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posted by mitsuki963
1.He is really realistic and has an economic mind
2.He gets nervous when he has to do karaoke
3.He is shy around people he doesn't know
4.He is very competitive
5.He is very conservative - hi doesn't like his girlfriend wearing revealing clothes
6.He memorizes phone numbers he uses the most
7.He wears contact lenses
8.When he is under stress: 1. he goes fishing, 2. listens to music, 3. meets his 老友记 或者 4. relaxes over whisky
9.He cannot stand doing nothing (= he always has to do something so that he won't feel like it was a waste of time)
10.He is really serious when it comes to work
11.He always...
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posted by tascha11
 The boys and in the middle: HYUN JOONG!
The boys and in the middle: HYUN JOONG!
[News] SS501 New Mini Album ‘REBIRTH’ 照片 Revealed

Group SS501’s new mini album 照片 was revealed.

Album 夹克 照片 of SS501’s upcoming mini album ‘REBIRTH’ to be released on 20-Oct, was released first on 12-Oct.

Though SS501 collection album which consists of members’ solo songs was released in June, this has been 1 年 7 months since all 5 members come together for an album release.

This album 夹克 照片 that was released this time shows SS501’s masculine smexiness and intensiveness with their dark smoky make-up. A wide variety of 照片 were also included displaying their...
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English Translation:
Yeah, 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss

Like a long dream, like a star, I waited for you
No one else in this world, nothing’s better

The leisure of a cup of coffee
The steps leading me towards you
Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
This isn’t me
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you

Oh, I won’t stop
I’m loving you
So we can draw a dream of lasting color
To 爱情 with you
Only 你 can provide this magic for us

Kiss kiss
I want your 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss
Sweet 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss
Oh, baby, baby
I wanna 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss
I need your 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss
Just the two of us, 吻乐队(Kiss) kiss
Oh, baby, baby

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English Translation:

The painful memories
It’s not easy to close my eyes and relive those days

I would rather cover it up like it never happened
But the flowing tears stop me

I try to say your name
But it’s a 爱情 that I can’t touch
I fearlessly run and hold onto you

I became a fool
I’m in pain because of you
I try to erase it but I’m still the same

Looking Back
Looking Back
I still don’t know

Where 你 At
Where 你 At
Time passes
But my 爱情 doesn’t change
It’s OK

Always 由 my side is your story
I took it out again, your story
Even when time passes, it’s only you
Won’t 你 come back...
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English Translation:


Mic check 1,2

Let Me Clear My Throat

Let Me Get This Ready

3, 2, 1,

Let’s Go

Hey It feels great

Today is perfect

But it feels it’s going to get bigger

Let’s get it

Hey I’m feeling great

That familiar flash light shining on me

Let’s get it

You know the way I do it

Let’s play around here a little more

Sorry for that

Let’s have some 更多 fun starting from now

Because today I’m the lucky guy hey

High, High, High, High

Everyone jump in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It, Shake It, hey

High, High, High, High

Forgets everything in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It,...
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English Translation:

I’m unbreakable
Here we go

Everyone, stop it, it’s my turn now
I did all I could, quiet down and listen up
Lift up your head, tune your ears
From one to ten, I will make it

(Shut off) take everything out
(Shout out) so your 心 bursts
G-g-g-give me some more, your one chance is now
G-g-g-give me some more, this chance won’t ever come again

It’s going in well
It’s going around well
I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
Unbreakable, unbreakable

It’s going in well
It’s going around well
I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
Unbreakable, unbreakable

Yeah I’m feeling...
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Credit: Sri Lestari@twitter
Source: SPOT.ph

The Boy 下一个 Door
10. Choi Minho
Not even in his 20s, Minho exudes a clean cut, bring-home-to-Mom vibe that totally makes him anyone's Teenage Dream. One of SHINee's resident rappers, Minho started out as a model who frequented runways and also appeared in SNSD Girls' Generation 音乐 video for “Gee.” Quiet and soft spoken, 你 know he's got tons of charm hidden beneath his super cute stance—after all, his nickname is Charismatic Flame.

The Dancer
9. Lee Gi Kwang
Gi Kwang became a celebrity way before his current group, B2st rose to popularity. Originally...
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English Translation:
If 你 want to regret, don't believe
And if 你 are hesitating, don't come near
Baby, I I I I Luv It
Baby, I I I I Luv It
I'm just not that kind of person who think it through
I I I I Luv it, Baby, I I I I Luv it

Baby,try to give it to me
You make it
Try to feel it a little 更多
Can 你 take it
Can 你 take it
Feel it
The falling rhythm So crazy
In this raging moment
Just break it, break it
Break it down, down down

Blazing 幻想
That trembling gesture of yours
No No I I I I Luv it
Baby I I I I Luv it
Turn around through the wondering imaginations
I can't tolerate this...
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posted by mitsuki963
◦Korean:김현중 Chinese: 金賢重
◦SS501 Leader
◦Nickname: dog 或者 cow
◦Birthday: 1986/06/06
◦Zodiac: Gemini
◦Seoul origin
◦Height: 183cm
◦Blood type:B
◦Education: Kyonggi University, Department of electronic digital music
◦Family member : Parents, Elder brother
◦Hobbies : swimming, workout, basketball, football
◦Talents : guitar, paino
◦idol : Lee Hyori
◦dream girl : straightforward, like friend
◦own body part that like most : eyes
◦motto : 你 can only live once
◦In 2008 starred in MBC variety show, “We got married”; 2009 Korean Drama Boys Over 花 (South Korean version of “Meteor Garden”), which of Yoon Ji-Hoo
 Hyun Joong at his first birth 日
Hyun Joong at his first birth day
Since his birth until he was 4 years old

Enjoy Hyun Joong since birth very 流行的 among our neighbors and Agherbna due to his big eyes and sharp intuition and intelligence .
One 日 , I saw in my dream truck loaded Balfjel passed from both sides , and it was a 萝卜 that the very large it may be the size of the truck from behind , I ran behind the truck from behind trying to catch this 萝卜 great and began 萝卜 fall from Cahh in the yard of my town and I fell on the ground , this really has been the biggest 萝卜 radishes I'm seeing in my life and I was very amazed when they caught one...
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link If 你 are a 粉丝 of Kim Hyun Joong have to help Please enter this site and vote for him is very important and sends this message to all your friends

Help me ^^

posted by grinjack
2011.05.03 (Tue) @ 6:30 PM

reposted from HYUN-JOONG.com

How to 加入 the official Kim Hyun-joong 粉丝 club [2011 Henecia]    
KEYEAST    2011.05.03

Greetings. This is the Keyeast.

At the beginning of May, the 皇后乐队 of seasons,
which is the most beautiful and fresh 月 of the year,
we have come with good news for all of you.

2011 Henecia, the official Kim Hyun-joong 粉丝 club, is now recruiting members
who are interested in supporting Kim Hyun-joong and his efforts during this period of intense activity,
coinciding with the launch of...
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posted by mitsuki963
Jeongmallo nan mollasseo TV drama cheoreom
Chingu isang saenggak hae bon jeok eopdeon

Neoreul saranghage dwedani ige moseun nalbyeorak
Nado moreugesseo ireon nae mameul

Gaseumi tteollyeo sashireun myeot beon sshik
Ireon nae mam sum giryeo aesseo bwattneunde
Meomchul su eopseo geureoni badajwo
Neoreul wihae junbihan naui sarangeul

Baby neoreul saranghae
Baby neoman saranghae
Chin gu raneun maldae shin nan ni be the one for you

Baby nuga mworaedo
You're the only one for me
Ojik neo hanaman barabollae

So lovely

You're the one

Mae-il mae-il sangsanghae naui yeope ittneun neo
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posted by mitsuki963
1.He's scared of bugs and birds
2.He would choose 爱情 over FRIENDSHIP
3.He believes in "love at first sight"
4.He doesn't like his lips and eye bags
5.He likes fishing
6.He is afraid of the sea because of the sharks ( because of the movie 'Jaws')
7.His ideal girl is Lee Hyori
8.He hates people who tell him what to do
9.He doesn't like girls who go back and forth between men
10.He would like to meet Seo Taiji the most
11.He likes 阅读 mangas & manhwas
12.He likes Soju
13.He likes winter the most among the seasons because that's the period of time when flies dragonflies and mosquitoes are gone
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Credit: allkpop.com/2011/05/kim-hyun-joong-names-his-new-official-fanclub-henecia

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong has announced that the official name for his new fanclub will be “Henecia“!

KeyEast Entertainment opened a fanclub naming contest for 粉丝 to 提交 their suggestions to. Over 500 names were submitted, and 粉丝 were asked to vote for a final three. Kim Hyun Joong then chose his 最喜爱的 out of the three and revealed that it was “Henecia”, a combination of the letter ‘H’ from his name, and the Latin term ‘benecia‘, which means ‘blessed’.

Through his official homepage,...
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posted by grinjack
On the 7th of May, there was a notice about becoming official members of Henecian with a change in account number from the 前一个 notice. There was also a schedule about an official 粉丝 meeting with the official members of Henecians in Jeju this coming June.


FC_hack1.jpg [ 13.99 KiB | Viewed 295 times ]


FC_hack3.jpg [ 6.18 KiB | Viewed 295 times ]

Keyeast's CEO then updated his Twitter about the hacking

FC_hack4.jpg [ 12.77 KiB | Viewed 295 times ]

I suggest 粉丝 not to do their fund transfer for the time being.

Source: link

FC_hack5.jpg [ 6.71 KiB...
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Actor-singer KHJ is not dad for the child coz DNA test not yet proved.Choi not yet take parentity test but KHJ has proof that he took but not the choi yet.Kind request dont be another shit sites like allkpop.Soonly it will proved that KHJ is not dad for that child,we henecians belive in this!!Choi is keep on saying lies.At first she 说 that KHJ assaulted him but she get injured while working in gym.Now before few days she 说 that KHJ not need parentity test,but now KHJ took but she not yet now!!
If really it is KHJ's baby,he agreed to take responsibility of it.If really that baby is not his he would take legal action.It is kindly request to Henecians and everyone that not to belive other shit site when they keep on posting negative posts.Wait everyone till the 3rd hearing.
Hello everyone....
I really 爱情 his new drama playful kiss...
I feel the characters they 显示 much 更多 emotionally ...
Love his character so much....
Love his smile....
Let's vote for him to 显示 how we love..
Let's vote like 你 make a present for him...
We will win and make it real...
Let's do it together...
This is the voting program of yahoo
Here are links:



1. Click on the yellow box to vote..each vote get 5 points ( remember log in yahoo on the top).
你 can make the higher points if 你 chat..
( remember: don't spam...)
2. To get 更多 points, just post pictures, the pics box is below the...
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Kim Hyun Joong wins the Style 图标 Awards

Kim Hyun Joong has taken the #1 spot for the Style 图标 Awards. Of course allkpop readers felt differently, as 2PM took the 最佳, 返回页首 spot in our poll, but I guess it was inevitable, as Hyun Joong was already leading 由 a landslide when the 民意调查 first went up on the O'live tv website.

Super Junior took the #2 spot which is shocking, only because the ELF were unable to get their idols to #1. Lee Minho landed in 3rd and G-Dragon in 4th. I guess the fashionista has 迷失 his touch this year.

Check out the rest of the results below:

5. SS501
6. Lee Seung Gi
7. Goo Hye Sun
9. Brown Eyed Girls
10. 2PM

 Style 图标 最佳, 返回页首 10
Style Icon TOP 10
Kim Hyun Joong made a donation of 100 million Won to help the 日本 Earthquake.

On the 14th, Kim Hyun Joong had made a donation of 100 million won through DA agency to help the victims and the damages caused 由 the 日本 earthquake.

Kim Hyun Joong 说 "I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Although i cannot help much, but i hope everything will recover quickly and i hope to be able to help those victims."

He added with favour, "There are a lot of people who need our help. Let's all 加入 our hearts together and give them hope."

An 日本 agency official revealed, "To 显示 his concern, Kim Hyun Joong had seeked my opinion of the fastest way to purchase aid supplies and to be delivered to the victims as soon as possible.