Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Cooper ftw!

SarahOfDenmark posted on Jan 27, 2011 at 09:47PM
Hey all!

My name is Sarah, and im a HUGE Sheldon Cooper fan!

Are you a Sheldon Cooper fan? Then why not join the best of the best Sheldon Cooper group on Facebook?

The group is called "Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory".

Everyday, we post news, videos, quotes, fun facts, pictures, and our members engage in fun debates about Sheldon Cooper/Big Bang Theory!

THE PAGE IS TOTALLY SPAM FREE! And if we detect any spam what so ever, we will do anything to fight it! We simply just dont tolerate it, and it has nothing to do with Sheldon Cooper. Period.

We highly appreciate our fans, and we just make their daily trip to facebook that more fun!

Thank you for your time!
- Sarah Hansen

"Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory"

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