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Ever since I can remember, Tommy has always been my 最喜爱的 male Power Ranger and I think one of the reasons is that he's the first bad Ranger gone good. I feel like Tommy has had a chip on his shoulder ever since the Green With Evil episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He has always shown that he had what it takes to be a true leader and overcome so many obstacles from being brainwashed 由 Rita and Gaskett as well as being targeted 由 Zedd simply because he saw him as Rita's greatest failure. None of the other Rangers that have come after had to deal with what Tommy had to deal with...
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Tommy Oliver: You!
Robo Tommy: Who better to destroy the real Tommy Oliver than me?
Tommy Oliver: But unless 你 got a Master Morpher, 你 ain't nothing but a cheap copy.
Robo Tommy: This copy's gonna kick your butt.
Wes Collins: Tommy?
Gemma: Ah, you're free!
Tommy Oliver: Yeah. They didn't know that the Black Dino Thunder Ranger can turn invisible, and when I came to, I used that to escape - but the other Rangers, they're being held in his dungeon. He's cloning them into a massive army of Ranger-powered robots
Gemma: A massive army?
Levi Weston: That's why he wants to tear down the barriers. He's...
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