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and cussing but we all do dat so it dont matter really:/
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Jazmine: I'm so proud that 你 stopped stealing.
Roxanne: I was tired of it.
Roc: *put his arm around Jazmine* Did anyone tell 你 how beautiful 你 look?
Jazmine: My family, friends, classmate, and neighbors.
Roc: Forgot somebody....
Jazmine: Oh....teachers!
Roc: *looking stupid*
Jazmine: Oh! You!
Roc: Now that's the right answer.
Princeton: Did anyone tell 你 how....*chewing* good 你 cook breakfast?!?!?
Roxanne: I've been cooking since when I was 4 yrs old, so really everybody I know.i
There was a knock on the door.
Jazmine: I got it! *opening the door* Auntie! *irritated* Josephine.
Aunt: I'm here...
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what would 你 do if 你 seen yo lil bro doing this?lol MUST SEE!!!!!!!
so haalarious
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