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 Adriens new girlfriend!
Adriens new girlfriend!
Its a normal 日 AHHHHHHH! Chole screamed Whats 你 deal Chole Mari asked 你 LITTLE! What she is what Chole what are 你 ranting about now? Alya asked Well cuz 你 asked your friend was 接吻 the wrong person. Really Chole what did Mari do now? Have 你 seen the school page everyones saying shes his 下一个 girlfriend... What about me? Sounds like Choles 果冻 Alya 说 I am not! Chole snapped back I know 你 hideing something 说 Chole 你 not so perfect 你 self Chole Mari responed
I will findout and expose 你 for who 你 really are is promise Marinette Dupin-Chang Whatever Chole Mari 说 and they walked away and all chole could look at that 日 was the school newspaper talking all about it!
 Adriens new girlfriend!
Adriens new girlfriend!
Marinette has combined the ladybug and Car noir miraculous and is now ultra bug ( set after the big takedown!) And to see this new 星, 星级 go to Maurie Art on youtobe it is the most amazing thing ever! Trust me she is purple with 金牌 designs WOW! Right? But although it is 粉丝 Fic it has to happen right? And when ULTRA BUG can't come? ULTRACAT!!! I bet 你 can't wait neither can i and thier will be a new villan ( Hawkmoth has been gone for some time now ) Maybe Felix? And guess what? Adrien and Mari are together!!!! And Tiki is gone now their is ULTRA TIKI and SUPERPLAGE!!!!! Hawkmoth got his wife back and ended up in a coma like his wife and with out his grumpy father Adrien is happy!!!!!
posted by Robin_Love
The sky was dark outside as Marinette Dupain-Cheng curled up with a cup of hot 可可 and her forsaken homework. She sighed as she pulled a textbook to her side and opened it. She worked for quite some time before she heard a light thump on her rooftop balcony. She looked up at the door as it swung open and suddenly Chat Noir plopped down on her bed.
“Hello Purrincess!”
She smiled at the familiar nickname.
“Hello Chaton. What are 你 doing here?”
He smiled a catnip-eating grin.
“Come outside with me!” He 说 instead of answering her question.
“I can’t,” she responded, sadly. “I...
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posted by Fanbug
Would 你 rather be Ladybug 或者 chat noir?
Ladybug has a yo-yo and can catch acumas.
She can also get a lucky charm- an object to
help her on her mission. She is the leader of
the gang.
Chat noir has a stick that can propell him into
the air. He also has cataclysm- a power that
means he can destroy absolutely anything.
However, both cataclicm and lucky charm
have one common flaw: after being activated
the hero only has 5 分钟 before they
detransform back into civilians. So, would
你 rather be Ladybug 或者 chat noir?
posted by Robin_Love
Chat Noir couldn’t stop the rapid beating of his heart. This was the 日 he’d finally tell her. The soft crunch of his feet in the fresh snow was the only sound 你 could hear on this night. After all, it was 圣诞节 Eve. He jumped to the 下一个 rooftop and paused. Just in front of him was her house. As most nights, the light was on even in this late hour. He took the leap to her balcony and gently knocked on her balcony door.
“Chat? What are 你 doing here so late?”
“I wanted to see you..”
The warm smile she gave him melted the frost that had been starting to form on his uniform and...
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posted by Robin_Love
Marinette sighed. Of all the things to find out, why was this the one thing she did find out? Her crush was in 爱情 with Ladybug. Of course he was. Half of Paris was, including her best friend! She sighed again and buried her head on her desk. It wasn’t 心 shattering like she had imagined. It was actually quite flattering. But that was only because she herself was Ladybug. But how does one compete with yourself? She groaned and looked at her pictures. They had gotten closer over the past few months, but not as close as she had obviously hoped. She sighed and got up, looking at the dress...
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posted by Robin_Love
The sun set below them, the lights of Paris blazing to life as the duo looked on. Their feet hung from their platform at the very 最佳, 返回页首 of the Eiffel Tower and the wind blew through their hair. The bluenette shifted in her spotted costume, aware that the other was looking at her. She felt a heat rise to her cheeks as she slowly turned her bluebells to look into 翠, 翡翠 green eyes.
“So you’re Ladybug.”
It was a comment, a fact. But still she nodded and answered with a meek “yes” before looking away again. All her courage seemed to disappear as she looked from her city to her partner and...
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posted by Unimiraculonime
Have 你 ever wondered why our 最喜爱的 superheroes act as they do? I mean could 你 really imagine Adrien be all flirtatious and as quoted 由 Marinette “So over the top”? Well, I gained a theory after watching season 2 part two’s “Sandboy” and I saw how Plagg was 表演 toward Tikki and vice versa. Plagg was being kinda “flirtatious” with Tikki and Tikki constantly rolled her eyes at him. Then it hit me what if when Marinette and Adrien transform they gain part of their kwami’s personality. Sure some of their personality is the same 或者 all Cat Noir would think about is Camembert cheese! How Plagg acted was a lot like how 你 would imagine Cat Noir’s actions. Tikki’s kindhearted actions and annoyance toward Plagg reminded me of Ladybug. Could it just be a coincidence 或者 could it really mean something that the animators were trying to hide? 🤔
评论 what 你 think! 😉
posted by WritingBookWorm
Okay, this theory doesn’t have any concrete evidence but I think it is very interesting and would be amazing if it was true, so here me out.

One of the things that sometimes bugs me about this 显示 is the fact that Ladybug can purify the Akumas. Why? Why can’t C(h)at? If the butterfly/moth Miraculous was meant for good, why in the world does Ladybug have the power to take them down? This is where the idea for my theory sprouted.

What if every Miraculous has a special power that is meant to go against the other miraculous powers just in case something went wrong like it did with Hawkmoth?...
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posted by ToriKelly5
OK, guys, I think I know WHO Howk 蛾 is. OK, this may not be true and I may be wrong but this is a 粉丝 fiction so.... on the 下一个 season, we'll see.. it will air on Netflix in December 2017.

OK, on episode 15, Howk 蛾 held a picture in a locket. It was was of Adrien's Mum! Now, I also seen other signs to lead to this person. In one episode ( sorry, 标题 unknown) this person looked at Ladybug 's earrings and asked where she got them. And also 说 to Adrian that he never had never seen the ring before.

And in the last episode, Volpina, he hid the book about the miraculous behind Adrian's mum's painting. Also, their voices sound the same. And , don't 你 think Adrian known how to use the miraculous too quickly?


Hell, yes. 评论 for More!

PLEASE understand, this is a 粉丝 fic
Look! Presents under the tree.
Is there something for me?
Does Santa know what I’ve always wanted?

Here! In the City of Love
They’ll be flying above
I hope he knows what I’ve always wanted

It’s gonna be a Miraculous Christmas
It’s gonna be a Miraculous Christmas

My wish for a Cat who’s in love
With our own Ladybug
Is that he’ll get what he’s always wanted

She doesn’t know she loves him
Only sees Adrien
But 圣诞节 Miracles always happen

It’s gonna be a Miraculous Christmas
It’s gonna be a Miraculous Christmas

If I say my wish it won’t come true
But Santa knows just what to do
For me...
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Marinette (speaking):
Tak na co dzień?
Jestem Marinet,
Zwyczajna dziewczyna, ze zwyczajnym życiem.
Ale skrywam w sobie coś, o czym nie wiem nikt.
To moja tajemnica...

Mam super dar
Gaśnie swój czar
Tak działa moc Mirakulum
Mam super dar,
a w sercu żar
Dodaje mi sił miłości duch
Mam super da~r


Marinette (speaking):
Днём я Маринетт.
Обычная девочка, живущая самой обычной жизнью...
Но кое-что обо мне не знает никто - это моя тайна!

Чудо вокруг,
Лишь оглянись.
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Marinette (speaking):
낮 동안엔 난 마리네뜨.
그냥 평범한, 흔한 소녀지.
하지만 내겐 뭔가 특별한 게 있지.
왜냐면, 그건 비밀이야.

FIESTAR (singing):
평범한 낮, 특별한 밤
내 비밀은 다들 몰라.
어둠 속의 악의 무리
내 눈빛에 사라지네.

태양이 잠들어,
저 달이 눈 뜨면,
One, Two, Three,
그 순간엔 내 세상이 와!

레이디버그, 날아올라!
아무도 막을 수 없어!
레이디버그, 어디서나
언제나 나를 불러줘

FIESTAR (singing):
누군가가 위험할 때,
일이 뭔가 잘못될 때,...
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Marinette (speaking):
Je m'appelle Marinette,
Une fille comme les autres.
Mais quand le destin me choisit pour lutter contre les forces du mal,
Je deviens Miraculous Ladybug!

Marinette (singing):
Papillon noir, Paris mystère,
C'est mon histoire, plutôt étrange,
La magie noire, me désespère,
Et le chat noir n'est pas un ange.

Amour chassé-croisé,
Mon coeur aime Adrien.
Mais lui ne veut m'aimer
Que lorsque je deviens…

Une Ladybug, porte-bonheur,
Lady magique et Lady chance!
Une Ladybug, Lady du coeur,
Être héroïque en cas d'urgence!

C'est moi Chat Noir, toujours...
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Marinette (speaking):
In the daytime, I'm Marinette,
Just a normal girl with a normal life.
But there's something about me that no one knows yet,
'Cause I have a secret.

Miraculous! Simply the best!
Up to the test when things go wrong!
Miraculous! The luckiest!
The power of love, always so strong!


Marinette (speaking):
In the daytime, I'm Marinette,
Just a normal girl with a normal life.
But there's something about me that no one knows yet,
'Cause I have a secret.

Marinette (singing):
I live a life that's full of fun,
That keeps me sharp and on the run.
When evil comes, I find...
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