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Trent had been waiting for Gwen to come out of the bathroom for the past few minutes.He wondered how she was feeling."I hope she's okay." Trent thought to himself.Gwen walked out of the bathroom a few 秒 later and hugged Trent."It turns out I am pregnant. We're going to be parents." Gwen told him."I see."Trent 说 to her."Have 你 decided on a plan yet?" Trent asked"I have; and I don't think we can hide this anymore." Gwen replied.
"I'm not getting an abortion 或者 giving up my baby for adoption. We're going to raise our child together and we have to tell our parents even though they could...
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Gwen's pov!
i stood there at the end of the dock,crying and waving goodbye to Trent. (by the way this is on total drama,at the end of 搜索 and do not destroy) he was waving to me until the 船, 小船 was completely out of sight. i sighed and looked at my feet. "well its been a long day,i think i`m gonna hit the showers,great work everybody."Heather 说 walking off to the showers. everybody started to walk away,but i just stood there looking out at the lake,wishing Trent would come back. i felt a hand pat my shoulder. i looked at the person,and it was Leshawna. "don't worry girl,i`ll get her back."she...
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Gwen's Matthias p.o.v

I was walking to the park,to sketch the landscape.
I fell over in a puddle."Are 你 alright"Said this Guy.He grabbed my hand and helped me up.
"Um,...thanks"I blushed.I stood up and saw his face.
WOW!He looked Good.
"You look Good", uh oh I quickly clapped my hand over my mouth."What was that"He said
"Nothing,um what is your name"I 说 to cover myself up."Trent Smiths and yours is......"
"Gwendolyn Matthias, but people call me Gwen, so thanks for helping me"I 说 while getting the Mud of my pants."No problem, people...
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