SSA Aaron Hotchner Spot's 图标 & banner.

suu posted on Mar 01, 2009 at 10:36AM
First of all, thanks for creating this spot.
I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds and I love Hotch's character.

Secondly, I was just wondering why doesn't this spot have an icon & banner. Is there a reason why..?

suu :)

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一年多以前 xellga said…
Thanks for joining! ))

Two reasns basically, the first being that I'm totally ignorant of Photoshop ))) The second is that due to a terrible job deadline I haven't really had the time to request either from someone else. If someone's willing to share the artwork, I'd be happy to put it up asap ))))

一年多以前 suu said…
big smile
Hey! I didn't notice you posted a reply. Well, now the spot already has an icon and a banner. And I have to say that I really like the banner! :)
一年多以前 Celina79 said…
big smile
Yay, we have a banner and a icon! I really like them!! :)
一年多以前 xellga said…
Yes, a friend of mine made the banner and I thought it was really great. Glad you guys likeв it, too )))
一年多以前 MiraNL said…
big smile
The banner looks great and within no time you will have too much Hotchicons to choose from ;)