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Axel1313 posted on Mar 24, 2012 at 04:58PM
Listening to this song, not only is it awesome, but it made me think, 'This would make a really cool rp'. So here it is!

It is said that there is a place where you can become trapped for all eternity.Scattered though out time and space it goes by many names, but the results are all the same in the end. You can never leave or can you? That's your callenge. Find a way to beat this monsterous place and it even more monsterous host *i'll be playing that part*.
You can come from anywhere and be anything.
Please try and keep it PG-13.

anything you feel like putting

(We don't have to make it exactly like the song, just based off of it.)

*bows politely* Welcome to my humble abode. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
Emerald sighed and looked at Obsidian."And why did you ever even think of hiring this man?"
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
"Wh-what? What are you talkin' about?!" He backed farther away from the man. "What kind of place is this?!"
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Because this man is one of the best my dear." I hopped up and sat on the ledge. "And with the geusts we currently have it will become necessary."
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
"Well would you please tell him to stop touching me with his disgusting tail.He knows I won't be his."I sighed and went over to stand next to Obsidian."Your present is ready,by the way.I can't wait till tomorrow."
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Me neither, I have a suprise for you as well."
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
"Huh? But it's your birthday."
一年多以前 shadowcon99 said…
"Am I going to have to work tomorrow?"
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"But as I vaguely remember, isn't it your birthday as well?" I looked at Xadonus and smiled." Only if you feel the need to."
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I blushed lightly and looked away."I.....Didn't think anyone remembered......"
一年多以前 shadowcon99 said…
"Fantastic. I get the day off. Happy birthday love."
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I rolled my eyes."Thank you,but it is Obsidian's birthday over mine."She smiled and put her hand on his and smiled.
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Oh you don't have to humble yourself so much my dear." He smiled back. His head snapped suddenly in the direction of the disturbance. "Seems we have some unruly guests...."
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I looked in the same direction. "Shall I go deal with it, my love."
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Yes, and I think I will join you as well." I lept down and motioned for her to join me in investigating it.
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I came out of the shadows beside him."Let's go."
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
( I think at this point I'm going to add another character to try and get the story going a bit faster.)

Name: Síscéal Alebaster
Age: unknown, look 26ish
Abilities: A very skilled holy magic user and good with his gun/claw thingy(I will find an image to give you an idea of what it is.)
occupation: Priest
Personality:With a hint of Irish in his voice he can be summed up as pretty much Obsidian's opposite.He can come off as cold, but he truly does care about others.
Background: Alebaster has been one of Obsidian's prisoners for possibly the longest time which gives him the advantage of knowing all about him and the place he rules over. He accepted the terms of being a substitute in order to free the one he loved, but sadly it was a trick and she never loved him anyway. Now he only seeks revenge against them all, resulting quite frequently in failed assasination attempts and a long term in the oubliette.
last edited 一年多以前
 ( I think at this point I'm going to add another character to try and get the story going a bit faste
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
His gun/claw thingy
 His gun/claw thingy
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
A shadowy figure came to release me. Another one of His disgusting monsters, but a welcome sight after so long. It undid the bonds and I stood up rubbing my shoulders and arms.
"heh, So he's ready for another round eh?"
一年多以前 shadowcon99 said…
I leaned up against the wall next to Sisceal's cage as my shadow minion crawled back into my shadow. "No Obsidian is just bored and wishes to have some entertainment." The door to is cage swung open. "The usual rules apply. Have Fun."
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Yeah Yeah, I know the rules you don't need to remind me......So,' entertainment'? Is that what he's calling it now." I glared at him. "You haven't changed a bit. You're just as vile as ever." I spat at his feet and walked off in the direction of my room.
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I sighed and walked with Obsidian.
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"It's too bad we have to deal with this problem geusts...it was such a beautiful night wasn't it." I sighed and glanced at Emerald.
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
"Indeed it was.I love looking out at the stars with the one I love."I smiled and looked at the stars.
一年多以前 Roxas1314 said…
"So, uhm...yeah...let's see if it's cleared up any, huh?"

Xamys peeked outside and saw dust, but not so much that is blinded and suffocated him...he saw two figures...Obsidian and uh-oh...spider chick.

"Well, fun. Maybe they can help?" He felt bad for blowing up an entire room, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now.
一年多以前 shadowcon99 said…
"Don't forget Sisceal here in the world of demons it is you who is vile. And besides." I summoned I figure that looked like the woman Sisceal fell in love with. "Alice didn't think I was so vile."
一年多以前 axemnas said…
I'll join but it'll be some time before i actually post unless someone can get me a recap of what's happened.

name:Valcon Thorn
race: human/mutant
personality:calm, defiant, brave, has a firey temper, friendly, philosophical
background:Was born in Africa to two missionaries and spent a happy life with them developing a deep bond with nature. It was often hard for him to make regular friends tho because of his physical appearance actually resembling a lion in several features. His hair and facial hair framing his face like a main and feline like eyes. He was later captured by a traveling circus and was forced into their freak show and into the lion act under control of a sadistic trainer he had to dine with the lions, sleep with the lions and train with the lions. One night in the big top the trainer was a bit too cruel and Valcon snapped nearly mauling the trainer to death he ran from the circus and went from one prison right into another.
anything you feel like putting: carries a magic staff around, usually is dressed in a white tank top and jeans,
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
(@axemnas- so far a few new geusts have arrived and are causing some chaos. Roxas1314's character has blown a hole in the wall and Emerald and Obsidian are going to investigate while Sisceal was recently released from the dungeons again and is talking to Xadonus. Hope this helps.)

I lunged at him, digging my claw into the wall beside his head and stared him in the eyes. " That was a cruel trick and you know it! Messing with my heart. Someday I'll get my revenge and destroy this precious little place you call 'paradise', I'dve rather face the searing flames of the inferno than gotten trapped here."


We came across a large area that had been blown away. It was difficult to see through the settling dust but he could sence it was Xamys's doing. This was going to be a rather bothersome thing to deal with."what in the gods' name are you doing boy. Are you trying to cause pandemoneum in my establishment? Or do you simply have a problem with the wallpaper?", I looked at the destroyed section of wall.
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I leaned to Obsidian."Can I feast on him now?He has ruined your hard work.Ruined our beautiful hotel."
一年多以前 xokaylaxob said…
(i'll join.. and i read the the recap so i yeaah i'll just start^-^)
name: minami toyitomi
age: 18
race: witch/healer in training
personality: depressed, kind, sweet, shy, quite, always willing to help(heal) who needs it.
background: parents went missing when she was 7 (doesnt remeber it to much) grandmother raised her (who was a healer and taught minami) but dead recently, she lives in a cottage in the woods alones.
anything else: can heal wounds, do charms, predicts the future
also: has a pet cat named kouichi (black cat.... cause shes a wiitch/healer ^-^)
has a horse names tee (brown and black)
on her arm she has a tatto saying "eyða minningar mínar" meaning 'erase the memories' over her scars (she use to cut.. hasnt for over a year)
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 (i'll join.. and i read the the recap so i yeaah i'll just start^-^) name: minami toyitomi age: 18
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
"Not yet my darling. They're simple enough repairs. Besides, It's not like they were trying to escape."
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
I'm sooo joining. This is a character from my story.

Name: Starayana Amoran (friends call her Stara)
Age: 20ish
Race: Elf
Personality: Dark, sarcastic, scarred mentally, fights for good, hides her emotions, I'll add more when I think of it.
Backgound: Comes from a different dimension called Atlantis, Eldest of three sisters, she and the middle sister are warrior princesses while the youngest is a normal princess, ran away from home when her boyfriend broke up with her, took up pirating, and yeah.

Appearence/ abilities: This what she looks like complete with the wings. Her hair is black and no feathers in her hair. She wields the power of darkness. She has multiple weapons on her person, including a couple of swords and a bow and arrows.

Stara: *Suddenly appears or of nowhere* How the hell did I get here?
 I'm sooo joining. This is a character from my story. Name: Starayana Amoran (friends call her 星, 星级
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I nodded and looked at them,sighing slightly,feeling hungry again."I need to go refresh myself.I shall return my love."I kissed his cheek quickly and went to my room.
一年多以前 Kuja said…
(umm...I was too lazy to read the last stuff so I might need a update in shorter words.. oh and i'm ultmateultima btw)

Name: Katsune Ichinose
age: 19
race: Demon
personality: cautious, intelligent, cannot be trusted, sadistic.
background: Appeared next to a volcano in August, with supernatural powers. Villagers thought her of a curse and shooed her away, causing her to retaliate and use her supernatural powers for the greater evil.
last edited 一年多以前
 (umm...I was too lazy to read the last stuff so I might need a update in shorter words.. oh and i'm u
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(sorry wrong account haha)
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
Stara: *looks around* Where am I? (hopes for description of place)
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
(They call it a hotel, but imagine it as more of mansion or estate.It's got that old gothic style castle feel to it.)

My face reddened and I watched as she gracefully headed off. I looked over at the new comer."You're in the Hotel Califonia my dear. You'll have to excuse the mess we recently had an....incedent of sorts." As I said this another section of wall collapsed behind me.
last edited 一年多以前
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
(Here I go >_<)

*Opens eyes to a eerie building that seems like a mansion*

Katsune: W-What am I doing here?

*gets up and walks to the door of the suspicious area*
一年多以前 xokaylaxob said…
minami*in her cottage and senses other living beings about 15 miles away (the mansion) and starts planning her quest for the mansion.. (makes random poisons that might help in the long run*

minami: i will head there in the morning... i'll pack food for a couple days.. that should be good right *giggles*
*looks at her cat kouichi* will you be okay for a couple days?
last edited 一年多以前
一年多以前 aNinnyMouse said…
((My character sucks! Can I replace him???! He is unoriginal and shtewpid. D:))
一年多以前 UltmateUltima said…
*stands a couple inches away from the door and stares at it*

Katsune's Thoughts: Should I knock? Should I even go in? Looks like I can get out of the yard so...might as well?

*looks confused*
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
*raises eyebrow* Hotel California? So this is a hotel...so that means I can rent a room until I get my bearings around here. What is this world, dimension, or whatever you call it?

(Here's a picture I made with Star in mind)
 *raises eyebrow* Hotel California? So this is a hotel...so that means I can rent a room until I get m
一年多以前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I went into my room and rummaged around. I soon found my own little bag of liquified pain and suffering.I don't remember how I did it,but it happened,and now it's time to feed on it.I sank my fangs inside the container and began sucking out the contents.
一年多以前 xokaylaxob said…
minami: oh no i sense someone in grave pain... kouichi (cat) i have to go now! be good.
*grabs supplies runs out the door and jumps onto her horse(tee)*
*starts for the strange mansion she keeps has visions of*
一年多以前 Axel1313 said…
(@aNinnyMouse- sure, if you really want to.)

"Actually, being here means you already have a room." I pulled a key out of my pocket and handed it to her. "It's allows you to access almost anywhere in the hotel. It doesn't work on other people's rooms though as a measure of privacy. You can't leave with it so don't even try. As for what this place is, it's a place that extends to every world and dimension."
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
Stara: *to self* "Incidents, eh? More like catastrophes. Stara, you've landed yourself in something deep.
一年多以前 shadowcon99 said…
"All you had to do was tell her you didn't love hher but now Sisceal because you could not Alice's soul is mine."

Alice began to approach the group then bowed to Xadonus. "Master new guests have arrived. And Master Obsidian could use your help."

"Well Sisceal it has been fun but I must go now."
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
Stara: So I could get back home through this dimension?
一年多以前 xokaylaxob said…
minami*riding toward mansion
strange noises came from about a mile away. it scares the horse and jerks me off. i fall the ground and the horse ran (galloped) away

minami: *yells to horse* REAALLY!? god.
*the noise gets louder and closer*

thinks to myself *oh god please be a bunny or somethin!! nothing big* shit my swords and poisons are back with the horse dammit!
last edited 一年多以前
一年多以前 Lady_Rebel said…
Stara: *hears distant noise, but to her ears quite a bit louder* What was that?
一年多以前 xokaylaxob said…
*a bird flys over my head from the trees* thank god....
suddenly a huge pain (tree hitting the ground

whispering: oh shit oh shit oh shit