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posted by edwardcarlisle
 Rob modeling when little
Rob modeling when little
"I wouldn't be 表演 if it wasn't for Barnes Theatre Club...I owe everything to that little club. In a weird sort of way, that stuff was probably the best I've done and the stuff I am most proud of."

"When I first started I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got lots of jobs, because it was during that period where the androgynous look was cool."

"I never set out to be an actor, though I'd be quite annoyed if it fell apart, because I quite enjoy doing it."

"Oh, Jesus! I used to get told I looked like Prince William from Harry Potter! Ah, it's terrible! It's the worst thing 你 could possibly have said...I'm trying to get away from that whole stigma of the floppy English posh person."

"On Harry Potter I was conscious of the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, I used to sit on the side of the set throwing up."
 Rob with his Harry Potter 老友记
Rob with his Harry Potter friends
posted by Heidihi2
American Twi-hards — bad news…don’t get TOO used to Robert Pattinson frolicking all over the States!
It sounds like the heartbroken Cosmopolis 星, 星级 won’t be hanging around here for too much longer!
R-Patz is getting ready to shoot his 下一个 film, The Rover, an indie flick to be filmed in Australia and it seems like it’ll serve as a MUCH needed escape!
A 来源 revealed:
“Rob wants to get away for a while, and is looking 前锋, 期待 to filming in the desert in Australia. He needs some space.”
We’d say the land down under is pretty much as far enough away from Kristen Stewart as he can get, LOLz!
Sounds like Rob will continue to keep busy — and hopefully, keep his mind off his broken relationship — when he films 皇后乐队 Of The Desert this fall and Mission: Blacklist 下一个 year!
KStew on the other hand…well, let’s just say things haven’t been shaping up too well!
“Extra’s” Ben Lyons headed down to San Diego for the first 日 at the Con, where the “Twilight” frenzy began four years ago. He caught up with Stewart and Pattinson, chatted about “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” -- and whether they’ll ever work together again now that’s it over.

Stewart told Lyons, “Oh dude, we will work together again. And I'm not being coy, but sometimes I have a few actors that I worked with before that I'm like, ‘We have to keep doing this together’ and he's definitely one of them.”

Pattinson, who has been 写作 scripts on the side, concurred. “I would...
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The interview was done in a private club in Sunset Boulevard.

He hid his intense beauty under a baseball cap, a blonde scruff, a lumberkjack shirt, a white tee and washed out jeans. They had the interview on the terrace where he could light up his cigarettes.

Between light coughs and nervous laughs, he explains that he doesn't feel at 首页 here.

His dream is to work in a black comedy of Todd Solodnz 或者 in dramas for men 由 James Gray 或者 Jacques Audiard.

"I was scared of being cut off from the art-house cinema that I always felt passionate about. I was scared to never be asked to play in anything...
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posted by maritina12345
He’s deathly afraid to do comedies!!

Yep,girls, Rob knows it’d be terrible if he ever did a comedy movie 或者 tried to act in a comedy series, because it makes him panic!

“Doing comedy is impossible. I would be terrible. People have asked me to do things like Saturday Night Live, and there is just no way, not in a million years. That’s just way too scary:”

Who would’ve thought that? Rob is a pretty serious guy, but we never would’ve thought he’d panic at the thought of comedy!

So, don’t expect to see him hosting SNL anytime soon!
posted by maritina12345
Girls, here is the first image from Cosmopolis, starring Rob.

We were surprised to get this 照片 so soon because they have just begun to film. We appreciate it though!

Rob and his wife in the movie, played 由 Sarah Gadon, are shown in the backseat of a car in the movie.

Rob plays Erik Parker a millionaire from Manhattan (NYC). The movie is about a 日 in the life of Erik, and how the decisions he makes effect the people around him.

In Cosmopolis Rob no longer plays the heart-breaker role we are used to seeing him in and which he played in Twilight, Remember Me and Water for Elephants
Ashley Greene confessed to Seventeen Magazine that she has spoken to both Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson about relationships.

Ashley had some surprising 评论 to make about Robert. She 说 that the first time she saw him when filming Twilight, she didn't think he was all that good looking. She 说 when she met him it was clear that he was handsome, but there was just no chemistry between them.

Ashley did not stop there. She also 说 that Rob just doesn't get women. He doesn't not understand, first and foremost, the way women come after him. A few years 以前 he was nothing 更多 than a...
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It’s the unseasonably cold November of 2008 when I go to New York’s Bowery Hotel. There’s a young man sitting in the garden, wrapped in about nine black sweaters and wearing a wool hat, smoking cigarettes, sipping a latte the size of his head, and furiously making notes on a script in the 苦 cold. I have read about teenage girls lighting themselves on 火, 消防 in front of his hotel, but at the moment Robert Pattinson is warming his hands on a coffee cup.

Hello, I’m Jenny. I think I’m here so 你 can check me out.
“Okay. I’m Rob. Um . . . would 你 like some fries? With gravy?”...
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posted by joan_vrX
In which Robert Pat tin son anguishes over his great luck, laments the pass ing of ’80s porn, dreams of being groped 由 a lady ele phant – again – and leaves us to won der how an intensely earnest 23-year-old who’s unable to find his way around his 首页 town can pos si bly nav i gate the maze of megastardom.

It’s the unsea son ably cold Novem ber of 2008 when I go to New York’s Bow ery Hotel. There’s a young man sit ting in the gar den, wrapped in about nine black sweaters and wear ing a wool hat, smok ing cig a rettes, sip ping a latte the size of his head, and furi ously...
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posted by edward-lover456
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The 23-year-old heartthrob opened up to 音乐电视 about his forthcoming sex scene in romantic weepie Remember Me.

Pattinson, who stars opposite Emilie De Ravin, had a chuckle about getting hot and heavy on camera after the costume department forgot to buy a "modesty patch" to cover the Twilight star's groin.

"They had to, like, tape it and stretch [a bra] around into my 屁股 crack. It was quite funny. It's all very glamorous," 说 Pattinson.

He added that a few "props" were added for them to experiment with.

"Allen Coultner [the director] gave us this whole kind of lecture about how to feel 'safe', I've...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
THE 显示

I now know 更多 about Robert Pattinson than you. Where did my life go so wrong?

Fun Fact*: Robert Pattinson is a founding member of the group Fishbone.

Robert Pattinson: actor, lover, grower of hair. The moment "Twilight" 助力车, 摩托车, 轻便摩托车 into theaters in 2008, RPattz was branded an icon. Granted, his 表演 had nothing to do with his popularity; instead, Pattinson is the latest heartthrob du jour, deified 由 a foaming horde of screamy tween 粉丝 and their loveless-marriage mothers. Pattinson has become a worldwide sensation, all due to his choice role as Edward Cullen, the vampire who sulks,...
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posted by a26133
robert pattinson is the best actor i have ever seen because of his slim figure and great taste in clothes. Every one i know loves his hair and so do i. In his latest film new moon he didnt 显示 up much but we still loved it. but the down side to him is that he smokes if he carrys on smoking he will end up not being the fitest man on earth. Robert was born on the 13 May 1986, London, England, UK.

we all think he is 100% gorgus anyway.!!!!!!
rock on robert pattinson keep them looks up. he is a great actor but we should see him 更多 in eclipse
posted by NickelodeonLove
Bravo: What kind of 日期 type are you? Do 你 arrange everything before hand 或者 is it spontaneously?
Rob: I like it to plan romantic evenings. Although, I mostly don’t know what to do. But if I have a good idea once I’ve to realize it. It’s appealing to someone.

Bravo: What do 你 figure out? Kristen and 你 are often seen on concerts, 你 have to buy the tickets for it…
Rob: When I take her to a 音乐会 it’s a gift

Bravo: What’s a real 日期 for you?
Rob: When we can talk during the date. Maybe a dinner, as every couple enjoys it.

Bravo: But the two of 你 aren’t undisturbed, at least...
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posted by twilighteb99
Robert Pattisons Birthday is coming up!!! His b-day is on May 13th. Robert Pattison has been in a ton of movies! On his b-day, if he ever looks at this site, we should wish him a happy birthday. 你 don't have to, just a suggestion. Just letting everyone know. Robert Pattisons full name is Robert Thomas-Pattison. Rob has two older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria. Rob beat 3,000 other people to play the part Edward in Twilight. Robert says that he could fall in 爱情 with Kristin because she's a great girl. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were a couple outside of the movie? To the people who don't, that's fine. Robert has a great personality, and I think he's on of the best actors. Hope 你 enjoyed my article, if 你 didn't that's fine also!!!
“It’s so different to other films, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it. 你 read the script and you’re like, “Is this actually getting made? It’s set in a car, there’s so much talking about experimental economics.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – The Guardian UK, 2012

“I was sitting in the car on the way back from the press conference, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing on my phone. I’ve never really done anything where people have hated it, 或者 really, really read into it.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – The Guardian UK, 2012

“I want to...
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1.Robert’s 表演 inspiration is Jack Nicholson.

2.Robert started playing the 钢琴 when he was three-years-old and still dreams of becoming a professional pianist. He has also mastered the guitar.

3.Robert’s sisters (Lizzy and Victoria) used to dress him up as a girl and call him “Claudia.”

4.Robert’s 最喜爱的 curse word is tike, an offensive British term which refers to a “crude, ill-bred person who lacks culture 或者 refinement.”

5.Robert loves American Idol.

6.Robert hates when women wear UGGs!

7.Robert had his first 吻乐队(Kiss) when he was 12-years-old.

8.Robert’s fave sports are 足球 (football), skiing, and snowboarding.

9.Robert is a Taurus (born May 13, 1986).

10.Robert had to learn to scuba dive for his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter
posted by coolkatstar
Ever since Twilight came out People have been Debating about which is better Rowling's Magical world of Harry potter 或者 Stephanie's Vampire drama.People have been saying that Twilight is the new Harry potter but i really dont think so..
They have nothing in common exept they are both 幻想 stories and I think that Harry Potter is better and here are my reasons
1:-In Harry Potter
the characters are 更多 believable.They have flaws like us for example(Hermione's Hot tempered,Ron gets rude sometimes and Luna's Kind of weird ect)the twilight characters seem to be perfect in every way Edwards good...
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Interview with Mr. Pattinson, your hair is long again. Note: He had a crew cut the last time. Did 你 actually cut your hair for your role in "Cosmopolis" 或者 "Bel Ami"?

Robert Pattinson: Neither. It was for a movie where I play a soldier who discovers Saddam Hussein. The shooting should have begun in the spring, but was postponed to the autumn.

Interview: 你 are the leaving roles that are in the 幻想 field 更多 and more, and doing 更多 realistic roles. Do 你 agree with that?

Pattinson: 你 have to have as an actor luck to get good roles, and if I get the chance to play a role, I take it....
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Its Full On War People!!!!!! Are 你 ready to fight? Stand up for what 你 believe in? Will people turn backs on 你 and shun 你 down for what 你 believe in? Well here it is I am Laurl23 and I am starting a full on Harry Potter VS. Twilight on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 War. 你 may hate me for it 你 my 爱情 me 或者 like me for but the truth is all I want to see is are 你 truly a Harry Potter 粉丝 或者 are 你 a huge Twilight Fan. 你 can’t like both, 你 might say 你 do, but deep inside your only in 爱情 with one of these amazing series. This war will include: Actors and 女演员 Wars from each movie, The...
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