said. he looked over at me and rubbed his eyes. "i`m still really tired."he said. "i know 你 are,but he should be back today."that made him stand up. "i wonder if that bastard is already here."he hissed. "i hope not."i said. he pulled my good hand and i sat up. "are 你 feeling okay?"he said. "i`m fine,i just don't know...
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posted by cooleeo
Trent's pov!
what is wrong with me? the 爱情 of my life,Gwen,is hating me for some odd reason. it's probably cause i kissed Heather. but that was an accident! it's could be something else,but i don't know what. even though Gwen is hitting and yelling at me,doesn't mean i cant stop loving her. maybe i can make it up to her. here comes Gwen! (by the way this is on total drama) she just woke up,and she looks grumpy. i run up to her. "hey Gwen."i said. she got angry and slapped me. ow,that hurt. she probably hit me because she's tired or...i don't know! she wont tell me. "Gwen why'd 你 do that?"i...
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Gwen's pov!
i sat up in my bed. tired,grouchy,and tired. i looked over at my clock...7:05. i groan and lay back down. then my phone vibrates. i got a message from Trent. it said,you up sunshine? i giggle,and text back,i am now. he text back,sorry,did i wake 你 up? :{ i text back,not really. he text back,sorry. i 说 it was okay. he text back,:} cool,pick ya up for 电影院 around...9? i text back yes. i got out of bed,and went to go take a shower. i get out and put on my normal clothes,then i go downstairs to get some breakfast. "morning dear."my mom said. i smiled and sat down. she sat my plate...
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posted by cooleeo
(this is on total drama island the episode after the talent show,i`m only 展示 GXT,nothing else)
Gwen's pov!
i woke up on my lumpy old 床, 床上 in the cabin. i sat up and got out my mirror to fix my hair. i saw that i had make-up smeared all over my face because of all the crying last night, doesn't matter. i went to the bathroom to take a shower,then i headed off to the mess hall to eat. when i walked in the first person i saw was Trent. he looked at me with a worried expression,but i just looked away,and grabbed the slop chef was gonna give us. i sat at the far end of the gopher's table....
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Trent's pov!
sometimes your life is so perfect,music career,18 years old,and an amazing girlfriend...but that last one..didn't last so long. 你 see,i went on a 音乐 tour for about a year..leaving 天使 behind...then coming back,to find....a male having sex with her.....that was when my life ended. i was gonna ask her to marry me,but i guess she couldn't stay faithful to me. i cant tell 你 the story..its to painful.
i walked into Gwen's home,it smelled like cinnamon and blueberry's. i hear her giggling and laughing,i think she was talking on the phone with Leshawna. i get the ring...
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Trent's pov!
sup,i`m Trent. 你 might never heard of me before,but 你 will now. i`m going on a 音乐 tour!

my life is brilliant

okay,okay my life is pretty weird..i have never kissed a girl,even though the girls try to 吻乐队(Kiss) me. i want my 爱情 life to be real,not some weird 粉丝 girl asking 你 to marry her.

my life is brilliant
my 爱情 is pure
i saw an angel
of that i`m sure

let me just get my train ticket and..whoa..who is that? *looks at a girl with black hair with midnight blue teals,pale skin,black eyes,and goth clothes (ones from TD)* wow..i just stood there looking 爱情 struck,until the drummer...
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posted by tdigwens1fan
at school
gwen: one normal boring 日 in school
trent walks in
trent: hi
gwen: what are 你 doing here
trent: i am studing here from now on
gwen: awsome
trent: bye
gwen 写作 in her diary
thats the best 日 ever i cant belive trent is coming i wonder does he has feelings for me too
tren walks in
dj:you can do it bro
trent: how i can say to her that i have feelings for her
钟, 贝尔 rings
teacher:gwen trent your going to work together
gwen: ok
trent: ok
trent: gwen do you
gwen: what
trent: i am asking 你 do 你 undurstand what that means
gwen: no lets start
after 2 hours
trent: gwen i like youdo like me
gwen: yea