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posted by Lannieluv7
Buzz: Caroline and Stefan have struck up a friendship; do 你 think anything romantic will ever happen between them?
CA: It's always fun when 你 have new faces in front of you, and Caroline and Stefan didn't really have a lot of scenework in the first season, so I think that's what everyone is talking about in regards to the 秒 season. They've got a great banter, 你 know. [But] He's got enough to worry about with Elena. And that's the other thing, it's another friendship; yes, she was attracted to him back then, but at this point it really is just stemming from the friendship, and I just need help. It's refreshing because it's that old question, can men and women just friends?
When The Vampire Diaries returns for Season 4, the friendship between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) that 粉丝 have been clamoring for will finally be further explored.
"I always look at Caroline as Stefan's future [best friend] Lexi [Arielle Kebbel]," executive producer Julie Plec 说 during this weekend's ATX 电视 Festival panel, moderated 由 this reporter. "You've seen little pockets of a friendship spark between them, and I see Caroline in the long run of the series becoming that important in Stefan's life."

"Caroline is an acolyte of the Stefan school of sobriety so to speak, so she's going to be all, 'I'm with 你 buddy, I'm on your team' as they try to help Elena [Nina Dobrev]," Plec said. "I remember saying in Episode 203 when Stefan takes Caroline under his wing that the two of them and their chemistry was so delightful... It's such a pleasure to watch."
posted by MissAllisonLove
Written 由 dee theeye in tumblr:

I’m on a Stefan/Caroline high right now. I need 更多 of them on the show. Like, right this second. I just watched a bunch of 视频 and was reminded of why they are my 最喜爱的 thing ever. They are one of my 最喜爱的 pairings and they have yet to share even a kiss. Why do I continue to fall in 爱情 with couples that will most likely never happen? WHY!

Because they are perfect for each other.
Because unlike most of the characters on the show, they respect each other.
Because he doesn’t treat her like a silly girl, he is amused 由 her antics.
Because he has consistanly...
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posted by MissAllisonLove
 FOTM: 粉丝 Of The 月
FOTM: Fan Of The Month
FOTM: 粉丝 of the month

Should we make a 民意调查 every 月 with Staroline 粉丝 and choose our 最喜爱的 粉丝 of the month?

A lot of spots make it and I think it's a great idea to know better to the ussers, the Staroline fans...

你 know... someone make the 民意调查 and after a couple of days, the 民意调查 is closed and the winner is interviewed 由 the one who made the poll.

Its very funny and great... And all the 粉丝 have the chance to win so why not?

Of course your thoughts are importatnt so please 评论 your answer and why....

So think about it! ♥

What do 你 think?

Yes 或者 Not?

 I think it's a great idea to know better to the ussers, the Staroline fans...
I think it's a great idea to know better to the ussers, the Staroline fans...
 Yes 或者 Not?
Yes Or Not?