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 你 got you're soul for what. It was what 你 wanted right? Beneath 你
You got you're soul for what. It was what you wanted right? Beneath You
In Season 7,theres denial,compassion,
loss,pain, suffering, power,and True Love.We see all this from Spike & Buffy in this Season.Ever Since Spike came back in Sunnydale things were not the same.


When Buffy discovered that Spike is a vampire with a soul. She was still keeping her distance away from Spike. The moments of rape and lusty attractions to use each other haunts both Spike & Buffy in Season 7. After Buffy figured out the Big Bad The First, was tormenting Spike because has a soul, Buffy was helping him to fight it. She saw the monster within him and saw him fought it...
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Because I 爱情 Spike & Buffy to much, I decide to make an 文章 with my 最喜爱的 语录 of them...or I think this is all of them?... I don't remember but anyways. I was looking through the other Spuffy 文章 & I didn't find another 文章 that had the 语录 so I made one. If there was already one, well, i'm sorry for making another one LOL. Spike & Buffy FOREVAAAH!


Spike: 你 listen to me. I've been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I've seen things 你 couldn't imagine, and done things I prefer 你 didn't. Don't exactly have a reputation for...
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