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posted by niks95
Say say say
What 你 want
But don’t play games
With my affection
Take take take
What 你 need
But don’t leave me
With no direction

All alone
I sit 首页 由 the phone
Waiting for you, baby
Through the years
How can 你 stand to hear
My pleading for ya dear
You know I’m cryin
Oo oo oo oo oo

(now) go go go
Where 你 want
But don’t leave me
Here forever
You 你 你 stay away
So long girl, I see ya never

What can I do, girl
To get through to you
Cause I 爱情 ya baby
Standing here
Baptized in all my tears
Baby through the years
Ya know I’m cryin
Oo oo oo oo oo

You never ever worry
And ya...
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